Custom Business SignsWhy A Custom Business Sign?

Custom business signs brand your business the right way. Attract more attention and create a professional, polished look for your business with a custom sign designed by our team at Infinity Signs NW. We can create a multitude of sign types with a solution for any type of business on any budget.

For local businesses, like many here in Boise, Idaho, 85% of their customers live or work within a 5-mile radius of their location. This means current and potential customers are likely to drive by your sign multiple times each week. The long-term exposure of business signs gives them a low cost per impression compared to other marketing efforts such as billboards, radio or television. They also offer the ability to reach a wide audience. As a permanent part of the building or property, a business sign is seen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is the only marketing tool offering continuous and permanent effects.

Designing Your Sign

With any type of business, an impactful and thoughtful sign design is important. At Infinity Signs NW we can create the perfect design for your business sign. We don’t just provide basic signs, we create custom signs tailored to your business and its needs. Our graphic designers work with many customization options including size, color, shape, illumination, and more.

As a silent salesperson for your business, a business sign needs to match your brand, your goal, and what you want to say to customers. This is accomplished by working with our team to make a custom design that is unique to your business. We can weave your company’s personality into the colors and graphics of the sign to continue reinforcing your brand.

Our graphic design team will work with you to determine which type of sign is best and the perfect design elements will help your business meet its objectives effectively and officially. We look at the sign’s purpose, the message you want to communicate, the target audience, viewing distance and time, and more before starting the design process.

Another aspect of designing a custom business sign is considering visibility, readability, and legibility. When creating a sign, we take all three of these factors into consideration. Your business sign needs to be visually appealing, but also functional as well.

Types of Custom Business Signs

Investing in a custom business sign gives you freedom of design and unlimited possibilities. There are many design possibilities and ideas available. Infinity Signs NW can make your dream sign a reality whether it is small or large, intricate or simple. If you dream it, then we can design it.

We can create all types of business signs such as:

  • Monument Signs
  • Electronic Signs
  • Vinyl Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • LED Signs

Custom business signs can be ground-mounted or building-mounted. Each of these options has their own benefits, depending on the situation. Businesses located in a multi-business center see better results with a building-mounted sign to set them apart from surrounding businesses. Those in their own building can benefit from having both types of signage. The ground-mounted sign draws initial interest while the building-mounted sign reinforces it.

Although a custom business sign might be more expensive than a one-size-fits-all option, it will increase traffic to your location, boost sales, and end up paying for itself. First impressions are important in attracting potential customers and retaining them however, the right custom sign creates the best type of impression.

Our team prides itself on creativity and craftsmanship when creating custom business signs. Stand out from the competition with the help of our team. Contact Infinity Signs NW to start creating the custom business sign of your dreams.