Tips for Logo Design

Logo Designer Boise

Your logo is an integral piece of your marketing efforts and should warrant serious consideration when being designed. Many companies are creating their logo at a time when the business itself is just getting started. This means your time and available funds to put towards the design are probably pretty limited. If this was your situation as a new start-up maybe it’s time for a redesign. While you want to build brand recognition through your logo, you’re not obligated to stick with something if it’s not working for you. We’ve put together a few tips for you to keep in mind when designing, or redesigning, your company logo.

  1. Keep it Simple – don’t go over the top with 5 different fonts or multiple images. Your logo should be crisp and simple, to maintain visual appeal and stick in people’s minds.
  2. Think Big – while you’re designing your logo don’t forget to give consideration to how it’s going to look on a variety of platforms. You may start with just business cards and a website but some day you’ll want that logo to be legible on a t-shirt, trade show booth, or social media profile. Make sure that you think bigger than your immediate needs for your logo.
  3. Silly…or Serious – every business has its own personality and culture and your logo should be a reflection of that. If you’re in a more serious field you don’t want something like this crazy font for your logo. But on the other side if your business is renting bouncy houses for kid’s birthday parties, than a more lighthearted font is completely appropriate. Think about the line of work your business represents, the type of client you’re looking for, and the unspoken message that your font, as well as color, choice will send all before making a final decision.
  4. Empty Space – it turns out that having some empty space within your design, isn’t a bad thing. Leaving some space creates a cleaner look. A logo without enough emptiness looks too busy and difficult to distinguish so don’t be afraid to leave something out.
  5. Timeless – be cautious about embracing anything that may date your logo as the years go by. Often things that are trendy today, such as emoji’s, are way out in a few years. Once you’ve got your perfect logo you want to be able to make minor tweaks to keep it current, not a major overhaul.

Logo Usage on Signs

Logo for signs

Many companies think of their signage as the place where you simply display your company name, but in recent years the addition of a logo to the sign is becoming increasingly common. Adding your logo to your interior or exterior signs is a great way to increase brand recognition as well as create a subliminal impression of your business. To really get the maximum benefit from your logo add-on here are a few items to keep in mind.

Size – In most situations making your logo slightly smaller or larger than the text for your business name is a great way to make it stand out. It gives the clear indication that the logo is set apart from the name. This can be especially important if your logo is also a letter.

Color – making your logo in an accenting color that goes well with your lettering is another great way to really make it noticeable. Most companies come up with a color scheme that they will use across all of their marketing platforms, and then select one of these colors for the lettering, and another for the logo on their signs.

Materials – another way to differentiate the logo is to use a different material type. If you’ve used aluminum for the lettering, consider copper or bronze for the logo. The material you choose will distinguish the logo but will also convey a silent message about the type of business. Bright colored plastic logos say more lighthearted business where earth tones or metallic signs set a more serious tone.

Location – most people will opt to put the logo at the beginning of the sign just prior to the lettering or below the lettering. It’s a good idea to have a graphic designer play with this layout for you a bit before settling on anything. See how it looks with the logo in a variety of locations, colors, sizes, and materials before making a decision. For most people it takes a few tries to create the perfect sign.

If a sign redesign, replacement, or upgrade is on your list for 2020, Infinity Signs, NW can help. Our team of designers can work with you to make sure your presentation is professional and modern with the latest in graphics and logo use. We’ll get your sign built and installed in time for you to hit the ground running in the New Year.

Message Boards…Still Current?

Message boards
Message boards and digital signs

Message boards have been around forever. Many have conveyed useful information, while others have simply made us laugh, but do they still play a role in today’s marketing? We would say, definitely! Whether you use the traditional sign, where you manually change the letters for each message, or a digital sign – the benefits to this type of signage are numerous.

Message boards are a great way to keep the public informed about anything new your business is offering. It’s too expensive to be constantly changing other types of signs every time you want to promote a new product, new employee, or special offer, but a message board allows you to do that as frequently as you like for many, many years at no additional cost. The ROI for this type of sign is extremely high. They last for a very long time and can be engaging to the reader on an ongoing basis simply by changing the text.

As the weather gets colder people are spending more time in their cars sitting in traffic, which means more opportunity for you to market to them through your message boards. Whether you’re a school promoting an Open House, a doctor’s office with a new practitioner, or a dog groomer with a weekly special – a message board is still one of the best ways to reach people. The reality is that your consumer isn’t going to visit your website every week to see if there might be some new piece of information that’s of interest to them, but they will drive by your location and see your updated message board.

With the option to use humor on your message board you can keep people interested in always seeing what might be on the board. This can be the perfect way to jump back and forth between community focused messages, “Go BSU”, humorous postings, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. The mom in E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and didn’t notice”, and more serious promotional information, “20% off custom tailored suits this week only.” By using a variety of different types of messages you’ll keep people curious and ready to read whatever you might post next.

While you may think this type of signage is old school, most people find that it actually reaches just as many people as their Facebook postings and Twitter comments. So consider adding a messaging board this year to further your reach with potential customers. Infinity Signs, NW offers both digital and traditional message board options.

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