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Infinity Signs Newsletter February, 2019

Signage for the Next Generation

As the media has made abundantly clear, Millennials are not the same type of consumer as previous generations. This leaves many business owners scratching their head when it comes to figuring out the best way to market to this new type of buyer. What is going to take to make sure your business doesn’t lose touch with the next generation of buyers?

Major corporations are spending millions of dollars rebranding themselves in an effort to appeal to Millennials, and while that may not exactly be your marketing budget, you can capitalize on the research they’ve already done. The giants of the market – Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and others – have done the customer research and figured out that what matters to the next generation is healthier living, high quality products, and sustainability. Does your signage illustrate that your company values those things as well? If not maybe it’s time for some new material. Consider getting some banners made or maybe an A-Frame sign to promote the areas of your business that hit on these items. Let your customers know about your locally sourced items, or your eco-friendly business practices. Keep in mind that this generation knows how to find whatever they want on the internet so you’re looking to set yourself apart from that market, and promoting things that they value can help you do that.

Another high value business characteristic for Millennials is authenticity. What exactly does authenticity refer to? The definition of authenticity is “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character; not false or imitation”. For a business this means that your customer is looking for a personal connection to your product or service. One way to help create that is through your marketing campaigns. Consider hiring a professional photographer to get images for your marketing materials. Customers can tell the difference between stock photos, and the ones you create specifically for them. Another way to promote authenticity is to share your story. Like no previous generation of buyers, Millennials will spend serious time on your website. Take the time to write up the story of how your business came to be. Share the journey you took to get where you are, make it personal with a few pieces of information about your hobbies or how you spend your free time. If you let your customer see what your business means to you, they’ll begin to see what it could mean to them.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can work with you on all of these items. We can help you select the right images to redefine yourself, create banners and other signage to promote your initiatives, and suggest other ways you might best represent your company to this new generation of buyers.

What Are Standoffs?

You may never have really looked at what makes a professionally installed sign look so sharp, but you’ve at least subconsciously noticed whether a sign looks good, or not so good. In many cases the use of sign standoffs can make a huge difference in the visual appeal of your sign. Everyone wants their sign to send a message of precision, trustworthiness, and confidence to prospective customers. To meet that goal presentation is critical.

Standoffs are used to secure your sign to a wall while leaving a purposeful 1” gap between your sign material and the wall. This small piece of hardware creates a very eye-catching result. Standoffs are an inexpensive add-on to your sign, they’re easily installed through drilled holes, and can have an instant impact. As you might imagine, they’re becoming incredibly popular. Standoffs come in a variety of materials and finishes to fit the look and feel of your particular sign. Examples include aluminum, nylon and brass in finishes such as nickel, chrome, brushed, and anodized. They’re typically round and incredibly durable to withstand both indoor and outdoor sign environments. Our design team will work with you to select the look of your standoff, but beyond that you’ll never need to do anything to maintain them. They’ll simply be part of the finished product of your signage.

Once you decide to add standoffs to your sign we’ll look at different options for placement. Some customers prefer to have them centered on the four sides of their sign, while others like them in each of the 4 corners of the sign. If your sign is a custom shape, there may be other unique placement options for your design. Any option is fine and will support your sign for many years. Of course certain sign materials really pop with the addition of standoffs, while others may get less impact from them. The best sign materials to fully maximize the benefit of adding standoffs include: acrylic, aluminum, brushed aluminum, plastics, other metallic options.

Standoffs are a great way to get a more expensive, classy look without breaking the bank. They give the look of a 3D sign which is sure to grab your customer’s attention. While many customers elect to use standoffs for their primary indoor and outdoor sign, they can also be used for other signage such as ADA signs, directory signs, and informational signs such as hours or pricing. If you’re looking to make a statement, consider the simple addition of standoffs for your next new sign.

Monument Sign vs Pylon Sign

When our customers begin looking at options for outdoor signage one common question is, “what’s the difference between monument signs and pylon signs?” While both do a great job of letting people know where your business is located and catching they eye of drivers passing by, there are times when one is appropriate over the other. The primary difference between the two sign options is height. A monument sign is typically no taller than about 5’ high while a pylon sign can be much higher. The tall pole signs you see when you drive down the highway are pylon signs. They can advertise the presence of a single company or several businesses that are located in one shopping area.

You may immediately be thinking that the pylon sign is better because it’s so much taller and can certainly be seen from further away, however this may not always be the case. You want your business to stand out, but not as an eye sore in the community. Let’s say you’re located in an area that is mixed residential and commercial with businesses such as banks and restaurants. If you insert a giant pylon sign into this setting it’s likely to appear gaudy and out of place. While you don’t want your sign to just blend in with all the others, you also don’t want it to be tacky. This would be the perfect place for a monument sign. Installing a monument sign doesn’t have to be boring though. You could add a digital reader board, use channel letters or unique lighting to set your sign apart.

A pylon sign is a good option when in an area more densely populated with other businesses, or next to a busy 4 lane road or highway. A pylon sign allows your information to be seen further away and by drivers passing by at a faster speed. It also allows you to promote all of the businesses in one area in an easy-to-read display. Keep in mind that height isn’t everything. If you find yourself in an area already overwhelmed with pylon signs look for other ways to set yourself apart rather than just trying to put up an even taller pylon. This can again be done through color, lighting, and logo use.

Another consideration is the city sign regulations. It is very important to know the regulations that apply to your specific business location. Infinity Signs NW can assist in making sure your sign complies before you invest in new signage.

Remember that either sign can get the job done. Both monument and pylon signs work well in the appropriate environment. They can both effectively bring in customers by promoting your brand, logo and product. Contact Infinity Signs NW to get started working with our graphic design experts on your next outdoor sign.

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