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Infinity Signs Newsletter January, 2018


Marketing With Business Cards

Boise Business Cards

Besides handing out business cards to potential clients and contacts at networking events, there are many other businesses and locations where they can be posted to help increase exposure and gain a new audience. Consider leaving business cards at these local places:

  • Non-competitive businesses with the same customer base
  • Chamber of commerce
  • On public bulletin boards in gyms, libraries, stores, etc.
  • In invoices and bill payments
  • Coffee shops
  • Taxis
  • Restaurants and bars

Some of these places may have rules and regulations regarding leaving business cards. It’s always a good idea to ask first. Many businesses are willing to agree to promote a non-competitive business and hand out business cards to potential clients especially if you are willing to return the favor.

Leaving business cards in local places will help increase brand awareness when distributed strategically. Consider the target audience of both your business and the location where you plan to leave business cards. If the target audiences are similar, then this could be an excellent opportunity. Reaching new audiences can be beneficial, but only if they will have a use or interest in the product or service being marketed. Just because a business is nearby doesn’t mean it is a good place to reach the target audience.

While any business card left around the local area could get noticed, it is more likely to get noticed when it has a unique, professional design that speaks to the services or products the business provides. The team at Infinity Signs NW can help create a well-designed business card that is sure to get noticed wherever it is left. We offer a range of options for finishes, shapes, cardstock, and special touches.

Visit our website to learn more about business cards, and see some of the designs we have created for other business’s around Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley. Get creative when passing out business cards in 2018 and see how beneficial it turns out to be!


Advertising with Stickers

Looking for an inexpensive marketing material that isn’t being overused already? Try stickers. They might a little be old school, but they still have advantages. Learn about these advantages below and consider using stickers in an upcoming advertising campaign.

Personal Endorsements

When people put a sticker on a laptop, water bottle, etc. they are personally endorsing that brand. People see that sticker as a recommendation, reinforcing and increasing brand awareness and that brand’s reputation.


Bumper stickers used to be quite popular. However, stickers have developed in style and usage. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be placed on many different objects. This versatility makes them a great promotional product for all kinds of businesses.


Stickers make great promotional gifts to give to customers. Many companies send stickers to customers who order items online, giving the customer an extra gift when they open the box. This gives the sticker a higher perceived value, and makes the customer want to use it or give it to someone.

Engaging Potential Customers

Use stickers at a trade show or other event to engage potential customers. Offer them a sticker if they sign up for an email newsletter. This helps to foster new relationships and can increase other marketing efforts, such as the email newsletter.


When a brand becomes easily recognizable and trusted, people want to show their support and endorsement. They will pay for a sticker, making the stickers profitable for the company. What starts as a free promotional gift can turn into a profitable endeavor later.

Infinity Signs NW can create stickers of varying shapes and sizes for all types of companies. Talk to us about including stickers in an upcoming marketing campaign and learn more about how they can be beneficial.


Planning Ahead for 2018 Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials Boise2018 is here, which means it’s time to start planning out marketing campaigns and efforts for the year. Part of this planning is getting the signage, banners, and promotional products designed and created. It’s better to plan early for these items than wait until the last minute.

Here are some reasons to start planning now:

Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of planning ahead is saving money. There’s more time to get everything, no need to rush and therefore no expedited shipping costs or extra rush order costs. This can lower costs on banners and promotional products, while allowing companies to strategically allocate their budget for certain events.

Better Promotional Products

Leaving ordering promotional products to the last minute can severely limit the available selection. It’s a good rule of thumb to plan and order promotional products at least two months before they are needed. This gives the company more options and less stress.

Room for Error

Errors and mistakes can happen. A promotional product might have an issue, or a banner isn’t the right color as envisioned. If accidents happen, ordering ahead of time allows for any corrections or additional matching items to be ordered.

After creating a 2018 marketing calendar, sit down with Infinity Signs NW to discuss marketing materials. Along with signage and banners, Infinity Signs NW can create tablecloths and clothing, like t-shirts, for events. These details can make any event extraordinary.

Check out the promotional product catalog to find the perfect item for any need. Be sure to check our  monthly specials too!


Exterior Church Signs

Exterior church signs have a big job to do. The sign should identify the church, tell the community what the congregation values, and invite the public to join them. To do this properly, many aspects of the sign need to be taken into consideration.

Church Architecture and Design

The sign needs to play off the design off the church itself. Mirroring the church’s style will make it look more cohesive and professional. It’s more appealing aesthetically to passersby.


To be effective, signs need to be large enough to be readable from a distance. However, they should not overwhelm people who drive by. It’s easy to spot a sign that is too large for the building or area. Infinity Signs NW can suggest the proper size for all sizes of churches.


No matter the size, it needs to be in a suitable location for visibility. Think about the surrounding area and the public. Do more people go past the church on foot or in cars? How should it be oriented to impact the most people? Answering these questions helps find the best location for the sign.


Some churches like to display contact information or worship times on their signs. This can be done as long as it is clear and concise, to keep the sign from looking too busy and muddled. Including contact information is a great way to let potential newcomers reach out.

Changeable Text

Sometimes churches need more room for slogans, funny text, changes in worship time etc. To achieve this, they can invest in a marquee sign or electronic sign where the text can be changed regularly. Many more churches are going this route and have garnered attention through funny or thought-provoking messages.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can take these aspects into consideration when creating church signage. Contact us today to learn more about creating the perfect signage for your church.


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