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Infinity Signs Newsletter February, 2018


New Business Signs

Is It Time To Update Your Signage?

Even the shiniest and best sign will eventually need to be updated but how do you know when it’s time to update your business sign? Take an honest look at your sign the way your first-time visitors might look at it. Then ask yourself these questions to determine whether your business sign needs an upgrade or is still good to go.

  1. How does it look? Is the sign clean and in good repair? If not, perhaps you can get by with cleaning the sign or making minor repairs but if that doesn’t bring it back to it’s former glory, then it may be time for an update.
  2. Is the sign fully functional? If it has moving parts, do they move correctly? If it’s a lighted sign, are all the bulbs in working order. It can be embarrassing if part of your letters are unlit and your sign now says a completely different word.
  3. Has the sign become faded or tattered? Over time, even the highest quality vinyl or fabric will fade from sun and can show signs of wear and tear from the wind and weather. If the colors aren’t as vibrant as they once were, it may be time for an upgrade.
  4. Does your signage match the rest of your corporate branding? Frequently a company will rebrand their marketing materials and business cards, changing colors, catch phrases and even the logo but will overlook updating their primary business sign. While there is more cost involved in updating business signs, it is important for your branding to be consistent across all business materials.
  5. Does your signage reflect the services being offered? Businesses change over time, adding new services and discontinuing others. Your business sign will need to reflect these changes too.
  6. Would it be helpful to incorporate more modern technology in your signage? LED lights and electronic message boards can modernize a sign and increase the effectiveness of the sign. Having the ability to easily promote daily specials could quickly bring more traffic to your doorstep.
  7. Does your sign stand out from the surroundings? Over time, trees and bushes grow and may now be blocking the visibility of your sign. New business may have moved in nearby with bigger or fancier signs that reduce the effectiveness of your sign. If your sign no longer stands out from the clutter, it may be time to add some new pizazz to your sign.

After reviewing the answers to these questions, if you have decided it’s time to update your business signage, contact Infinity Signs NW. Our sign experts can offer excellent insights to bring your sign up to current standards.


Custom Lot Signs


Special Custom Lot Sign

Ever find yourself needing a sign that’s temporary but holds up like a permanent sign? Infinity Signs NW has put together the perfect solution for just this situation. Our Custom Lot Sign starts with a block foundation to hold it securely in place, preventing it from falling over in the wind. The post is then inserted into a custom-made bracket that has been welded, powder coated and securely attached to the block. Post can easily be taken in and out of the bracket but is stable in various weather conditions.

Not only is the post stable but the top rider sign can be easily changed. The 2’ x 2’ top rider allows plenty of space for readable text and logos. The sign stands 4 foot tall making it a good height for visibility in most situations. In addition, when you are done using the sign at one location, it can easily be moved to a new location or stored for future use.

Although these signs have many uses, they are especially beneficial for real estate signs, parking lot signage and construction areas. No need to dig holes in the grass, gravel or snow to post your sign. Contact Infinity Signs NW today for more information on using these Custom Lot Signs for your business.


Importance of Trade Show Table Covers

When hitting the trade show circuit, most business owners put a great deal of thought into planning their marketing materials and promotional product give away items, but have you considered your table covering? The trade show table cover can be either a huge draw to your booth or can quickly turn people away.

Many trade show venues provide vendor tables, but the quality of the table varies greatly from one venue to another. While some provide top of the line wooden surface tables, others may provide only a heavily worn table with chips, cracks and even an occasional hole in the table top. In some situations, the venue will provide every vendor with a solid color, (usually white) table cloth. Although this resolves the issue of the quality of the table, it also evens the playing field, making all the booth spaces look alike. However, is that what you’re looking for, a booth that blends in and looks like all the others? We think not! You want your trade show booth to stand out from the crowd and to pique the interest of onlookers.

A custom table cover can be just the ticket to draw attention to your table. Bright colors and images can really make your booth stand out. In addition, the table cover is an excellent place to show off your logo and tag line for branding purposes. You might even want to highlight your business services.

Table covers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles from fitted 4, 6 and 8 ft sizes to the sleek new stretch covers. With dye sublimation, Infinity Signs NW can add what ever design you would like to your display and with prices starting at just over $100 the custom table cover is an affordable addition to your trade show display.

Preview some of the available trade show table cover styles and designs on the Infinity Signs NW website or give us a call today at 208-473-2913.


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