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New Boise Signs!

HOA Signs

This new HOA sign for Wellswood in Boise is an all metal, powder coated sign solution designed to last 2-30 years with no maintenance needs!

New Boise Monument Sign

Great new monument sign for the new Edgewood location in Boise!

Yard Signs – the BEST Marketing Option This Summer

Boise Yard Signs

You may have noticed that yard signs are becoming increasingly popular.  While they used to be primarily used by politicians, and would disappear as soon as elections were over, they’re now being used by a variety of businesses year round.  Why the sudden increase in the use of yard signs? They work! Yard signs are a low-cost way to get a message out to the whole community.

Virtually any business or organization can benefit from the use of yard signs.  Not only does it let people know about your business or upcoming event, it’s a great way to get a silent recommendation or endorsement.  People driving by will have the unspoken assumption that the person who allowed the sign to be placed in their yard supports this business or is attending the event. It’s a great way to send a subliminal message that your business is supported by people throughout the area.

In addition to being more affordable then a large, permanent sign at your business, yard signs also have the benefit of covering a wider geographic area.  By spreading them out drivers in a much larger area will be exposed, and your opportunity for brand recognition goes sky high.  Because of their price point yard signs also allow business owners to change them frequently.  This means it’s completely feasible to have signs promoting summer offers for a while, and then switch to new signs in the Fall for your upcoming winter specials.

Yard signs are also a great way for non-profits, such as churches, to promote themselves.  If you’re holding a Vacation Bible School, this summer there’s no better way to get the word out then to have your congregants place signs in their yard to promote it.  You don’t even have to be responsible for the distribution or collection when the event is over.  Many people are completely willing to take a sign home with them, stick it in their yard, and remove it after the dates have passed.

Is it “taco Tuesday” or “buffet night” at your restaurant?  Placing yard signs on the day of these specials each week will catch people’s attention and bring in new customers. Need to point people to your open house or garage sale?  Directional yard signs are the answer.  Infinity Signs NW can get your signs designed, printed, and in your hands in no time.  The uses for yard signs are virtually endless from corporate promotion to recognition of a graduate, there’s no wrong use for a yard sign.


Boise Monument Signs

You see monument signs in front of businesses every day, you may wonder what the benefits are and whether it’s worth the cost for your company to add one.  Installing a monument sign can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.  Most business owners don’t realize the amount of traffic they are missing out on simply because customers don’t know they exist.  Ask a business owner who has a monument sign and they’ll tell you that brand recognition and foot traffic definitely improve after a monument sign is installed.

A monument sign establishes your business as a permanent part of the community, it makes finding your business quick and easy, it increases exposure of your branding, and it clearly provides all of your corporate information.  Not only will a monument sign make sure that your customers who are trying to find you do so, it also encourages the impulse stop.  Those people who had no intention of going to your business but do because they see the sign and believe that you can meet one of their needs.  That’s an awful lot of value from the addition of just one marketing tool, it’s hard to beat the value of a monument sign.

Ok so you’re sold on getting a monument sign, what’s the next step?  There are many different options for material types, colors, shapes, and lighting when it comes to signage. Infinity Signs NW can work with you to select all of the options that best fit with the image you want to portray for your business.  The most popular material types are preformed foam, brick and mortar, metal with built-in illumination, aluminum post and panel signs and acrylic.  Each of these has their own place in the market depending on the look and feel you’re going for, as well as the budget you’ve got in mind.  There is definitely an option that will work for everyone.

The next big decision you’ll need to make is sign placement.  For most businesses the best choice is at the entrance to the parking lot, but again Infinity Signs NW can help make that determination.  We can also assist you with making sure that the sign fits your local codes and ordinances for the city your business is located in.  The final step will be the installation of your beautiful new monument sign, and years of reaping the benefits!


Sign Landscaping

Many customers are so excited to get their new outdoor sign installed that they don’t give much thought to what the area around the sign looks like, but this space is actually a great opportunity to establish your company culture to the community.  There are countless ways to landscape around your signage depending on your space, budget, and level of interest.

Your landscaping can really make an impression.  Using trees rather than flowers can send a message of stability and masculinity while a bed full of flowers can be calming and welcoming.  Another option is the use of stone work.  Large stone pillars on either side of your sign is a very sophisticated look while rounded, topsy-turvy stones create a more whimsical look.  Even the type of tree, flower, or bush you choose sends a message.

You can choose colors that match your business color scheme, or those that fit your culture.  You can have a perfectly manicured look or more of a wild flower style.  Each of these will let people know something about the type of company you are and what they might expect from an interaction with you.  Selecting a color scheme is one of the primary ways to set a tone.  Bright colors will draw attention to your sign, and thus your business.  It’s also important to select things that will survive in harsh conditions.  Most business don’t have a great option for getting water to their signage so chose plants that can survive in the conditions you have – watering ability, soil quality, and total sunlight.  Of course you’ll want to think of all 4 seasons, not just summer.  Choose plants that will survive through the winter and will require minimal upkeep in the Spring.

The size of the bushes and trees you select will also send a message.  Having shrubs on either side of a sign will make it look bigger.  Larger trees give the impression of longevity for your business.  Whether you decide to use a professional landscaper, or handle it yourself, it’s important to consider every aspect of your landscaping for your signage.  The design team at Infinity Signs NW can also assist with suggestions for landscaping when we design your new sign.   The best option is to layout both the landscaping and the design for the sign at the very beginning to ensure everything flows together beautifully, and we’re here to help with that entire process.

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