Exterior business signs are likely to be the first thing a customer sees when coming to your business. It is important for these signs to be the perfect representation of your business. Exterior signs highlight your presence while defining your unique brand and identity. This marketing tool grabs customers’ attention, informs them of your services, and can even encourage them to take action. At Infinity Signs NW we can find the perfect exterior signage solution for any business.

With 85% of customers passing your business each month, well-designed exterior business signs are important. When looking at how customers know about a local business, 35% of customers said they first found out about the business because they saw the business signs in passing.

Types of Exterior Business Signs

There are many types of exterior signs that businesses can choose from Outdoor Business Signsdepending on their location and budget. Here are some examples of exterior sign options:

Whether ground-mounted, building-mounted, or both, exterior business signs will be one of the most important visual communication elements for the business. Along with representing the brand, a sign identifies your physical location, explains the services offered, gives hours of business operation, and provides contact information.

Importance of Exterior Business Signs

Exterior Business Signs

With multiple businesses often offering the same or similar services or products in an area, exterior business signs are even more important to differentiate your business from the others. A custom sign from Infinity Signs NW can help your businesses stand out from the crowd.

Another reason exterior business signs are so crucial for businesses is the cost-effectiveness of the signs. Exterior signs are usually a permanent fixture helping to increase brand exposure and advertise your business at all hours of the day and night, all year-round. Although the initial cost may be higher than other forms of advertising, a well-built sign will last for many years and when that initial cost is spread over the life of the sign, it becomes a real value in advertising.

There are many studies that show adding or changing an exterior sign directly improves sales revenue. This might be because the previous sign was too small, not in a good location, or didn’t look inviting enough, but often it is simply adding something bright and new that attracts attention.

Business Sign Considerations

Businesses considering new exterior business signs should ask themselves a few questions about their current

signage, such as:

  • Is the signage in good condition?
  • Is the sign text legible from a car when it is going the speed limit?
  • Have the signs been updated since a new logo was introduced?
  • Is the sign lighted to promote the business at night?

Are the signs easily seen from the road?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, contact Infinity Signs NW to get started creating a new exterior sign that can better represent your business.