Infinity Signs Newsletter July, 2016 | Magnetic Signs and Promotional Products


Benefits of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are great for people on the go, or those who want some flexibility with their signage. Some of the best uses for magnetic signs are:

  • Commercial fleets
  • Official vehicles
  • Service fleets
  • Novelty magnets
  • Realtor vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles

If a company has multiple vehicles, a magnetic sign can be a less expensive option than doing vehicle wraps on the entire fleet, especially for a new business. The business will still get great exposure for their business but with the convenience of a magnet that can be removed at any time if needed.

Some companies have employees drive their personal cars for work, but still want them associated with the company. Magnetic signs are a great way to advertise the business while they are at work, and be able to remove the sign after work hours.

Magnetic signs can be adhered to any metal surface, so they aren’t limited to just cars. Put them on a metal building as a replacement for a sign. Or, print smaller signs as magnets to hand out at conferences and events.

When it comes to cleaning, magnetic signs are easy. Any household cleaner and soft cloth can be used to wipe down the sign. When washing a car with a magnetic sign, be sure to take it off first. Also, take the sign off periodically to wash beneath it.

Not ready for permanent vehicle wraps or signs yet? Talk to Infinity Signs NW to design a magnetic sign for a variety of uses. Their graphic design department can help with the designing process or start from scratch and create a company logo.



Choosing a Promotional Product

Using promotional products to spread brand awareness is a smart move. When it comes to cost-per-impression, these items are often the best. First, businesses have to decide which promotional item is best suited for their business. Here’s how to decide:

1. Goals

The first thing to consider is what the business hopes to achieve. They need to determine how it will fit into their marketing strategy and how it will be distributed. Then, they have to be able to measure the success of the plan.

2. Target

Think of the audience the business is trying to reach. They promotional product has to be something they want or need. College students love lanyards for their keys and I.D. cards. Children love balloons, and business people get great use out of pens. Consider the audience and how they will receive the item.

3. Usefulness

The promotional products that generally are the most effective are useful items. A study showed that promotional products use achieved a 69 percent boost in brand interest and 84 percent increase in positive brand impression due to repeated exposure to the brand from using the promotional product. The moral of the findings: find something that people will use for a long time.

4. Call to Action

The product should give the customer a call to action, whether it be a QR code or website link. Always include the logo and company info like a telephone number.

5. Quality

Cheap products that don’t last a long time won’t give consumers repeated exposure. This can hurt brand interest and impression. Choose quality products that look nice and are durable so consumers use the items for a long time.

Still not sure which promotional product is best? Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW. They can offer many ideas and help with the design too.



Keep Vehicle Wraps Looking Nice


Vehicle wraps are an investment and should be treated as such. Keep it looking new with these tips:


  • Hand wash the vehicle wrap with a blend of mild detergent and water. Pressure washing is generally not recommended because it can make the corners lift and peel away.
  • Test the cleaning solution on a small piece of the graphic before washing the entire thing.
  • Wash the vehicle from the top down with the soapy water before rinsing. This will help the dirt to run off the vinyl.
  • Dry with a microfiber cloth or let air dry. Use light pressure so that the edges don’t lift and the vinyl isn’t scratched.
  • Soak difficult contaminants such as bugs and bird droppings for several minutes with very hot soapy water when spot cleaning.
  • Store the vehicle inside as much as possible to keep it safe from pollutants and prolonged exposure to the sun.


  • Allow fuels or other corrosive substances stay in contact with the vinyl. Spills should be cleaned off the surface as soon as possible to avoid damage to the vinyl.
  • Use polish or wax as it can deteriorate the film.
  • Use a mechanical brush or pressure washer because the power can lift edges or dull the appearance of the graphic.

Talk to Infinity Signs about getting a vehicle wrap today! Also ask them for additional instructions on taking care of the graphic once it is completed.



Designing a Family Reunion Shirt

There are a lot of family reunions during summer because of the nice weather. For those with one coming up in the next few months, think about getting a t-shirt made to celebrate the occasion.

Whether it’s the first family reunion, or the 50th, a t-shirt is an item that everyone can enjoy to commemorate the event. T-shirts come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics.

Here are some tips for designing a great family reunion t-shirt:

  • Make the name large

The last name is what is bringing all of these people together and is a source of pride for many. Make the last night prominent in the design to show this off.

  • Think about a theme

Some family reunions have some sort of theme to them, maybe related to their ancestry. If they were farmers back in the day, create a farm theme or something to that idea. Maybe they have an annual cook-off, so it could be a design about the cook-off theme.

  • Make it a series

If this is something that happens regularly, makes the t-shirts part of a series. Meaning they don’t look the same each year. That way people will look forward to the new design and want to purchase one.

When designing, if sizes are important, create the design and choose a shirt type ahead of time. Then let people sign up for the size they need. This way nobody is left out and there won’t be extra shirts.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about designing a fun family reunion shirt for the next upcoming get-together. It will make the event even more special, and give the family something to cherish for years to come.


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