Infinity Signs Newsletter March 2016 – Electronic Signs and Business Promotions


Promote Your Business Like The Politicians

Campaign season is here and soon the yards and vacant lots will be filled with yard signs promoting the candidates. Although the volume of signage may seem overwhelming at times, the politicians have learned yard signs are an effective and inexpensive way to flood an area with advertising. Think about how you feel when you see more and more signs for a specific candidate. Generally, more signage indicates greater popularity and often encourages people to learn more about the candidate or even to vote for the candidate.

Businesses can also benefit from the use of yard signs. For businesses such as roofers, window replacement companies, builders, landscapers and other trades businesses, posting a yard sign at the site of their projects is an easy way to get the word out and promotes name recognition. Branding the business name and logo around town gives potential customers a familiarity with your business and keeps your company name top of mind when people are looking for your services.

Another benefit of yard signs is to generate interest from neighbors who may need similar projects done. Often homes in a neighborhood are built during the same era and are likely to have appliances, roofs and other features that will be wearing out at about the same time. When homeowners realize how nice the neighbors new roof, siding or landscaping looks, they are likely to start thinking about how nice it would look at their home too. Having your company name and contact information visible makes it easy for these potential customers to contact you.

Whether you are running for office, endorsing your favorite candidate, or promoting your business, yard signs are and effective way to get the job done.


Electronic Signs: The 24 Hour Salesperson

Most business owners would be thrilled to have a salesperson capable of working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, representing their business exactly the way the owner wants it represented. Have you considered electronic signs in this light? Having a properly designed sign in front of your business draws attraction to your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Is your sign clearly representing your business? Does it indicate your level of professionalism?

Poorly designed electronic signs or those in disrepair can actually leave a negative impression. Here are a few considerations when evaluating the effectiveness of your signage:

  • Is the sign visible from a reasonable distance?
  • Are the colors crisp and bright rather than sun faded?
  • Does the sign appear unintentionally dated?
  • Is the sign visible at night?
  • Are all the lights and letters in good condition and operating correctly?
  • Can people easily identify your business brand and services?
  • Are there any other maintenance issues such as peeling paint, tattered edges, rusty poles etc?

Another consideration for signage, is whether or not you have the ability to update your sign. Being able to promote specific products and services or advertise daily specials can really increase the value of your signage. Electronic signs are the perfect solution. A quote of the day or week is another idea to encourage people to look at your sign when they drive by and this keeps your brand in front of them.

If it is time for new signage Infinity Signs NW can help determine the best type of sign to promote your business. Our graphic designers and sign specialists will meet with you to make sure your sign is your best 24 hour salesperson.


High Tech Promotional Products

Pens and notepads are great promotional products but sometimes you want a promotional product that will make your business really stand out from the crowd. Items in the technology arena are always a stand-out choice. Consider a power bank charger, a USB Wall Power Adapter, or even a custom selfie stick! Infinity Signs NW can help you select the promotional product to best represent your company and will customize it with your logo and contact information. Contact Infinity Signs NW to schedule a time to select your promotional items.

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