Infinity Signs Newsletter June, 2016 – Employee Uniforms and Wall Graphics


Benefits of Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms come in many forms from scrubs to t-shirts and polos. Employees who have uniforms are seen as more competent and knowledgeable to customers, making people more inclined to do business with them. 10 other reasons for work uniforms include:

1. Attractive Business Image

Employee Uniforms create a professional business image to attract customers. People do judge people by how they dress and by association, the company they represent.

2. Promoting

When employees wear a uniform with a logo, it helps promote the company and differentiate them from competitors.

3. Free Advertising

When employee uniforms are worn in public, they become free advertisements for a business. Workers essentially become walking billboards for the company.

4. Safety

Some employee uniforms are made of materials with safety benefits such as flame resistance, or reflective material to increase the employee visibility.

5. Security

Employee Uniforms make it easy to quickly identify a non-employee in an employee only area of the business. It’s also a quick way to identify workers from customers in busy areas of a store.

6. Prevent Cross-Contamination

There are uniforms designed for the food industry that reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. This is an important function in uniforms for those in the food industry.

7. Team Spirit

Having uniforms can help promote team spirit among employees. Increased team spirit can lead to better productivity in the workplace.

8. Employee Benefit

Uniforms can actually save employees money, since they don’t need to buy new clothes for the job. Some uniforms are even rented so employees are not responsible for washing them.

9. Customer Benefit

When customers can easily identify an employee, it improves customer service. Customers feel better about being able to find someone to answer their questions without wondering if they actually work there or not.

10. Company Pride

Employees get a sense of pride from their work uniform, which can turn them into ambassadors for the company even outside the workplace.



Wall Graphics

Some offices prefer to leave their walls a blank canvas, but they’re missing out on the potential benefits of decorating with branding and logo decals. Company branding may not always make sense for every space, but here are five places where they can be beneficial:

1. Conference Room

If the conference room is just four basic walls, no glass or picturesque landscapes, it might not create a good collaborative space. Wall graphics can help inspire those using the conference room and make it a more comfortable place to be.

2. Lobby

The lobby is the first area clients are going to see. If it’s boring and plain, they might assume the company is as well. It can be the perfect place to put the logo or mission statement. Clients will see right away what the company values.

3. Break Room

Having a wall wrap in the break room can help employees relax, or be inspired, depending on the image. Put a soothing scene up on the wall to help recharge the staff, or inspiring statements to give them a small pep talk.

4. Classrooms

Some offices have classrooms for training. To help engage the trainees, consider putting in wall graphics related to the company. It will be less boring and might encourage participants to pay more attention.

5. Hallways

Hallways are probably the most boring area in an office space. People walk down them without paying much attention, but a wall graphic could be a great decorative element in a hallway.




People who aren’t graphic designers may not know what kerning is or its importance when creating a sign, logo or basically anything with letters. Kerning is adjusting the space between letters in a typeface so they are spaced in a visually appealing and correct way.

With computers, most of the fonts handle kerning fairly well, because the letters are spaced out uniformly. However, when this happens, there are gaps that get left because the letters have different curves and lines.

This is why designers do the fine tuning when it comes to creating a sign or logo, instead of just letting the computer do the kerning. The human eye can discern what space will look good and make the word readable.

Displays with improper kerning are easily seen, even by people who aren’t designers. Improper kerning can make a word look like another word or completely throw off the entire look of the logo/ poster, sign, etc.

Kerning prevents dead space between letters that are too far apart and keeps letters from being too close together and looking crowded. Capital letters should be paid special attention because they often don’t have proper spacing when typed out.

The graphics design team at Infinity Signs takes kerning into consideration when making any product with lettering on it or designing a logo. Don’t let kerning ruin a good sign. Contact the experts at Infinity Signs for any business signs, vehicle wraps, and promotional products.




Promotional towels come in many sizes, for many different uses. There are golf towels, beach towels, and more. Printing a company logo on a useful item is a great way to promote the business. Towels are not used as promotional product as frequently as pens and other items, making them a great choice to help a company stand out.

Many companies like to take clients golfing. A great way to create a memorable golfing experience is by giving clients a golf towel with the company logo on it. They’ll appreciate the sentiment and usefulness of the gift. Then, whenever they are golfing, it advertises and promotes the company too.

Beach towels are also a great type of promotional towel. When spread out on the beach or by the pool, everyone walking by will see the logo and it will bring the company to mind. Everyone uses beach towels at some point, so they’re a very useful promotional towel.

Other types of towels like hand towels or face towels can also have company logos added. Companies who have to do with beauty, dentistry, skin health, and other such industries can really benefit from this type of advertising.

For those interested in promotional towels, contact Infinity Signs where we have declared June as “Throw in the Towel” month. Now that summer has arrived these are going to be useful, especially the beach towels.


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