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Infinity Signs August Newsletter

New Signs Around Idaho

New Business Signs
New business signage for Standard Plumbing in Blackfoot, ID.

Boise Window Graphics
New window graphics in Boise.

Boise Office Signs
Interior Business Signs

Woodgrain Office SIgn

You NEED Vehicle Graphics!

Boise Vehicle Wraps

You’ve seen cars and trucks driving around Boise advertising for local businesses or upcoming events and you may have thought that would be nice to have for your business, but a vehicle wrap is more than just a want…it’s a need.  There is simply no more cost effect way to market your company than through the use of a full or partial vehicle graphics.  In fact we frequently recommend a partial vehicle wrap rather than a full vehicle graphic because the cost is less which actually provides the best ROI! You will get immediate exposure to thousands of potential customers each and every day at a minimal cost and with very little maintenance required.

The high quality vinyl material we use at Infinity Signs, NW looks beautiful for years and holds up extremely well to the elements.  It can adhere to a variety of different surfaces making it great for both land transportation and water. For as little as just $1.37 per day you could be exposing your company to up to 70,000 people.  That makes a wrap an absolute need for your business.

Just think about the amount of time you spend each week in your car. You’re driving to work, school, sporting events, social engagements and more.  It turns out that the average American drives more than 300 miles per week.  That’s a lot of time to take in marketing material on the vehicles around you.  Each time you’re stuck at a red light, whether it’s conscious or subconscious, you’re glancing around the area.  A bright colored, eye-catching vehicle wrap is definitely going to get your attention.  This leads to an increase in brand recognition as well as, ultimately, sales.

If you’re looking to be a little more subtle consider adding a smaller graphic to the side of your vehicle or the hood.  It’s the perfect way to get your company logo, name and phone number in front of people’s eyes without committing to an entire vehicle wrap.  In addition a vehicle wrap doesn’t have to be the bright whimsical style that is often seen. Infinity Signs NW offers wraps in brushed metal, carbon fiber and matte finishes for those looking for a more refined and elegant style.

No matter what your brand or culture there’s a vehicle or boat graphic that will fit you perfectly.  You’ll be sure to reach a wide range of new customers and hit every demographic. You’re business NEEDS the ability to promote to thousands of customers every day for the price of a cup of coffee.

Updating Interior Signage

Interior Business SIgns

Over the past few months the weather has been amazing and your focus may have been primarily on the outside of your business, but it may be time to give the inside the review of a critical eye.  This can be difficult to admit, but is it possible that the signage and graphics you hung 25 years ago have begun to look a little sad? In a lot of companies getting signage up inside the building is the first thing they do, and that’s the last time they think about it.  Unfortunately what you may not realize is that your signage is still the first thing new customers or potential employees see when they visit you.  You may think you’re giving the impression of long term stability, but in fact you might be saying “outdated” and “needs a facelift”.

To avoid looking stagnant it’s important to update the interior signage of your business every few years. This could be adding things like wall graphics or banners, or starting over with a redesign of the company logo. For many people it all starts with a reception sign. Some type of sign hung directly behind the receptionist that is seen immediately upon entry to the building.  This sign should set the tone for your company.  This can be done through the selection of material types, fonts, and graphics.  You certainly want a different feel behind the desk at your attorney’s office than you do at your childcare facility.  Much of this is done through proper signage.

After you pass the receptionist desks there are several other types of signs you’ll come across in the interior of your business.  Directional signs are commonly used to help customer’s find their way through the facility and again will need a refresh periodically.  In some cases changes will need to be made to maintain ADA compliance, but in others it simply improves the appearance of the building.  In addition to these signs there are many other opportunities for customer signage that reflects your business.  For example the use of graphics on the hallway wall is a great way to incorporate longer texts or larger graphics.  Things like your company mission statement are important to have displayed for employees and visitors to read.  Signage is also an important tool for remembering the history of your company.  These signs can incorporate images from the early days of start-up all the way through the present to reflect growth to those visiting.

We encourage our customers to review their interior signage at least every 5 years to make sure it gives the best first impression and still accurately represents the company culture and goals.  If you need help with this process our graphic design team is here to help.  We can offer an objective opinion on your current look and help you design for the future.

Why Infinity Signs, NW?

Infinity Signs NW Boise

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need some new signage and you’re trying to select a sign company to partner with you may be wondering if there’s really any difference between the companies.  Infinity Signs, NW wants you to know that we believe there’s a significant difference between sign companies and you should make a fully educated decision before selecting someone.  Our customers have consistently given us 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook, and a tremendous amount of positive reviews.

Speed – if you need a sign in a hurry we’ve got you covered.  We understand that sometimes trade shows and other events sneak up on you.  When you have that panic moment of realizing you need your signs ready for an event in 2 weeks, we’ve got you covered.  We work hard to make sure you have what you need in plenty of time.  In fact customer Susan Waterman said, “Need a beautiful sign in less time…their motto is true! Did a great job at record speed. Thanks, Infinity Signs.” Another customer said “Great Business! Were able to help us get our banners made last minute and they turned out perfect! Thanks Infinity Signs!” Chris Jensen

Customer Service – our customers deserve a high level of responsiveness, true professionalism, and support throughout the sales process and for years to come.  Here’s what they’ve said about working with us, “Great customer service.  Awesome experience with Andy and his crew! Great customer service and the signage on our truck looks professional and fabulous.” Emily Tuck.

Results – getting a sign fast, or from a really nice guy, is irrelevant if it looks terrible.  Infinity Signs, NW provides the highest quality materials and a professional installation.  We’ll make sure it’s perfect before we call it a day. “Wow! Exceeded our expectations! We needed a high-quality banner made in two days for an event.  They fully delivered. Thanks Infinity Signs NW!” – Jason M. “We have used Infinity Signs for numerous projects in our company and they never fail to impress. Their service is top notch and friendly and they have delivered every project on time.  They are so easy to work with and make the process so easy.” Shanna Schwartz.

We respect that our customers have a choice in who they partner with for their business needs and we value each of them. The long-term success of our company is directly tied to how we help our customers promote themselves in the community and the services we can offer to help them grow and thrive.  We’ll never stop working hard to earn your trust.

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