Wallpaper may be out of style but wall graphics are all the rage! Now you can customize an office, storefront, or another commercial space with a custom wall paper graphics. These can be installed across an entire wall to create a mural, print, or other graphics for temporary or permanent usage.

These vinyl wall coverings have many great benefits for commercial use including:

  1. Customization

A custom wallpaper graphic can be tailored to match the personality and décor of the space. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can create a whole-wall graphic that speaks to the company’s brand and is unique.

  1. Economical

Customizing spaces can be costly for new businesses and creating a custom mural can disrupt the office for days or even weeks to bring it to fruition. Custom wall paper graphics take much less time to create and install. They can also last up to five times longer than paint. Over time, this saves the company money on paint retouching.

  1. Attract Attention

A large wall paper graphic will attract a lot of attention from customers. It enhances the business’s interior much differently than other decorating options, creating a unique experience for the customer. This also helps to reinforce the brand and spread awareness.

  1. Durability

Vinyl wall coverings need very little maintenance and are extremely durable, making them an economical, long-lasting choice for any commercial space.

  1. Many Options

Whether you want something permanent or temporary, Infinity Signs NW can design it. Easily installed and taken down, full-wall graphics are a viable option for sales and promotions or other events.

These commercial wall paper graphics can be used in many corporate environments like lobbies, showrooms, conference rooms and more. They can be as bright and eye-catching or neutral and professional as you want.

Choose to create a graphic using the company’s mission statement and personality or an enlarged photograph that evokes a certain feeling. The possibilities with a custom wall paper graphic are endless.


The wall paper graphics can be designed in a way that mirrors the company’s logo, colors, mission statement, and personality to be used as a marketing tool. Or, it can be used to create awareness about a certain promotion coming up.


Some businesses want to create a beautiful, relaxing environment for customers or clients. A custom wall paper graphic can do that with pictures or designs. Many spas have full-wall coverings that depict peaceful locations like the beach or forest.

When used either way, custom wall paper graphics will completely transform a space and wow customers or clients. Talk to the graphics design team at Infinity Signs NW about creating wall paper graphics for your commercial space.