Infinity Signs Newsletter April, 2016 – Trailer Wraps and Custom T-shirt printing


Boat and Toy Trailer Wraps

 Trailer WrapsTrailer wraps and boat wraps are a great first impression to potential new customers and a visual reminder to existing customers. One of the ways people customize their boats and toy trailers is by painting them. Over time, however, paint can chip, fade, and require a ton of maintenance. Trailer wraps are a great alternative to painting a boat or toy trailer, but still customizing it

Trailer Wraps has many advantages, including:

  • Lower Cost

Vinyl wraps can be a third of the cost of a professional spray job. Making vinyl wrapping a much cheaper alternative to painting the boat or toy trailer.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

These trailer wraps and boat wraps can be done fast, usually in a couple days or less. The boat or trailer will be ready to go on its next adventure and looking great it much less time.

  • Easy Care

Wraps can be cleaned with soap and water, instead of buffing and polishing like paint require to stay looking nice.

  • No-Fuss Repairs

Most repairs for vinyl can be done with a little patch. There’s no need to replace an entire section.

  • Customizable

With the help of the Infinity Signs graphic design team, boat and toy trailers owners can have a completely unique design. Instead of having the same colors or design as other people, owners can have a completely customize design made just for them.

The possibilities with a customize vinyl wrap from Infinity Signs are almost endless. They can do long-term and short-term vinyl for those who want to keep the design for a while, or those who like to change it up often. They also offer specialty vinyl jobs like carbon, glow in the dark, and color changing.


Company Picnic T-Shirts

With warmer weather in the Treasure Valley, its company picnic time! Besides the food, games, and good company, what makes a company picnic great? T-shirts! Infinity Signs can make company picnic t-shirts that will have the whole office talking for weeks.

There are a few steps to designing the perfect company picnic t-shirt:

1. Pick a Theme

The first step is designing the shirt. Before picking colors and drawing mockups, a theme must be decided. A fun way to come up with a theme is by doing an employee poll. It can be a fun activity and makes them feel more involved in the process.

2. Create the Design

Once the theme is decided, the design has to be drawn out. Have someone artistic on staff create the design, or ask Infinity Signs for some help. They offer creative consulting, so if you don’t even know where to start, they can help.

3. Style and Color

After a theme is decided, it’s time to pick a style of shirt. The style of the shirt can influence what colors are available. If just a basic, unisex t-shirt is chosen there are a ton of color options. The color should either be relevant to the theme or company logo.

Speaking of the logo, make sure it makes it on the shirt somewhere! Whether it ends up as part of the design or goes on the back, it’s a great way to promote business when employees wear the shirts around town.

Make the next company picnic even better with custom t-shirts. Infinity Signs might not be able to help much with the food or games part of the picnic, but they can help design a t-shirt that everyone will love.



Uses for A-Frame Signs

When it comes to signage, there is a huge variety of options to choose from. One of the most commonly seen outdoor signs is the A-frame sign. This type of sign can be used for many places, events, and more.

Some of these best uses for an A-frame sign are:

1. Sidewalk Advertising

Putting these signs out on the sidewalk grabs people’s attention as they are walking by, and entices them to come into your business. They’re easy to set up and take down as needed, and are often double-sided for message exposure in both directions.

2. Promotions

Many business use these signs to promote a special they have going on. If it’s a special that happens often, the sign can be stored and used whenever that special is happening. Using big, bold text and brighter colors can catch the public’s eye and clue them in to the current promotion.

3. Directional Sign

If the entrance to the business is harder to find, such as being inside another building, A-frame signs are a great way to give customers directions to where it is located. This also works for parking. If there is more parking behind the building, a great way to let customers know that is by using a sign with arrows or directions.

4. Events

Finding an event locations isn’t always easy, especially if it’s being held in a large convention center. Use A-frame signs to guide attendees to the right location. These signs will make it easy for attendees to find the right area for them to be in.

5. Restaurants

Menus and specials are great content to put on an A-frame sign right outside the restaurant or café. The idea of that special menu item could entice people to come in and dine, when they might have not known about it otherwise.

Need to promote a special or have an event coming up? Ask Infinity Signs about creating the perfect A-frame sign for any business need.



Featured Project

Diamond Heating

New interior signage for Diamond Heating and Cooling’s new office. Call Infinity Signs for assistance with all types of interior and exterior signage.


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