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Infinity Signs Newsletter June, 2017


Boat Wraps

Customized wraps can really make a boat stand out. Whether the wrap is designed for personal use or commercial advertising, it will make a statement when it hits the water.

In addition to their exciting appearance, boat wraps have other benefits such as:

  • Low Cost

When compared to a custom paint job, a wrap is much less expensive and takes less time to complete. Painting takes time to apply and time to dry. Infinity Signs NW can create and apply a wrap and get you back on the water much faster.

  • Fast

Vinyl boat wraps can usually be done in a day or two. This helps minimize down time for boats that are used daily.

  • Easy Care

Like the other vehicle wraps Infinity Signs NW creates, a boat wrap just needs to be washed with soap and water. There’s no buffing or polishing needed to keep it looking like new.

  • Long Lifespan

Vehicle wraps have an average lifespan of seven years. They are also easy to fix in most cases if they get damaged, helping to lengthen the lifespan.

  • Eco-Friendly

Because chemicals and solvents are not used in the preparation of vehicle wraps, they are safe and eco-friendly. This is especially important with boat wraps because they interact with marine life and their habitats.

  • Resale Value

While a paint job alters the surface of the boat permanently, a boat wrap is temporary and can be removed. The boat wrap will also protect the original surface of the boat, making the resale value higher and the boat easier to sell.

A customizable boat wrap can be used by fishermen, racers, emergency responders, businesses or just to make your boat look sharp. There are almost no limits to the designs and the wrap can be made to fit any style or shape of boat.

While other businesses offer stock designs for boats, Infinity Signs NW creates custom wrap solutions to fit the owners style and personality. Choose from gloss, matte, brushed metal, carbon fiber and sparkle for the wrap’s lamiante finish.

Contact Infinity Signs NW to get started on a custom boat wrap today.


Food Truck Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Enrique’s Taco Truck

It’s almost summer in Boise and the Treasure Valley, which means even more events where food trucks will be marketing their tasty treats. To get people interested in the menu offered and compete with other food trucks present, an eye-catching and informative truck graphic is needed. The design should also match and represent the brand and products of the company.

Instead of hiring someone to do a custom painting, which could take quite a lot time, talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about creating a custom food truck wrap that is informative and unique. It a faster process than custom painting, helping food trucks get back on the streets faster.

As with most businesses, food trucks need to make a great first impression. Fortunately, an eye-catching vehicle wrap can draw attention and describe your food products quickly to a crowd even from a distance. But the benefits of a great food truck wrap don’t stop there. Even when your truck is not parked at an event it will still create interest and catch attention while cruising through Boise or the surrounding areas. It’s a mobile billboard that can make thousands of impressions daily, helping to build your business brand.

In addition to attracting attention the wrap will also help protect the surface of the vehicle from wear and tear or sun damage. The staff at Infinity Signs NW are experts at managing the installation even with the odd-shaped edges and corners of a food truck.

Whether you are just getting started with your food truck business or have years of experience, Infinity Signs NW can help make your business stand out. Our graphic design team will work with your business brand, personality, menu, and more to create the perfect vinyl wrap.

Start the summer off with a bang with a new, creatively-designed food truck wrap. Stand out from the competition with the help of Infinity Signs NW.

Car and Van Wraps

Many companies within Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley have company cars or vans that employees drive daily for deliveries or traveling to job sites. Those that do, should take advantage of getting their business name in front of the many people seeing those vehicles daily by talking to Infinity Signs NW about installing a vehicle wrap. In just one mile of driving, a car or van wrap can rack up 600 impressions, making it a low-cost-per-impression investment for a company.

Vehicle wraps can be designed in many ways to fit a company’s brand and budget. Here are five types of car and van graphics Infinity Signs NW can create:

  1. Spot Graphics

Sometimes all it takes is a well-designed graphic or logo to create interest and draw attention. Spot graphics can be placed on the hood, side, or back of a car or van depending on where the company thinks it will make the most impact.

  1. Lettering

This is a simple car or van graphic meant to be informational. Lettering often gives the company’s phone number and website, or describes the services they provide.

  1. Rear Window Graphics

Vans are the perfect canvas for a rear window graphic. They cover the back window, but still allow for the driver to have a clear view. Rear window wraps can also be part of a full or partial vehicle wrap design.

  1. Partial Vehicle Wrap

Car wrapPartial vehicle wraps only cover a portion of the car or van for aesthetic or budget reasons. They incorporate the color of the vehicle into the design and still get attention like a full vehicle wrap.

  1. Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap can truly transform a car or van. This wrap conforms to the size and shape of the entire vehicle, covering every inch with an attractive design. While attracting attention and making impressions, it also protects the car’s surface from fading.

No matter the type, a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard at all hours of the day and night. Talk to Infinity Signs NW to get started creating a car or van wrap. Visit our website to see some of the vehicle graphics we have created.

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