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Infinity Signs Newsletter August, 2017


Total Eclipse 2017

Who is ready for the solar eclipse? Show off that you “survived” it with a free decal! All you have to do is like our Facebook page, and then come visit us. Our office is located at 7330 W. Airway Court, Suite 107, Boise ID 84709. Stop in and let us know you Liked our Facebook page and we’ll give you a free decal!

Looking for something fun to pass out at your Solar Eclipse event? Order some of your own Branded Decals with your logo to pass out to your event attendees. But hurry, the eclipse will be here before you know it. Order no later than August 14th to have your decals ready for pickup by Friday, August 18th .

Solar Eclipse Contest

Win 2 free full color dye sublimated T-shirts (valued at $50). To enter: post a picture of the solar eclipse and tag us on either Facebook or Instagram and include the words “Solar Eclipse Tee” in the post. The pictures need to be posted by August 30th and the winner will be announced August 31st on Facebook and Instagram.


Importance of a Professionally Designed Logo

Logos are a huge part of any company’s identity and marketing strategy. To represent the brand well, and make the company look credible, the logo should be professionally designed by a company that specializes in graphic and logo design.

A sloppy logo can have long-term consequences for a business because it doesn’t present a great first impression. A professionally designed logo from Infinity Signs NW can help a company in the following ways:

1. Building Trust

That first view of the company logo can tell a person a lot about a company. When the business logo has been professionally designed, it helps to instill trust and make the company look competent.

2. Standing Out

The graphic designers at Infinity Signs NW pride themselves on their creativity and want to make something unique every time. This makes the business logo more memorable and easy to identify.

3. Expanding Brand Awareness

When a logo is unique and well designed, it is more likely to be memorable and distinctive. Those qualities work to increase brand awareness throughout Boise and the Treasure Valley.

A company logo is used on almost everything from stationary and business cards to signage. For this reason, having no logo is better than having a poor logo. If it’s time to update an old logo, or create a new one for a up and coming business, talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW. Visit the Infinity Signs NW Gallery to see samples of our previous graphic design and logo work.



Common Promotional Product Mistakes

Creative use of promotional products can be a great marketing tactic when employed properly. There’s a promotional product out there that can be personalized for any company’s needs, but it should be chosen and distributed carefully. Avoid these common mistakes when deciding on promotional products:

1. Not Tailored

Every business has a target audience and should focus on that audience’s wants and needs with every marketing approach, including promotional products. Consider the audience before picking out an item. Research interests and hobbies of the target audience to get some great ideas.

2. No Plan

Before finding the perfect promotional product, there must be a plan in place. Having promotional products sitting around the office won’t do much for the business. A marketing plan needs to be in place first. Often, promotional products are used in conjunction with an event or sales promotion.

3. Too Much Info

Most promotional products are small with little room for information. This means it is very important to choose only key information to put on the promotional products. Contact and branding information like a logo, phone number, and website address are especially important. Too much information could make the item look cluttered and unprofessional.

4. Going Cheap

When it comes to promotional products, it’s wise to choose quality over quantity when assessing the budget. If a promotional item breaks easily it will quickly be thrown away and stop doing what it was intended to do. Purchase fewer of a higher quality or more useful item to stay within the budget if necessary and it will pay off in the long run.

5. Last Minute Orders

Waiting until the last minute can often lead to added expense and limited selection when ordering promotional products. When ordering items for an upcoming event, it is better to get them ordered sooner rather than later. This allows time to choose the perfect items at the best prices without discovering that the item you really wanted requires a lead time longer than you have available.

Check out the catalog full of promotional products on Infinity Signs NW’s website. Each month there’s a new group of promotional products on special too.


Tips for Cleaning Interior Signage

Interior signage doesn’t get as dirty as exterior signage, but it still needs to be regularly cleaned. There’s a wide range of materials that make up interior signage, and each needs a specific cleaning regimen so it isn’t accidentally ruined. Read on to learn about cleaning different types of interior signage.

  • Plastic

This is probably the easiest material to clean. Use a mixture of warm water and soap to wipe it down. Use a different cloth to rinse it with clean water before drying. The sign can also be waxed or buffed to make it shine.

  • Vinyl

Use a 2:1 ratio of Isopropyl Alcohol and water for spot cleaning on vinyl signs. Rinse with cool water when done and avoid applying heat for drying purposes.

  • Metal

Metal is a common material for interior signage, which is great because it is easy to clean. Warm water and soap will do the trick. Make sure the sign is dried well though to reduce the chance for rust or corrosion to occur.

  • Engraved

With all the nooks and crannies in an engraved sign, it is likely to take a little more time to clean. The first step when cleaning engraved signage is to remove all the dirt, dust and other debris that has become lodged into it.  Something small like a toothpick, wooden cuticle pusher, or even Q-tips are all great tools for the job. Afterward, use soap and water to wash the remainder of the sign.

  • Canvas Print

Dusting canvas prints keeps away most of the dirt and dust. If a more in-depth cleaning is required, use a cloth with warm soapy water to gently rub the spot. Immersing the canvas in water or using harsh cleaning products can seriously damage the material.

For help maintaining your sign’s appearance, talk to Infinity Signs NW. They also offer sign cleaning services to make sure signage has a long lifespan.



Getting Ready for Fall Events

Only one more month of summer until fall begins to sneak in. That means now is the perfect time to start prepping for fall events and trade shows.  The first impression of a booth can give a company the edge over competitors, and keep the booth from being lost in the crowd. Here’s what is needed to gain that edge:

  • Signage

At an event where there is a crowd of people and other booths, one sign may not be enough. Draw attention from all angles with multiple signs. They can be banners, electronic signs or many other varieties of signage. The better the signage, the more likely people are to notice your booth and stop by.

  • Promotional Items

Promotional products draw people in and help to increase brand recognition when used. Booths giving out free stuff usually get more visitors. As fall arrives, it’s time to trade in the sunglasses for insulated coffee mugs and other cold weather items. Start brainstorming promotional items that relate more to the fall weather.

  • Business Cards

While promotional products give the basic company information, business cards can give the details. There’s more room for contact info, social media sites, and any other relevant information. When event goers are bogged down with tons of trade show swag, sometimes providing a simple business card can be very effective.

Infinity Signs NW can create any signage needed, all kinds of promotional products, and business cards to help companies get ready for any upcoming fall events.



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