Infinity Signs Newsletter August 10th, 2015
Vehicle Graphics and Business Signs


Using Vehicle Graphics To Increase Business

Vehicle GraphicsOne of the most important activities for business owners is marketing their products and services. There are a wide range of marketing platforms available including traditional signs, promotional materials, and brochures. Although each of these platforms can help increase awareness and ultimately drive sales, another format which has proven to be very effective is vehicle wraps. Wrapping a vehicle is the process of covering it with a billboard for your business. The advertisement can completely or only partially cover the vehicle but the overall purpose is to convey important information about your company. As a moving advertisement, a vehicle graphics help to promote your business.

An advantage of using vehicle graphics for advertising your business is that it targets local consumers. Since you will be most likely driving the car or truck on local streets, this is where you can get the most exposure. Unlike stationary billboards, vehicle graphics serve as promotional items wherever you go. They are not just limited to one location. Vehicle graphics have shown to be effective in terms of advertising. A study done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America found that one vehicle can make a long-term impact on 30,000 to 70,000 people in a single day. The study also discovered that over 90 percent of its participants felt positively about the brand and products presented on vehicle wraps.

Wrap advertising can be done by painting the vehicle’s outside surface. However, more people are choosing to use large vinyl sheets or decals to put on their vehicles. This option allows someone to remove the decal later on and usually costs less. Wraps can be placed on all types of vehicles including buses.

Vehicle wraps are effective ways to promote your company’s presence around town. The design experts at Infinity Signs are available to get you started with a vehicle wrap for your business.


Making It Memorable

Business owners know they need a way to attract new customers. One of the best methods to accomplish this is with signage. Signs announce the presence of your business and express what it does. Important information about your business, including phone numbers and website, can also be presented on signs.

However, many signs aren’t notable enough to attract attention or be remembered. In order to make an impression, business signs need to be memorable. They must stand out from the crowd and draw attention even from people who aren’t necessarily looking for that particular business. So how can you make the sign for your business stand out?

In order to be memorable, a sign needs to be:

  • Dramatic – Oversized, oddly placed, or 3D signs are more likely to be noticed than those that are understated and minimalist.
  • Different – A business sign needs to stand out from the environment around it. Take the famous Hollywood sign as an example. The white letters of this easily recognizable landmark pop out from the brown hills around it. The contrasting elements of a sign could be in its color, shape, or physical location.
  • Unusual – To be memorable, a sign could incorporate some element of uniqueness while still appearing professional.

The experts at Infinity Signs can help your business develop a memorable sign to attract customers. Our team has experience creating business signs that ensure maximum visibility and match the unique branding of the business.


Top 5 Locations for Business Signs

The goal of creating any type of sign for your business is to get noticed. Signs convey what the business is about and give potential customers important information about it. Signs also are important marketing materials as they reinforce your company’s unique brand. A sign can make the difference between a customer making a purchase or passing right on by.

Creating the perfect sign is important but so is the placement of the signage. Signs that are well-placed make customers feel welcome and more confident. Some of the best places to put your business sign include:

  1. On the Outside of Your Building – People won’t know the location of your business unless there is a sign outside that announces its presence. A professionally designed sign that is well-placed on the outside your building will enhance your company’s image.
  1. On Your Vehicle – Vehicle signs and wraps are moving advertisements for your business. They reinforce your company’s brand, making your business more recognizable the next time a person encounters it.
  2. Banners and Flags – Banners and flags are important for portability. If you are adverting at a tradeshow or convention, for example, banners and flags can be carried and set up easily.
  1. On Sidewalks or Hallways – Signs on sidewalks and hallways are effective for directing people to your business. This is especially important if the entrance to your business is difficult to locate.
  1. In Digital Form on Your Website – In order to ensure consistent branding with your physical location, be sure to include your sign or logo on your website. Doing so helps visitors to your website easily identify your business both online and offline.

Overall, signs need to be placed for maximum visibility. For help with creating signs that will attract customers, contact the professionals of Infinity Signs.