August 2016 Newsletter – Business Cards and Pylon Signs

Utilizing the Back of Business Cards

Since business cards are one of the least expensive marketing resources, people want to get everything out of them that they can. To do this, they should consider using the back of their business cards for additional information. Here are five creative uses for the back of a business card:

1. Referral Cards

What is better than one person seeing your business card? Two people. By putting a referral on the back, the person who first received the card has an incentive to hand the card to someone else and direct them to the business. Offer the person who refers their friend a discount or free deal when that friend turns the card in.

2. Discounts

Instead of someone just taking a business card and forgetting about it, a discount on the back could give them more motivation to visit the business and take advantage of its services. Whether it’s a percentage off, buy one get one, or another offer, it might bring in more business.

3. Lead Generation

QR codes have become increasing popular over the years with advances in smart phones. These codes can be easily scanned with most phones, and take people to a certain website. The website could just be the business homepage, a short video, or something else relating to the business. Having people interact with the card will get them to visit the website and be more likely to use the business’s services.

4. Testimonials

Word of mouth is still a great marketing tool. Put a client or customer testimonial on the back of the card to help boost credibility. Put a website link below the testimonial where they can read more testimonials from others.

5. Additional Information

Companies offering multiple services could list them on the back in bullet point form. They shouldn’t try to crowd too much text on though, because it won’t hold the reader’s attention.



Benefits of Pylon Signs

With so many types of signs available, it can sometimes be hard to make a decision. One of the signage options to consider is a pylon sign. These tall signs are almost impossible to ignore and have many benefits associated with them.

  • Visibility

Due to their height and design, pylon signs are the most visible sign a business can use. They look more like a monument than a usual sign, which draws in people’s attention.

  • Multiple Uses

Many pylon signs are erected in front of a shopping center with multiple businesses inside. Pylon signs are a great tool for listing and advertising every store within the shopping center. This way not every store in the vicinity has to purchase their own sign and compete with one another for attention.

  • Illumination

Pylon signs can be design to have lights aimed at the business names so at night people driving by can identify what stores are nearby. This illumination also adds another feature of attractiveness to this type of sign.

  • Distance

If the business is set farther back from the road, putting up a pylon sign closer to the road can let those driving by or looking for that business know where it is. It will eliminate confusion and make the business easier to find.



School Spirit Products

As August begins, it’s officially “Back to School” season. While students shop for school supplies, schools should start shopping for school spirit promotional products. No matter if it’s an elementary school, middle school, or high school, the products can get kids back in the school spirit.

  • Backpacks/Drawstring Bags

When students register for school and classes, give out backpacks or drawstring bags to carry their notebooks. This crosses one thing off of their school supply list and gives them a chance to show off their school spirit every day.

  • Clothing

Beanies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts with the school name and mascot are a great way for students to show school spirit at events or sports games. Schools can sell these to raise money for new programs or booster club funds.

  • Water Bottles

Help students stay hydrated this year by selling or handing out plastic water bottles with the school logo. They would be a great idea for field days or sporting events when it’s hot outside.

  • Sports Fan Gear

Get students excited for the upcoming sports seasons by selling pompoms, foam fingers, megaphones and other fan-related gear. These can provide a great opportunity to raise money and encourage students to show up and cheer at the sporting events.

  • Pens/Pencils

Students need writing utensils, and bulk batches of pens or pencils are fairly inexpensive. Schools could order pens or pencils with their school name and info to hand out to students during registration.

Infinity Sign NW’s August promo is no set up fees on promotional products (up to $100 set up fee). Talk to them today about designing and ordering back to school products to hand out or sell to boost school spirit.



Uses for Yard Signs

Yard signs don’t just have to be for political candidates or business advertisements. There are many creative and different uses for yard signs. Here are some examples:

1. Security Signs

Many security companies give their customers a sign to display in their yard. This sign advertises who installed the system, but also warns possible burglars that the house is secure and has an alarm. It could cut down on break-ins.

2. Sports Signs

Sports fans like to display their team support. One way to do this is with a sign in their yard with the team’s name and logo, or a specific player. Whether it’s a high school, college, or professional team, these signs can show local or national team loyalty.

3. Special Event Signs

Need to direct people to a wedding, birthday or graduation party? Use yard signs along the road and in the yard to help people find the location. While being helpful they also celebrate the special occasion, and could be used for another event in the future.

4. Construction Signs

When driving by a building that is being remodeled or built, people like to know what the new business inside it will be. Yard signs can be put on site to let people know what the construction will yield.

5. For Sale Signs

Real estate signs are commonly used to offer important information about the property for sale and how to contact the realtor. Often these signs are designed to have a spot for pamphlets that people can take and learn more about the house.

Contact Infinity Signs NW for help designing your new yard signs.

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