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Commercial Real Estate Signs

If you’re wanting to sell a piece of commercial real estate in the Boise area the best way to let people know about it is through good signage.  In many cases commercial real estate moves slower than residential properties so signage needs to look nice for many months.  A well-built, professional sign can increase your sales potential and get the phone ringing.

When designing your commercial signs it’s important to have the key message at the top of the sign. Let people know right away what the sign is promoting. Is the site for sale or for lease? How much land is included? Where can more information be obtained? Answering these questions in a prominent way is very important for commercial signs in addition to promoting your brand’s image.

Round Signs

Infinity Signs NW has made commercial real estate signs for companies throughout the Boise area and has a long history of delivering high quality, durable, signage.  We often recommend wooden-framed signs in these situations because of their sturdiness.  They will last through the various seasons of weather without looking warn or potentially getting knocked down and being on the ground for days.  We can make these signs in any size or shape and with both a brochure box and a rider sign.  Is your logo more suited to a round sign? We can make a sign to match your logo shape.  These signs can then be painted in the color of your choosing to match your company.

People want to do business with someone they feel is professional and experienced.  A low-budget, poor quality sign definitely won’t send that message.  People will feel far more comfortable discussing high dollar transaction with a business they feel has done this many times.  Getting a professionally created sign installed can make all the difference in the message you send.  Our team can also take care of the installation as needed. Most companies choose commercial real estate signs that look similar to monument signs but lack the permanence.  They will have one or two posts secured into the ground and stand several feet off the ground.  This isn’t your only option though.  Infinity Signs NW is happy to work with you to design something completely unique to your business and the style you wish to present.

Another advantage to working with Infinity Signs NW for your commercial real estate sign is the versatility you’ll have.  We can work with you to design a sign that is specific to one location with details and information that’s highly relevant to potential buyers or we can make something more generic for you to use again and again at various locations.   Our design team will talk with you throughout the process to make sure you get exactly what you want when your final product is delivered. In addition, we take care of commercial sign installation throughout southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho and up to McCall and Cascade. We also offer the flexibility of having Infinity Signs N.W. take care of everything related to your commercial signs including making the signs, installation, removal, storage, repair, scrapping the signs, banners and posts. If you prefer to take care of your own sign installation, we are fine with that too. We want to do whatever is easiest and best for our customers. We know the value of high quality commercial real estate signs and we’re ready to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Construction Site Signage

Construction Site Signage

In much of the Boise area business is booming and construction growth is happening at an incredibly rapid rate. With all of this expansion comes some very real hazards.  Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places for employees to work but proper signage can prevent injury and ensure safe operations.

When you think through your construction site the list of potential hazards is pretty long: falling debris, electricity, restricted areas, trucks entering/exiting, hard hat areas, explosives in use, buried cables, etc.  There is just no other way to protect your employees, the public and your business liability than to make use of thorough signage.  Signage must be properly located throughout your construction area, which may mean placing the same signs in many different locations to thoroughly cover the area.

Choosing the correct sign can be tricky.  In some cases there are government regulations that indicate the size, shape, color, and verbiage of a sign which must be closely adhered to. In other situations, weather such as high wind or rain needs to be taken into account. Infinity Signs NW is aware of all of these requirements and can be sure your sign will meet code and stand up to the weather.  We offer signs with protective laminate to reduce the risk of damage from moisture, sunlight, construction chemicals and more.  We also offer material options to get you a durable, rigid sign to last far longer than your construction project.

Construction site signage can also be useful in building excitement within the community.  By putting up signs that show images of what the property will look like upon completion of the project you can get customers thinking about your new business and anxious for its arrival.  People will start to share the vision for what the future holds rather than just being annoyed by the inconvenience that construction often creates.  Infinity Signs NW makes use of full-color large signs to promote new businesses every day, this incredibly effective marketing tool can begin generating potential sales months before your business opens.

Of course as a business owner the last thing you want is an employee getting injured or the possibility of a lawsuit against your business.  The best way to prevent either of these scenarios is to make sure everyone is aware of the potential danger in the area.  Be sure to order your signs well in advance of the start of your project and you’ll be in the perfect position to start off strong.

The Value of a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Boise

For many small business owners it’s tempting to try to handle graphic design for your signage or new logo all on your own.  It may feel like an unnecessary expense that you just don’t need to pay for, but have you really considered what you’re getting for that money? Here are some of the most compelling reasons for you to let the graphic design professionals at Infinity Signs, NW help you out.

  1. Money – your time has incredible value and if you waste several hours figuring out how that design software works and trying to create a design for your sign that’s uniquely yours, you may be losing more than your saving. Let’s say it would have cost you $500 to hand that project off to a graphic designer but in those few hours you could have generated sales of $1,000 – it’s a no brainer.
  2. Time – you only have so many hours per day to get your new business up and running. This means that something that seems non-critical such as banners may get pushed to the back burner.  In the end though, no one will know your business exists if you haven’t taken the time to create signage. Using a professional will guarantee it doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  3. Branding – your design for your logo and signage will be what defines you to the community. Do you really want this to be the same clip art image that everyone else has?  It’s important that your business stand out from the crowd, be memorable, and look professional.  A professional graphic designer can provide that.  Using a professional will also ensure consistency between your various marketing platforms. If you want to be taken seriously you need to look like a serious business.
  4. Creativity – while you may be the smartest lawyer in Boise or the most efficient machine shop, you may not be the most creative. Graphic designers offer a high level of creativity and a fresh set of eyes on your business. A good leader knows it’s best to play to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.  Let Infinity Signs, NW graphic design team put their strengths to work for your business, you’ll love the results.

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