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Colors for Signage in 2020

Colors for Signage

When the graphic designers at Infinity Signs, NW layout a new concept for a customer’s signage there are many factors taken into consideration – type of sign, sign sizing, images, font size, kerning, color and so much more. Each of these are impacted by the culture of the business that the sign is being created for. We want the sign to be the perfect representation of your business to your customers.

One of the most critical elements in achieving that goal is color. Many studies have been done about the psychological impacts of color, and the ability it has to influence buying decisions. Interestingly the same color will create entirely different responses based on the culture you’re marketing to. For example, if you use a lot of red, people in the United States will interpret that as exciting and intense while customers in China will see it as a symbol of luck. All of this should be taken into consideration when designing new signage.

Let’s take a look at a few different colors and their interpretations by consumers in the American market.

Orange and Yellow – these two tend to work hand-in-hand creating the same responses for people. Both of these colors are very effective in generating impulse buys at the cash register as they promote feelings of happiness, warmth, optimism and cheerfulness.  All of these can lead to people feeling good and gravitating towards purchasing those little items that also make them feel good.

Blue – have you ever noticed that many high-end restaurants will have blue lighting or blue menus? Blue promotes trust by calming the brain and creating a sense of peace and tranquility. It’s calming effect will often lead people to feeling secure and thus make them want to linger a bit longer, which as a restaurant owner means increased sales in alcohol and desserts.

Black – the color black implies power and intelligence. Many tech companies will use black as their primary color to convey that their product is smart, mysterious and even a bit intimidating. It can give confidence when buying electronics, but can scare away customers in other fields such as pet care or home goods.

Green – as you might guess green makes people think of the outdoors. For companies who want their brand to bring about thoughts of environmental friendliness or purity – green is the perfect choice. Interestingly green also promotes quick action, making it ideal for things that are time-sensitive. Eco-businesses, health care and others should definitely make use of green.

Purple – the power of purple has been the same for hundreds of years. Purple on fabrics has long meant high-quality or exclusive – fit for a king. Many fashion brands use purple in their signage for this reason. Purple also conveys respect and creativity. It can be a good choice for businesses that are of a more serious nature such as lawyers or accountants.

Of course many businesses will look to use these colors in combination with one another as well, which Infinity Signs, NW can assist with. Our design team will get to know you and your business to help figure out the perfect color wheel or your signage.

Protecting Your Vehicle Wrap

Protecting Vehicle Wraps

Infinity Signs NW wants our vehicle wrap customers to be able to get the absolute most out of their vehicle wrap for as many years as possible. Your vehicle wrap is a marketing investment that will pay dividends for years if properly maintained, but the last thing you want is thousands of eyes seeing something every day that is painting your business in a negative light due to lack of maintenance.  There are some simple things you can do to protect your investment and make sure your wrapped vehicle is always sending the right message.

Wash Regularly

Many times you see company vehicles on the road that look like they’ve had a rough life, but often this can be avoided by simply washing the vehicle on a weekly basis. Dirt will build up over time and cover portions of the wrap, or even dull it permanently, so give it a regular washing with a mild detergent to keep it looking fresh.

Keep in mind, a power-washer should never be used on vehicle graphics as it can easily cause any small tear in the vinyl, from a stone chip for example, to turn into a huge hole. If you take the vehicle to a professional car wash always ask the attendant before they begin whether their process is safe for use on vinyl wrapped vehicles.

Wash Safely

You should always test a new detergent in a small, minimally visible area before applying to the entire vehicle. A standard micro-fiber sponge is a good choice and they are readily available at any automotive store. Wash from the top down – roof to tires. Always rinse the vehicle before applying soap and finally, to dry the vehicle, again use a microfiber cloth and gently dry the entire surface. Dry with minimal force around the edges of the vinyl to be sure you don’t scratch or damage them in any way, but otherwise normal drying will work just fine.

Things to Watch

Very few vehicle owners go the lifetime of their wrap without missing an occasional weekly wash, and that’s OK. The key is to avoid long-term build-up of dirt and road grime. The chemicals commonly picked-up from daily driving, such as various automotive fluids and oils, can damage vinyl if not washed off regularly.

Never wax your wrapped vehicle. The wax can scratch the protective layer on top of the vinyl. Without this protection your wrap is far more likely to peel, scratch or otherwise get damaged. If damage does occur to your wrap or it begins to peel contact Infinity Signs, NW right away to get it checked. We can determine the best solution and get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Design Tips for Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a popular choice for trade show booths, outdoor events/shows, and even in-store promotions. They’re popular because they work. They draw attention to your business and get visitors inside. They also come with the added bonus of being easily transported and stored when not in use. Simply retract the banner into its carrying case and off you go. Unfortunately a poorly designed banner can still catch people’s attention, but not for the right reasons. As you think about the design of your next retractable banner here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Pictures are Powerful – using images effectively can be an incredibly powerful way to move buyers towards the point of sale. While text provides information, an image will evoke a much more emotional response. Make sure to use a high resolution photo, a professional image is often best for these, but there are other options as well. Don’t overlap images. A banner is too small of a space to have images that are too close together, it will look cluttered and the viewer will get lost in it all so make sure to leave white space as well.

Call-to-Action – what is it you want someone to do after seeing your banner? Make sure that it’s on your banner. This is often referred to as a “call-to-action”. It can be something obvious such as “speak with a sales rep for more info”, something event specific “ask about the show special”, or something particular like “visit our Facebook page for current deals”. Use as few words as possible and make sure you deliver on the text. If you’re sign says deals are listed on the Facebook page, make sure they actually are to avoid frustrated and disappointed customers.

Clear & Concise Text – remember that your retractable banner has just a few seconds of visibility with each person in order to make an impression. This means your message has to be clear. For example don’t run your text from bottom to top in a country where we read top to bottom. People will ignore it if it looks too confusing. The goal is always to speak without using words. The fewer words you can use to get your message across, the better. Focus on impressing visitors with the passion that drives your company through simple phrases, good logo placement, and strong imagery.

Infinity Signs, NW is here to help. Whether you’ve got your retractable banner designed and just need a quick review, or you’ve got absolutely no idea where to start, give us a call. We can work with you through every stop of the process and get you the end results you’re looking for.

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