Infinity Signs Newsletter January 21st, 2016 – Promotional Items and Business Cards


Essential Promotional Items for Business Owners

PromotionalItemsPromotional products are a great tool for businesses to get their name out to the public. They are an important part of any marketing strategy. Although promotional items don’t have to be large and expensive, they should be carefully thought out. Here are some essential promotional items for business owners:

Business Cards

These have been around for decades. They are an extremely effective way to give out contact information when meeting someone new. It helps to create a visual link, seeing a face with the logo and information.


For companies that go to a lot of expos or fairs, pens are a great promotional tool. Everyone uses pens, they keep them in their purse, briefcase, desk drawer and even car. Pens are often left on counters or tables or loaned out to another person providing the opportunity for even more eyes to look at the company’s logo.

Coffee mugs, letter openers, water bottles and totes are some of the many other promotional items available. When selecting a promotional product, consider the target market for your business and how they might use the product. Often business owners focus on finding the most inexpensive promotional product so they can give more items away. However, higher quality items that are useful and are likely to last longer may actually get a better response and even if given to fewer people, may reach more people in the long run. After all, the recipient is more likely to tell their friends and business associates about the really nice thumb drive or back pack they received than a more common item.

Promotional items should be part of almost every business’s offline marketing plan. With 65 percent of the population being visual learners, being seen is one of the best ways to be remembered. Contact Infinity Signs for a variety of promotional products.


Communicating Clear Messages with Signs


When it comes to signage it can be challenging to create effective signs that draw in business and properly reflect company branding. In order to accomplish these goals, signage must communicate clear messages. Unfortunately, without professional help, it’s easy for business owners to make mistakes with the messages their signs communicate.

Read through these 5 tips for communicating clear messages on signs:

  • Signage Should Reflect the Company’s Brand – Avoid confusing both potential and existing customers by using consistent branding on signage. Using the company’s logo to make up part or even all of the sign is the easiest way to connect the signage and the business branding.
  • Use Simple Designs – With it comes to the design of signs, simple is usually better. Business owners have a tendency to try to accomplish too much with their signs. Complicated designs are hard to notice from far away. Plus, customers and passersby usually only have a few seconds to notice a sign. Therefore, it makes sense to employ simple designs when possible.
  • Incorporate Easy-to-Read Text – The best signs are those that incorporate text that is easy to read and gets the message across clearly. Common signage mistakes include using elaborate fonts or too much text. Remember, the message should be more important than the visual appeal of the sign.
  • Create Highly Visible Signs – Choose colors and lighting to increase visibility of signage. Consideration should be given to the direction of traffic, the height of the sign and the time of day when the sign will be viewed. Great signs must be visible to be effective.
  • Too Many Signs – In their zeal to attract attention, business owners may get carried away and erect too many signs. Signs that are not spaced out can be confusing and make it difficult for customers to get the overall message.

If designing signage with clear messaging seems overwhelming, contact the sign professionals at Infinity Signs NW. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing signs for every type of business.


Getting Started with Business Cards

Business cards often serve as a business owner’s best friend. Business cards are usually one of the first marketing materials new owners invest in for a number of reasons. First of all, they are relatively inexpensive. All a business owner needs for a card is a logo and their contact information. Moreover, business cards are portable and easily stashed in a briefcase, purse, or pocket.

Business cards are often responsible for creating a positive or negative first impression of the business. To cut down on expenses, many new business owners design the business cards themselves. However, this might not be in their best interest unless they have the design skills to do so. It’s recommended to seek the help of a professional graphic design company.

With limited space available, the best designs are those that stick to easy-to-read text and a limited number of images or logos. Keep in mind the company name and contact information are the most important items on the card.

Generally, business owners will want to stick with the standard business card size. However, there might be times when they want to stick out from the crowd and create unconventional business cards. Examples of unconventional business cards include a miniature plunger for a plumbing company and a yoga center with a business card that rolls up like a yoga mat. Keep in mind, though, that unusual cards are difficult to store in pockets and holders.

Business owners must also consider the type of material the cards are printed on. Thicker card stock is usually the best choice. It send the message of high quality and professionalism and keeps colors from bleeding through. Contact a professional business card design service like Infinity Signs NW for help in creating the business card to best represent the business.

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