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Infinity Signs Newsletter July, 2018

Jet Ski Wraps

Jet ski wraps

Summer is here and with that comes fun times on the lake. Many people have seen wraps on boats advertising for different businesses or upcoming events but what about a wrap for your jet ski? Infinity Signs NW can help you design an amazing new look for your jet ski this summer. While jet skis are a ton of fun to ride they certainly take a beating and can use a facelift every now and then. A vinyl wrap is a great way to completely recreate the look of an old jet ski or even provide a marketing opportunity.

A Jet Ski wrap is an affordable way to make your jet ski a reflection of your personality. Maybe get it as a gift for a friend or relative that seems to have everything. They would love the process of imagining anything they can think of and working with the designers at Infinity Signs to turn it into their perfect Jet Ski wrap.

Have more than one ski? Consider his and her designs to reflect your style as a couple. Infinity Signs NW uses only high quality vinyl materials and sealer as well as professional installers to guarantee you’ll get the beautiful look you’re going for. They can take you from the idea in your head to riding your incredibly designed Jet Ski quickly and minimize the amount of time your ski is out of the water.

If you’re a water front business or a company that seeks outdoor enthusiast there’s no better way to reach that crowd this summer then by marketing directly on the water with a vinyl boat or Jet Ski wrap. Get the critical information – your company logo, web address, and phone number out to the masses in a hurry with this powerful and affordable method of advertising. The sun and water are calling your name, make a big statement this summer with a high quality vinyl wrap from Infinity Signs NW.



Create Your Company’s History Wall

History walls have been around forever, but in 2018 they’re coming back in a big way. More and more businesses are seeing the value of displaying their past to their future customers. Not only is it an interesting way for a new client to see where your company has come from, but it also sends the subtle message that you’re in it for the long haul. Customers like to feel that they’re partnering with a business that will still be there in 20 or 30 years to work with them, and displaying your company history gives them that reassurance. History walls are also a great way to indicate what industries and global locations your business operates in.

A company history wall can be a more traditional look with images and dates arranged on a timeline in chronological order, or it can be a more modern look such as a mural or story based series of images to paint a picture of your past. Your company history is a great way to utilize space in the lobby, hallway or conference rooms. Any place that a customer will spend some time waiting, a history wall is a great way to keep them engaged and focused on who they’re there to do business with.

A history wall can also be a way to make sure everyone in your company is conveying the same message. This wall can be a tool for sales people to guide customers through which ensures the image of your company is complete and consistent between different presenters. It also sets a tone for the company culture. It gives employees a reminder of all that they’ve done and can be proud of, and lets new employees know that accomplishments are celebrated throughout the corporation for years to come.

Infinity Signs NW can help you layout and design the perfect display for your company history, regardless of the style you’re looking for. It will be beautifully printed and professionally installed to create a stunning new look for your office space. A good way to get clients to become part of your future is to display the impressive path you took through the past.

Exterior Business Signs

Building Sign Maintenance

The summer heat has arrived, does your outdoor signage look like it’s barely surviving? It might be time for some maintenance or repair work. While the summer sun can damage signs or lettering all signs will need regular maintenance at some point.

Of course if letters are damaged or missing Infinity Signs NW can help repair or replace as needed, but there are some more minor items you might want to check as well. Check for bird’s nests that need removed, look for light bulbs that need replacing, consider general cleaning or painting, and sign refurbishment. In addition, it might be time to consider some upgrades as well.

  • Move to LED lights
  • Upgrade to energy efficient signs
  • Reposition signs to more effective locations
  • Replace faded or outdated signage
  • Replace tenant panels

Maintenance for signage is something many customers overlook when selecting a sign for their building, but it’s actually of the utmost importance. While the initial cost of your signage will likely be at the forefront of your mind when selecting a new sign, the long term costs should also be given consideration. For example, should you use neon lighting or LED lighting? While this may seem like a minor detail initially, it can create maintenance headaches down the road. Neon costs more in basic electrical costs, has lower reliability, and costs more to maintain.

The sign on the outside of your building is much more than just informative about who occupies that building, it sets a tone for your brand. A sign that’s difficult to access and maintain can lead to a poor impression of the business to the community. Everyone notices signs that look old or have letters burned out. Infinity Signs NW can help you think through common issues for signs located high up on a building such as structural integrity, visibility, tough service environments, illumination and reliability. If you aren’t sure where to go with your current signage, give us a call. We can take a look at your existing signage and make recommendations on repair, upgrades, or replacement.

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