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Infinity Signs Newsletter December, 2017


Custom Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for a custom gift for that someone special? Infinity Signs NW can help. From custom vinyl product wraps to beautifully printed canvases, we’ve got it all covered. While this is just a small taste of what Infinity Signs NW can do, here are some unique custom gift ideas:

Mini Fridges & Kegerators

Whether it is for a college dorm room or man cave, a vinyl-wrapped mini fridge will help transform the room into the ultimate chill zone. Infinity Signs NW can deck out a mini fridge with a college logo, favorite sports team, and so much more.

Looking for the perfect gift for the serious sports fan? Make tailgating or watching the game at home an even more school-spirited event with a custom-wrapped kegerator. A vinyl wrap on a personal kegerator supporting their favorite team will certainly make them smile.


A laptop wrap is an excellent choice for a college student as a gift for doing well on finals this semester. The design potential is unlimited from their college logo to their favorite scenery. It also helps students identify their laptop if it were to get lost on campus. Laptop wraps are also great for sales people, business owners and others who want to show off the company logo on their laptop.

Printed Canvases

Have a neat photo that you need to have enlarged? Let Infinity Signs NW help capture a special piece of scenery or moment in time to give someone in print format. We can create a gorgeous canvas to gift someone this holiday season. With a little photoshop and printing, they can create a beautiful new art piece to hang on the wall like the one seen in this article.

When it comes to creating custom vinyl wraps and printing pictures on canvas, Infinity Signs NW knows no bounds. Talk to us about creating one of the unique gifts in this article or a completely different idea! Whatever the gift is, it will be sure to wow the recipient this holiday season.




The Importance of Real Estate Signs

Those in the business of selling homes and properties rely heavily on signage to garner interest. This signage needs to catch the attention of passersby, and make them want to know more about the property in question.

To do this, real estate signage can be used in different ways. One of the most common ways is putting a for sale sign on or in front of the actual property. This is done for both residential and commercial properties. Most of these for sale signs have a holder full of flyers for those interested in more information.

For residential properties, another sign should be placed at the entrance of the subdivision, or around the neighborhood. These should point to or display the address of the home for sale. These signs throughout the neighborhood will be seen by more people, attracting more potential buyers.

If the homes for sale are in a new subdivision, feather flags are a great advertising tool. Each one can advertise a different amenity that the subdivision offers, intriguing people to go inside and view the homes for sale.

Since real estate signage must catch the attention of those passing by, it needs to stand out. This can be achieved with bold, colorful text and logos. Red is a common color when designing for sale signage. It has proven to be successful at guiding the eye and increasing sales in retail settings.

While the sign needs to grab attention, it also must be readable. Flowery or eccentric text might seem unique in theory, but it can be hard to read while in motion. Classic, bold text will deliver the message much better.

Having the correct type of signage that is well-designed can be the difference between selling a property and having it sit untouched for months. Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating intriguing real estate signage.





Holiday Party Banners and Signs

It’s time to start planning for company holiday parties. There’s a lot that goes into planning and decorating for a holiday party, but Infinity Signs NW can help with one aspect: the signage, banners, and other decorations!

Without banners, signs, and decorations, a holiday party just isn’t as festive. Here are some ideas on how each of these can be incorporated into a company holiday party:


Banners can increase the festive spirit of the holiday party with fun designs and text. Infinity Signs NW can make banners in a variety of sizes for various uses as well. A common holiday banner idea is the company logo surrounded by festive graphics that can be hung up over the festivities or held up for taking a company group photo.


While a holiday party is all about fun, there needs to be some structure to some parts of it as well. Signage can help with this by directing attendees to the party room if it is in a large convention center or restaurant. Signs can also be used for food and drink descriptions at a buffet and bar, identifying the gift table, and much more.


Need something a little extra? How about a board with a face cutout for taking pictures! It could have a picture of Santa and his elves, reindeer, penguins, etc. It’s a cute idea that everyone, including children, will enjoy.

Infinity Signs NW can make all kinds of signs, banners and decorations for company holiday parties. With the holidays fast approaching, talk to them today to get started planning and designing for a well-decorated and festive holiday party.

For those still needing promotional gifts to give employees at the holiday party, check out the promotional item catalog on the website. There are many gift options that can be personalized for every business.




Choosing a Storefront Sign Style

When it comes to choosing a storefront sign, there are so many design styles that it can be hard to narrow it down to which would be best. This article aims to help business owners with that decision.

Here are some of the aspects that business should consider when selecting storefront sign styles:

  1. Zoning

One important aspect of choosing a sign is making sure it meets zoning requirements. These requirements can be size, color, font size, materials, and more. Having a sign that doesn’t meet zoning requirements can be costly. It’s much better to check the zoning requirements beforehand and have the sign designed correctly.

  1. Costs

Different sign styles, sizes and materials will have different costs. Infinity Signs NW can work with a business to determine their budget and design a sign to fit. There’s a solution possible for every budget.

  1. Brand

The sign should be part of the business’s overall branding. The style of the sign should match the brand and feel of the business. This can be accomplished with the materials used to create the sign, the colors, the font, and graphics.

Some of the most common types of storefront signs include:

  • Channel Letters

These dimensional letters stand away from the building and can be illuminated. This is a common style that many businesses use because they can be designed to easily fit with the logo and brand.

  • LED/Electronic Signs

Illumination can be important to some businesses. An LED or electronic sign grabs attention day and night to attract customers.

  • Awning Signs

Many storefronts can benefit from an awning out front to protect patrons inside from the glaring sun. That awning can also have the business’s logo printed on it to attract passersby.

Infinity Signs NW can make these storefront signs and many more. Visit our website to see some of our previous work.




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