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Infinity Signs Newsletter January, 2017


3 Rules For Making a Recognizable Logo


A business logo is how people quickly identify a company and it’s products. It is an important part of creating a brand. When done successfully, a company’s logo will be the first thing a customer sees, and the main thing they remember.

To create a memorable logo, keep these three rules in mind:

1. Keep it Simple

When a logo has too many parts or colors, it can be hard on the eyes and difficult to recall. Creating a simplistic design, with one or two colors will make it more memorable. Most of the iconic logos people remember, have only one or two colors. The easier something is to process, the more people tend to like it.

2. Brand Compatibility

The logo design should communicate to consumers the overall message of the company. It does this by the way it is designed and the colors used in the design. Different colors provoke different feelings, and that feeling needs to match the company tone and brand.

3. Include the Name

When businesses are just starting out with their first logo it’s a good idea to include the product or company name in the design too. The company isn’t yet recognizable so using an abstract logo will make it less memorable. Once the brand grows and people become more familiar, the logo can undergo changes, and may become more abstract.

The graphic design team at Infinity Signs wants to help businesses create their first logo, or rework an old logo into something new and even better. They can help come up with a design that will stick in people’s minds and build brand awareness. Contact Infinity Signs NW to get started on a great new logo!


Deciding When to Replace Storefront Signs


coffee shop signs

Well-maintained business signs can last for quite some time. However, every sign has a lifespan and it can be shortened by external factors as well as internal factors. These factors will determine when a business needs to replace their storefront sign.

External Factors:

  • Environment

In the Treasure Valley, there are variable weather conditions. It’s sunny, rainy, snowy, and all of this can take its toll on outdoor signage. That might mean a business sign will need to be replaced more often than one in a more temperate climate.

  • Quality of Materials

The team at Infinity Signs NW strives to use materials of the highest quality for all of the signs they create. However, different materials will react differently over time. Signs made out of certain materials will need to be replaced before others.

  • Unexpected Accidents

In rare instances storefront signs can be damaged by car accidents, wind storms, vandalism or other mishaps. When a sign becomes visibly damaged, it is definitely time to replace it.
Internal factors:

  • Rebranding

When a store decides to rebrand, they will need to change pretty much everything to match the new brand identity, and that includes the sign out front.

  • Relevancy

Sometimes a sign becomes out-of-date or irrelevant to the company. To keep up with these changes, the signage will need to be updated too.

  • Change of Address

If a store expands or moves to a different location, they will need a new storefront sign. Plan ahead of time for the sign. That way the store won’t have to use a banner in place of a real sign until the new sign arrives

When in need of a new sign due to external or internal factors, turn to the experts at Infinity Signs NW. We can create any type of storefront signage designed to last for years to come, or until the store decides they need a new sign.

5 Uses for Flyers

When it comes to printed marketing materials, flyers are a great option. They are extremely versatile, and can be used for almost any marketing project. Here are some examples of how flyers can be used:

  • Events

When planning an event, it’s best to use every form of communication available such as emails, social media, and flyers. It might seem old school passing out flyers to people, but it’s a form of communication that still works.

  • Real Estate

Many houses for sale have flyers in a box attached to the “for sale” sign. People who drive by and are interested in the house can stop and grab a flyer. It has all of the important information and sometimes even a date for the next open house.

  • Causes

Charities and organizations often use flyers to get the word out about their causes or issues. Using dramatic wording and pictures gets the attention of people who could help the cause.

  • Coupons

Flyers are a great vehicle for delivering coupons, especially in the mail. Fit a lot of coupons on it or one or two large coupons to stand out while still keeping it economical and cost-effective.

  • Call-to-Action

Some flyers are simply promoting a business and trying to get customers to engage. This is done with a call-to-action, which can be a QR code, a website link, a phone number, and more. It is meant to drive people to visit the company website or call the phone number, and turns recipients into potential customers.

Have the team at Infinity Signs create a flyer for your next event, business promotion, or something else.

Get Organized With Promotional Products

January is National Organization Month. This time of year everyone is making resolutions and trying to become a better version of themselves. Why not help them out with promotional products that help with organization? Here are some examples:

Pill Organizer

It’s not always easy to remember to take pills or vitamins daily. A pill organizer box, makes it easy. There are seven large daily compartments with easy to open tabs. Each one has the day of the week imprinted and embossed with Braille. Never miss a day again! With your company logo on the pill box, you’ll keep your company name in front of people every day

Cling Wallet Promotional itemsSilicone Cling Wallet

Not everyone enjoys carrying around a wallet or purse, but people still need somewhere to keep their identification and money. A Silicone Cling Wallet could solve this issue. These handy wallets use 3M adhesive to stick to smartphones and can hold up to 3 cards. They can also protect credit cards from deactivation.

Business Card Holder

Wallets usually only have room for a couple of business cards. A nice business card holder provides ample space to carry many cards and keeps you from running out. The larger business card holders are easy to find in a purse or pocket and make pulling out your business card a smooth process. Our leather and metal cardholder can hold about 22 cards. It can also have the company logo printed on the leather part or the metal part.

Valentine’s Day Promotional Products

While you are getting organized, consider getting a head start on your Valentine promotional items by taking advantage of our January specials. You’ll avoid the last minute rush, save money and have everything you need to warm the hearts of your customers this Valentine’s Day.

There are many more promotional products available. Visit the Infinity Signs NW promotional products page to view them all or call Kyle at 208-473-2916 for more great promotional product ideas.


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