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Infinity Signs Newsletter December, 2018

Is it time for a new logo?

Logo Designer Boise

Instead of setting yourself the timeless New Year’s resolution of losing weight, maybe this year’s resolution should be to give your company logo a make-over. Nothing stays the same forever, and your logo is no different. The design you came up with 20 or 30 years ago may not speak to the audience of today with the same motivational power that it once had. Don’t be afraid to modernize your look for 2019.

As you sit down to reassess your logo, ask yourself some questions to help determine if your logo still accurately represents your business.

Was your logo design reflective of a product that either no longer exists or is now just one of many products? If so then this would definitely be a reason to consider a redesign. The last thing you want is new customers looking at your logo and walking away with the idea that you don’t offer what they need, when in fact you do. Your logo has to stay current with your company’s offerings. If this is your situation you may want to consider an entirely new logo.

Does your logo speak to the current generation of consumers? If you’re trying to reach younger buyers and expand your existing customer base, maybe it’s time for a more trendy, modern look. Tweaking your logo carefully can allow you to keep your existing customers while appealing to a broader new customer base in younger demographics. One way to be successful with this is by keeping it simple. One common trait of older logo designs was complexity. More modern looks are far more simple and streamlined. Having an overly complex design will definitely date your logo. By taking your existing design and just simplifying it a bit, you can strike that perfect balance of appeal to old and new customers.

Is your business under new leadership? If ownership has changed hands you may find that the style of the business has changed over time. This may mean that the current look and feel of the company just doesn’t fit with the older logo design. In this situation, usually just some modernizing of the old look will bring it into alignment with the new company culture.

For many customers their original logo was their own creation, and it’s likely to take more than one try to get it right. Even if you nailed it out of the gate it’s still going to need a facelift periodically as the years go by. The expert design team at Infinity Signs NW can take a look at what you’ve got, discuss your company’s current situation, and come up with a beautiful design to last you for the next 10 years.

Sign Clutter

Many small business owners feel they have so much to offer their clients and they’re afraid they’ll miss the one thing the customer is seeking. Consequently, they try to promote all of it in their outdoor signage. This can create sign clutter that is confusing to customers and detracts from your overall messaging. It’s important to stay focused on the big picture. What is the primary objective for your business? Your signage should give the broad overview of what you have to offer.

It’s important to break your store front down into 3 potential marketing zones. You have your large, exterior sign – typically just the name of your company with the possible addition of a slogan or logo – your storefront windows, and your sidewalk area. You can think of these three areas as an inverted pyramid. The wide top of your pyramid is your big picture, name of the business, exterior sign. Then you narrow your focus with your window graphics. The window graphics allow you to use text and images to be more specific about the products or services you’re promoting. While they still don’t get down to one specific item you sell, they do give customers a better idea of the types of items they might find inside. They are also the primary way of using images to supplement text and thus really let people know what you’re all about. The final marketing zone is the sidewalk, or A-Frame, signage. This is the very point of your triangle, and your most specific marketing. These sidewalk signs are your opportunity to promote a specific product, a current sale, a special of the day, or anything else that is narrowly focused.

Let’s look at a dog salon for example. The large exterior signage may say, “Doggy Scrubby Dub Dub”. This tells you the name of the company and a broad idea of what they do – they provide dog grooming. The window graphics then might consist of images of various dogs having gotten some of the services provided inside as well as text saying “Bathing, trimming, styling” and “Walk-ins Welcome”. Now the customer has a pretty clear picture of the services offered inside. The final piece of marketing would then be an A-Frame sign which might say, “Sale: Bath, Haircut, and Nail Trim $29.99 Today Only”. This is the final push to get customers to come inside by grabbing their attention with a specific, limited time offer.

By containing your marketing messages to clearly defined zones it will help you to strike the perfect balance of informing customers without overwhelming them. Remember you don’t have to overcomplicate your message to the public, keep it as simple as possible.

Christmas in Boise

Looking for some fun holiday activities to get you in the spirit? Need ideas to entertain those out of town family members or friends? Here are a few of the great options available in the Boise area this Christmas season.

  1. Lights, lights, lights – everyone loves driving around looking at Christmas lights and there are lots of great displays to be seen. The Scentsy Commons off Eagle Rd has a display including 43 miles of lights. Looking to hit local neighborhoods? Click here to get a map of all the best displays in the area.
  2. Holiday Movies – this year showings at the Egyptian Theatre include A Christmas Story, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life and more. Visit their website for show times and ticket prices.
  3. Winter Garden aGlow – visit the Idaho Botanical Garden to walk through the impressive light display, enjoy some hot cocoa, and sing with the carolers.
  4. The Nutcracker Ballet – performed this year at the Morrison Center. This is sure to be a truly magical event.
  5. Thunder Mountain Line – take your family on classic train ride along the Payette River with incredible views throughout this hour and a half journey. The train travels from Horseshoe Bend to Montour and runs 7 days a week throughout the month of December.
  6. Horse & Carriage Rides – what a great way to take a break from your holiday shopping and simply take in the sites of downtown from a relaxing horse drawn carriage. The rhythmic sound of horses hooves are sure to calm your spirit and allow you to enjoy the holiday season. These rides are even available for free on Dec 14th and 15th.

There are countless other holiday happenings around town – photos with Santa at the mall, gift wrapping & ornament making at the library, Claus ‘N’ Paws at the zoo, craft markets, holiday farmer’s markets, Christmas concerts and more. Boise has so much to offer this year, we hope you get a chance to get out an enjoy it.

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