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Infinity Signs Newsletter June, 2018

Choosing the Right Material for Your Sign

Boise Sign Company

Putting a new sign in front of your business is a substantial investment and it’s intended to make a good first impression of your business for many years to come. In order for that to happen though you must first select the correct material to make your sign out of. There are truly countless different materials to choose from for your next sign but some there are also some very important factors to consider, which should help narrow it down.

First look around at other businesses in the area. Is there a style that clearly fits the area such as modern and sleek vs. old and vintage? If so let your sign designer know what the area has so they can ensure yours fits with the general theme. Next consider the weather conditions. If this is an outdoor sign you’ll want to consider how much direct sun it will get, how much rain, high winds, and snowfall. Again these will all narrow down which materials might be best. Lastly be realistic about your budget. While it might be nice to say “the sky’s the limit”, is that realistic? Everyone has a budget they need to stay within and letting the Infinity Signs design specialist know what you’re working with will help them quickly hone in on the best options for you to consider.

Some common sign materials include:

Aluminum – this is a solid choice for many who are looking for something that’s highly durable and long-lasting. Aluminum isn’t prone to splitting, warping, rusting or shattering and is well suited to holding up to the most severe elements. Aluminum is also a very affordable option making it the first choice for many business.

Stone – a stone sign can include several different materials such as granite or cement. All of these are extremely durable and send the message of a well-established, long-lasting business. Another benefit of stone is that the text can be written in any style you want which really allows you to customize to fit your business. However weight and cost can be a concern here and should be considered.

Acryclic – this is a great choice because of its strong visual appeal. It’s highly flexible and can be customized for nearly any preference. Acrylic is also incredibly durable as its lightweight and shatter-resistant.

Plastics – using plastic for your sign has great advantages such as a wide array of color options as well as the ability to be fabricated into a variety of shapes. Plastics are lightweight and affordable. While cracking is rare, fading in long-term direct sunlight is a potential concern to be considered.

Wood – wooden signs are unique and beautiful and can be engraved with any logo or font you prefer. They are also a great light weight option with quick availability. While wooden signs don’t tend to last as long as other materials they are definitely appropriate in many settings.

Call Infinity Signs today and our experts will help you determine exactly which material will work best for your needs.



Company Picnic Time

Summer is upon us and it’s time for company picnic season. What are some ways to make your company picnic unique while also inspiring motivation within your workforce? Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Setting the Stage – there are many decisions made early on in the planning of a company event that will affect the overall outcome this includes the date, the venue, and the invitations. If you want the highest attendance choose a weekday rather than a weekend as many people have other commitments on the weekend. The park is the most common area to host a company picnic but consider mixing it up and using a ballfield, a lake or even the zoo. Many of these will offer activities that require very little additional planning as well. When it comes to invitations this is your chance to make the first impression on your employees. Try doing something different like printing the invitation information on the wrapper of a candy bar and delivering those to your employees. It’s clever and will definitely get taken home with them. Infinity Signs can print all sorts of types of invitations and can help you come up with other ways to stand out.

The Day Of – the day of the event planning includes choosing a theme, setting a menu, and planning activities. There are countless great theme options – luau, western, international, circus, mardi gras, etc. Once you’ve chosen one consider ordering themed table favors to place at each spot. Stuffed animals, sports balls, hats or other items make great take-home items as well as kid entertainment during the event. These are the perfect opportunity to have Infinity Signs add your company logo and the year of the event. You’ll find as the years go by that people will have a whole collection of these on their desk remembering each year they attended the company picnic. Be sure to tie your menu in to your theme as well with food that fits.

After the Event – use items such as raffled off door prizes as a way to keep the event in people’s minds long after it’s over. This is an area where less is more. Everyone would rather have a few high quality items raffled over rather than a bunch of cheaper items that no one really wants. Infinity Signs offers watches, blankets and other items that would be perfect to give away. Be sure to follow-up after the event. Send out a ‘thank you for coming’ note as well as a follow-up survey to solicit feedback both from those that attended as well as those that didn’t. This can help you find out why people didn’t attend so you can adjust accordingly for the next year as well as what people liked and didn’t like from this year’s event.

Summer company picnics can be a great way to reconnect employees with each other, incorporate families into the workplace, and show everyone that the company appreciates all that they do.



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