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Infinity Signs Newsletter July, 2017


Promotional Product Ideas for Running Events

Promotional Products5ks, fun runs, and half-marathons are popping up everywhere. Sponsoring one of these events is a great way to get involved with the community, potentially build a relationship with a new audience, and increase brand awareness through promotional products. At a running event, businesses can hand out branded items that are useful to runners such as:

1. Water Bottles

Help the participants stay hydrated post-race with a water bottle. The catalog on the Infinity Signs website has many to choose from, but one that stands out is the Mist Spritzer Water Bottle. It allows the user to spritz themselves with water to cool off, perfect when running on a hot day.

2. Air Buds

A lot of runners like to listen to music to get in the zone, especially when training for longer runs like half or full marathons. Therefore, ear buds with a branded case make a great promotional product to pass out at running events.

3. Hats

Keep the sun from blinding participants with a ball cap. Another favorite of runners, they help catch sweat on warm days too. There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from and these can be embroidered with a company logo.

4. Towel

After the run, participants can cool down with the Deluxe CoolFiber Towel. It activates in seconds with water and the coolness can last for hours. It can support a full-color design as well.

5. Fitness Activity Tracker

Hold a giveaway after the run for an activity tracker that logs everyday routines, reviews running stats, and more. It can be imprinted with a logo on the clasp or just on top of the box. It comes in many colors so the winner can choose their favorite one.

View our promotional products catalog to get more ideas for running-related promotional products for the next race or talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW.


Advantages of Vinyl Signs

Signs can be made from many materials, one of them being vinyl. It is a popular choice and has a lot to offer businesses. Digital printing allows for high-quality vinyl signs with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility

Vinyl signs can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of this, they can be used for a variety of decorating or sign ideas. Vinyl is a lightweight material, which makes it a great solution for interior signage, but it can also hold up outdoors.

  • Durability

Vinyl is tear resistant and waterproof, important qualities for a sign to endure through the crazy Idaho weather. The sun will not fade it either, letting the beautiful, high-quality graphics shine for years to come.

  • Cost Effective

Vinyl is a lower cost option than many other materials, but can do the job just as well. When compared to other types of advertising, they are a cost-effective signage solution for businesses with smaller advertising budgets.

Vinyl wasn’t always a popular choice for business signs. Before digital printing became popular, many people were not a fan of vinyl options. This is because it was hard to get the color quality the customer was imagining with traditional printing techniques.

The development and popularization of digital printing has helped vinyl signs gain favor among businesses. There’s no need to worry about color or printing quality anymore. Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating a vinyl sign and enjoy the many advantages that come with it.



Make Your Flyer Stand Out

People see flyers constantly. They are passed out on the street and at events, they get put on bulletin boards around town, and more. While flyers can be a great way to distribute information, it can be hard to get them noticed in a sea of other flyers.

Here are five ways to make a flyer stand out:

1. Highlight Essential Information

Few people will take the time to read a flyer with paragraphs of information on it. The text and graphics should highlight the essential information just enough to pique an interest and direct readers to a way to contact the business or organization for more details.

2. Font

As with signage, font is important on a flyer. It needs to be bold and easy to read. Try not to use more than two different fonts on a flyer, and it works best if they are in the same font family. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can assist a business with deciding on fonts and sizes.

3. Images

The graphics or images on the flyer need to be of good quality. People will be more inclined to pay attention and trust the information when presented in a high-quality format. Images and graphics themselves can make a flyer stand out. Images are more likely to attract attention than a flyer with only text.

4. Contrasting Colors

Text and images will be easier to read and see when they are on a contrasting background. While bold, neon colors jump out, they can be hard on the eyes and readability is key in getting a flyer noticed.

5. Coupon or Offer

Offering the reader something is always a great way to attract attention. Attach a voucher or coupon at the bottom that the reader can take with them. This can also help measure how many people looked at the flyers.

These are just a few ways to make your flyers stand out of the crowd. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can create a beautifully designed flyer that will attract attention wherever it is used. Visit the website to learn more about our graphic design and printing services.



Uses for Custom Embroidery

Custom EmbroideryCustom embroidered clothes and other items can look professional and well-designed. Many companies and organizations choose embroidered pieces over screen printed for that reason.

Not sure when or where to use embroidery? Here are some ideas:

  • Work Attire

It’s already known that branded work uniforms, whether that be polos, t-shirts, hats, etc., can bring employees together and make them look more professional. Step it up a notch with embroidered work attire. Have the company logo, their position, or their name embroidered into the piece of clothing. Many medical and dental office do this with scrubs.

  • Promotional Hats

Embroidery is perfect for creating custom hats. Many companies give away hats with a purchase or sell them to customers. Hats can get a lot of rough treatment, but embroidery can hold up and still look nice years later.

  • Towels

Businesses such as spas and gyms can get their towels embroidered with their company logo. This makes the business look more polished and professional. They can even sell the embroidered towels to customers who are interested in them.

  • Robes

Many hotels and spas have embroidered robes for guests to use. This can make luxurious robes seem even more special.

  • Employee Gifts

Embroider soft-shell coolers, hats, rain jackets, and more to give to employees during an appreciation week or at a yearly meeting. They’ll enjoy wearing or using the item and the company will get free advertising whenever they do.

Contact the Infinity Signs NW at 208-473-2916 to discuss all the clothing and other items we have available that can be embroidered with your business logo.


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