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Infinity Signs Newsletter August, 2018

Small Business Signage

Small Business Signage

Many small businesses need to market effectively on a pretty small budget. This means it’s important to know the best types of signs for a small business to use in addition to what to have on that sign. There are several different types of storefront signs that seem to be the most powerful in terms of generating product interest and attracting customers. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Awning Storefront Signs – these are becoming more and more popular in downtown areas because of their versatility. Not only do they let customers know where you are, they also provide shade and shelter from bad weather. In addition, they are generally made from fabric that is designed to hold up to the weather and last for years, making them a great long-term investment.
  2. Metal Signboards – these can be either laser cut or punched metal but their clean, modern look makes a powerful statement about your business. They can be cut in any shape with any style of font. They are generally one of the less expensive options while still offering a sign that’s durable and made to last.
  3. Fabric Storefront Sign – these signs are a very popular option because of their low price point, most fabric signs are only a few dollars per square foot, however it’s important to remember that they won’t be as permanent and durable as other options and will have to be replaced far more frequently. They can be a great option if you like to change your look regularly though. Many fabric signs are hung in storefronts, but they can also be built-in to a framed lightbox for improved visibility after dark.
  4. Painted Glass and Window Graphics – these are a great option for a very distinctive look. They tend to be most popular in venues such as cafes or restaurants and can be as simple or complex as you desire. It’s important to consider the placement of one of these signs before moving forward with purchasing one though. Many windows have a substantial amount of glare on them from the sun at various times of the day and could make it difficult for customers to read your sign. Observe your windows throughout the day before committing to using one of these signs as the primary signage for your business.

While these are just a few examples of the most popular sign options for small businesses there are many more such as plywood storefront signs, metal lettering signs, storefront sign boards, rock signs, glass tube light signs, and others. If you’re not sure which option might be best for your business let the experts from Infinity Signs NW help you sort through the choices and find one that suits you perfectly.



The Power of Trade Show Banners

If your company will have a booth at a trade show this fall you’re likely looking to ensure you get a significant return on your investment. One key to making that happen is to maximize the impact of your marketing display. There are some simple, easy-to-implement tips you can follow to get your customer’s attention.

  1. Think Customizable – many companies attend more than one show per year, or at least one every year, but the space that you’re in and the layout of the show will likely be different each time. Having marketing materials that can adjust to fit the space keeps your booth looking sharp, and allows you to get your full message across each time without your booth being too crowded. Items such as interchangeable graphics, varying sizes for banners and customized literature will get the job done.
  2. Hire a Professional – trade shows are a major investment and using a professional designer, such as the team at Infinity Signs NW, will render the best results. A professional designer knows how to present your message in a clear and concise manner. They can offer creative ideas and presentations that will make your trade show banners stand out above the rest.
  3. Powerful Messaging – to get your point across, your banner should follow some basic rules. Text should be at the top. Many people walking by won’t get past the top of your banner so be sure your logo and short marketing message are up there. Also keep in mind that it’s got to be readable from about 20’ away so you’ll have to be concise. In addition, keep the graphics under control. The temptation is high to fill your banner with images of your product but in this case, less is more. It’s easy for customers to get lost in all that clutter and not really get the point of your marketing. You want them to know not just what your product is, but also what makes it the best.
  4. Go Big – most trade show banners are roughly the same size. Consider going with something taller than standard to really grab people’s attention. A splash of color at a different height can really be eye catching.
  5. Close the Deal – of course the intent of your banner is to get people to come into your booth for a conversation. Use your banner to help by hooking prospects in the text at the bottom with something such as “Ask today for an additional discount!” Offers that are only good during the show are a powerful tool to put on the bottom of your banner and will draw people in.


Dimensional Letters Make Your Lobby Stand Out

More and more customers are looking to make a bold statement with the entrance to their business through the use of dimensional letters. These letters literally stand out from the wall creating a 3 dimensional look that’s far more powerful than a more traditional flat lobby sign. A new lobby sign can change the whole look and feel of your business for customers coming through the front door. The lights and shadowing will change throughout the day and create a different look every time someone visits.

There are many different materials to choose from when designing a dimensional lobby sign, and the material you select will make a big impact on how your sign looks. The material you choose is an opportunity to reflect the nature and atmosphere of your company. Choosing metal, wood, or stone each send a very different message about your business. If your budget is tighter, using materials such as foam behind the traditional material can create that stand-out look without dramatically raising the price point. Many customers select foam or painted acrylic as a substrate and then metal, acrylic or PVC for the top layer of the laminate.

In some cases dimensional letters work best when not mounted directly to the wall. The experts at Infinity Signs NW can help you determine the ideal option for your sign but often a clear acrylic base or metal standoffs will get the job done. One thing to consider with the acrylic base is the advantage of being able to relocate the sign easier should your business ever move. Adding a few hidden spotlights will really complete the look.

Every business with a lobby should have a lobby sign on the wall. Choosing to make that a dimensional sign will take your lobby’s look to the next level. You probably don’t remember most of the lobby signs you’ve seen but the ones that do stand out are always the dimensional signs. Whether you’re a doctor’s office, children’s museum, lawn care company or attorney’s office you want to set a tone when customers come in to your business and the best way to do that is with a dimensional lobby sign from Infinity Signs NW.

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