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ADA Signage and Wrap Myths

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What Every Business Should Know About ADA Signage

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed. This law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and set forth some guidelines concerning the creation and presence of ADA signs. Business owners, those who are just starting out as well as established owners, should be aware of these rules.

ADA signs are business signs that give disabled Americans the ability to navigate and use commercial business facilities as effectively as non-disabled persons. These signs consists of navigational aids that direct people towards restrooms, exits, or other features like telephones. Some ADA signage is expressed with only symbols like a wheelchair.

Moreover, the Americans with Disabilities Act spells out specific standards for ADA signage, containing strict guidelines for elements like contrast, font type, and spacing. Each ADA sign must also contain Braille so that the blind are able to read them. These regulations can be frustrating to business owners who try to create their own ADA signs.

Business owners, however, should only be concerned about ADA signage regulations when installing navigational aids and signs that announce the location of public facilities like restrooms. ADA laws do not apply to company logos or signs that are designed for promotional or advertising purposes. ADA guidelines also do not apply to signs created for temporary purposes.

Still, it is in the owner’s best interest to seek the help of a professional sign service when choosing the best directional or navigational aids. A business that does not comply with ADA standards could face stiff legal consequences but more importantly, it will be helpful to their potential customers who may have disabilities. Navigational aids installed in or around their property must be ADA compliant and conform to particular rules.

Contact the experts at Infinity Signs for help from professionals who are knowledgeable about best practices when it comes to ADA signage.


5 Vehicle Wrap Myths

Car wrapServing as mobile billboards, vehicle wraps and graphics are advertising options every business owner can use to market his or her company. Yet, despite the advantages that they offer, many owners are hesitant to take the next step and invest in a quality vehicle wrap.

Why is this the case? Here are five of the most common misconceptions about vehicle wraps:

Myth #1: Vehicle Wraps are Too Expensive

Compared to other traditional means of advertising, vehicle wraps are one of the most economical choices. Vehicle wraps have lasting value because an existing car or truck serves as the means of delivering the message. Plus, other forms of marketing, like radio and television ads, only run for limited periods of time before additional payments are required. A quality vehicle wrap or graphic can last up to five years or more. A vehicle wrap can last five years or more and at 5 years only costs about $50 a month whereas a typically billboard advertisement costs $3000 to $5000 a month. The vehicle wraps are more economical.

For business owners on a tight marketing budget, there is also the option of a partial vehicle wrap. Partial wraps allow someone to make use of the colors on their existing vehicles while running in the $900 to $1500 price range.

Myth #2: Vehicle Wraps Aren’t Effective

In reality, vehicle wraps are actually more effective than other means of advertising. A study done by Outdoor Advertising Magazine found that there is a 97% recall rate for mobile media billboards. That means that when shown a mobile advertisement, almost all of the participants were able to recall the ad they saw.

The study also found that over 90% of those surveyed felt positively about the brand presented on vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps have the potential to make a large impact on local customers. On average about 70,000 to 90,000 people are exposed to vehicle wraps every single day in Boise.

Myth #3: Vehicle Wraps Damage the Paint

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Vehicle wraps help to protect company cars, trucks, trailers, and SUVs. Vinyl wrap, in particular, serves as an additional defense against adverse weather conditions and harsh sun damage. It also protects paint from scratches and dings from rocks and other debris. If a wrap is installed correctly, it will not leave any residue or peel off any paint or clear coating when removed.

Myth #4: Vehicle Wraps Cannot Easily Be Removed

Vehicle wraps are designed to be removable. With a little heat, a vinyl wrap can easily be peeled from the vehicle without damaging the paint or coatings. Since vehicle wraps and graphics can be removed, business owners have more options if they want to update the company’s branding.

Myth #5: Vehicle Wraps are Difficult to Install

The process of installing a vehicle wrap is not difficult but can be tedious and time consuming. It is strongly recommended to seek the help of knowledgeable and experienced professionals like those at Infinity Signs. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in creating and installing customized vehicle wraps and graphics for lasting results.


How to Make Eye-Catching Holiday Signs

The holiday shopping season is the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses. Sales numbers usually go up as more customers come through the door and take advantage of special prices and discounts. Businesses, however, also face stiff competition this time of the year from others who may be offering better deals.

One of the ways that business owners are able to set themselves apart is by making their signage more eye-catching. The purpose of eye-catching signage is to be noticeable and stand out when shoppers have a lot of options vying for their attention.

So how can business owners make their signs more attention-grabbing?

  • Movement – Since the human eye has a natural tendency to detect even the slightest movement, signs tend to attract more attention when there is some action involved. Business owners have many options in this regard. It might be as simple as installing an outside banner on a pole that moves with the wind. Window signs or displays can be installed to turn to a different side, move up and down, or change colors.
  • Catchy Phrases – Signs with catchy phrases tend to attract more attention. This is because motorists and passersby linger on the sign longer in order to read the messages. If the message changes every day, that’s even better. People who pass by will get in the habit of actively looking for new messages.
  • Progressive Signs – Ever driven through a long stretch of barren landscape or boring desert? Some businesses take advantage of that long boring stretch with progressive signs, a sequence of separate signs that pull people into its message. Consider creating a set of signs along a street block or stretch of roadway with messages that follow a related theme.
  • Get Interactive – One benefit of digital advertising is the ability of the target audience to interact with the business and its products. Get people involved by making use of videos or smartphone technology.

Contact Infinity Signs to discover more ways to make your signs more eye-catching during the holiday season.


The Benefits of Sidewalk and Lawn Signs

For many new business owners, it can be confusing deciding to how to begin their marketing efforts. The majority of owners usually start out small. They order business cards, brochures, and signs for their storefront. New business owners, especially those on a limited marketing budget, should consider using sidewalk and lawn signs for advertising.

Sidewalk and lawn signs offer a variety of benefits for the new business owner including:

  • Convenience – Sidewalk and lawn signs are lightweight and portable so they are the best choice for convenience. These signs can be placed right in front of the business directing people into the store. Sidewalk and lawn signs are also typically made out of durable materials so they can stand up under all types of weather conditions. They can also be laid flat for storage and many sidewalk signs come with handles on top for easy carrying. Lawn signs are nice for businesses that travel to various locations like contractors and landscapers who can erect their signs to show off their handiwork in different neighborhoods.
  • Inexpensive – The initial cost of a sidewalk or lawn sign can be around a hundred dollars so they can fit into most marketing budgets. These signs can be used over and over so the business owner can maximize its effectiveness.
  • Attracting Attention – In many cases, sidewalk and lawn signs draw in people who would not normally stop by. They take advantage of impulse buyers who are attracted by the message on the sign. Sometimes sidewalk signs allow business owners to change their messages so they can advertise special prices or daily deals.

Get started with sidewalk and lawn signs by contacting the experts at Infinity Signs. Our passion is helping business owners market their business better using a variety of sign services.



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