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Infinity Signs Newsletter January, 2017


5 Types of Monument Signs

Monument Singage

Monument signs can be used for buildings with single occupants, or multiple occupants. They come in a large variety of styles. Here are some of those styles explained:

  1. Pylons

Pylon signs are commonly used by shopping centers. Each panel in this type of sign has a different store logo in it, letting passersby know which stores are in the shopping complex. The signs within the panel should be simple and high contrast so they are easy to read when driving or walking past.

  1. Free-Standing

Single-tenant buildings who want their signage to be visible to passersby on the road often invest in an architectural free-standing monument sign. These are larger signs built for long-term outdoor use that can also be illuminated at night. They are generally designed to match the building they are in front of, and simply display the company’s name and/or logo.

  1. Digital

Monument signs can now include a digital aspect. This allows businesses to advertise events, sales or promotional offers. The digital display is generally installed right below the business’s logo, and can be large or small, and use a single color or multiple colors.

  1. Directory

In multi-tenant business parks, outdoor directory signs are often used. They aren’t as colorful or logo-rich as pylons. This type of sign is generally used for buildings with multiple doctors, dentists or other tenants. They are generally more somber in tone and simply list the businesses.

  1. Post and Panel

These signs are designed as their name says, two posts holding up a panel. These can be for single or multiple occupant businesses, and as simple or extravagant as desired. Post and panel signs can be made double-sided and have a rider added to the top. They can also be illuminated to make them easier to see at night.

There are many more types of monument signs, but these are a few of the most commonly used styles. Infinity Signs NW can create monument signs of any size or style for a business or shopping complex.





Benefits of Window Graphics

Window Graphics

More businesses are turning to window graphics to make their space pop or provide additional information to customers. Window graphics can be informative and can display large colorful graphics in an artistic way. Here are five benefits of window graphics for businesses:

  • Attention Grabbing

The bright colors of window graphics can draw attention to an otherwise uninteresting office exterior. A few select images or words can quickly identify the type of business at this location. In addition, if window graphics partially block a person’s view into the business, they might get curious as to what is inside, causing them to stop in. This works especially well with a large, visually appealing graphic that promotes a certain product or service.

  • Promotions

Not all window graphics have to be permanent. These graphics can be a great way to announce a sale or special and guide customer’s attention toward it.

  • Direct Customers

Let customers know where to park, which entrance to use, or the business operating hours by using window graphics.

  • Inexpensive

When compared to other signage, window graphics are an inexpensive way to relay information, increase brand awareness, or decorate a space.

  • Staff Privacy

Large exterior office windows can sometimes leave employees feeling like they are working in a fish bowl. Window graphics can offer some privacy to the staff while promoting products or specials and allowing natural light into the building.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can create unique, custom window graphics for any need. Visit our website to learn more.




Personalized Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Brides and grooms are getting really creative with their wedding favors these days. They are also making them more personal by including names, dates and even cute quotes. Infinity Signs NW can help create the perfect personalized wedding favors. Here are some ideas:

  1. Beverage Holders

Infinity Signs has a variety of different beverage holders to choose from each with a wide range of colors. They can be imprinted in three different locations. Come up with a cute, unique saying to put on the holder. They are extremely useful and will be cherished for years.

  1. Napkins

Beverage napkins might not last as long as beverage holders, but they can be put into a scrapbook once the celebration is over. They also make a statement at the reception. These folded 3-ply napkins contain up to 30 percent post-consumer material, for those who are environmentally conscious.

  1. Etched Wooden Nickel

Go less traditional and hand out etched wooden nickels as a wedding token. Both sides of this 1.5-inch wooden nickel can be custom designed. Infinity Signs NW also offers 15 different color options so couples can choose the shades that match their wedding colors.

  1. Seed Bombs

Want to go a more sustainable route? Give wedding guests seed bombs. Seed bombs are seeds that have been wrapped in a clay and compost mixture and dried. These seed balls can be deposited anywhere you want them to grow. The bag contains three quarter-sized wild flower mix bombs with planting instructions and the bag itself can be custom-printed.

  1. Party Cup

Instead of giving guests something to keep their drink cold, give them something to put their drink in! The Party Cup is made of BPA lead-free plastic, and comes in 11 different colors. There are two areas on the cup that can be imprinted as well.

Get a jump on wedding favors before wedding season begins. Talk to the team at infinity Signs about creating some of the favors mentioned above or view everything available on their website.




Pop-Up Shop Signage

Pop-up shops, also known as flash retailing, is a temporary shopping venue. They only stay around for days or weeks. These stores often show up during holidays or special events. To get shoppers to notice them, pop-up shops have to rely heavily on signage. Their signage has to grab people’s attention as they are passing by to be successful.

Some of the signage pop-up shops should invest in include:

  • Storefront Signs

The store obviously needs some sort of storefront sign to let people know what it is. For pop-up stores, this can be something more short-term like a well-designed banner or collapsible sidewalk sign since they are not in one location long.

  • Flags

Customized flags or feather banners can grab people’s attention and offer direction people if the store is located in a mall complex, open lawn area or large parking lot. These can be as simple as the store’s logo or they may advertise individual products or simply have the word ‘Sale” to attract the bargain hunters.

  • Window Graphics

Graphics can really spruce up a space, especially those that need to be set up in a hurry. Window graphics aren’t permanent, another draw for pop-up shops, and can be custom-made for any space.

  • Merchandise Displays

Make it easier for customers to find items around the store with merchandise signage. These can range from small signs above the racks to large signs across the wall.

  • Interior Signs

Many stores have interior signage with their logo and brand in addition to the storefront sign. This helps to reaffirm the brand.

Although the signage might not be as permanent in a pop-up shop, it is still an important investment. Since pop-up shops have a limited time frame, eye-catching signage, is essential to quickly increase brand awareness. Infinity Signs NW can help create all of the signage needed for a pop-up shop location.


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