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Infinity Signs Newsletter March, 2017


5 Top College Fair Promotional Items

Promotioanl Items

College fairs are soon going to start popping up to recruit new students. One of the most common ways to get potential students interested is with promotional items. They help to communicate the school’s brand and message while making a lasting impression.

However, not all promotional items are created equal. Here are five of the best promotional items to use at college fairs:

  1. Silicone Cling Wallet

Students like to carry as little as possible when out and about. A silicone cling wallet can assist with that. It uses 3M adhesive to stick to the back of a smartphone. It can hold up to 3 cards, eliminating the need for a wallet. These wallets also protect credit cards from deactivation.

  1. Sunglasses

Infinity Signs NW has a large variety of sunglasses that can be branded and used as a promotional item. They have custom glasses with printed lenses that definitely make a statement. Their custom sunglasses with pad printing offer a wide variety of lenses including mirror, blue, gradient, and gold.

  1. Tote Bags

Tote bags can be used for so many things. Reusable grocery bags, book bags, and more. Infinity Signs NW has a many options for tote bags, as well as other styles of bags.

  1. Water Bottles

Being in classes for hours on end, students need to be able to keep water with them to stay hydrated. A branded water bottle is the perfect solution. Check out the promotional products catalog on Infinity Signs NW website to see all of the different styles of water bottles available.

  1. Lanyard

Students have to carry around their student ID card and maybe keys to get in their building, grab food from the cafeteria, and more. An easy way for students to keep track of their keys and student ID is with a branded lanyard. There are many different styles to choose from like polyester, woven embroidered, and more.

Kyle at Infinity Signs NW can help colleges find the best promotional items for any upcoming college fairs. Contact Kyle today for assistance in ordering your promotional products.




Best Uses for Banners

Custom Made Banners

Banners are an extremely versatile type of sign. They can be used indoors or outdoors, be any size, have text or imagery, and more. While they have a diverse range of uses, here are three of the best uses for banners:

  • Events

Draw attention to your next event with a large, eye-catching banner. They are the best way to get noticed, especially in a large or crowded area. Have Infinity Signs NW print the company or event name in a large, bold, easy-to-read font to get your message out.

  • Trade Shows

Trade shows are filled to the brim with advertisements. Having a creatively designed banner that can be read from across a crowded room can help booths stand out at trade shows. This can help draw people to your booth. The banner needs to be clear about what the company does so potential clients aren’t confused.

  • Street Banners

Want to drive traffic to a store? Banners set up on busy streets can do just that. Create a banner that has a call to action on it, or entices potential customers with a sale. It not only gets their attention, but can direct them where to go with arrows or an address.

There are many more uses for banners and Infinity Signs NW can create the perfect banner for any event or occasion. Talk to us about creating a banner for your next event.




Custom Commercial Wall Paper Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Paint can only do so much to jazz up a commercial space. Custom wall graphics provide an easy way to customize a space even more and leverage that space to help your business. There are a wide variety of custom graphics solutions available and that is when working with a professional sign company who can really provide the best solution for you can be very beneficial. Wall graphics could be vinyl letters on the wall, large graphics applied with vinyl or custom printed commercial wallpaper, flat panel signs or pictures, mounted flat or with standoffs or multiple panels and graphics all blended together for an impressive summary of your business products and services.. Custom wall graphics can be used for merchandising, advertising, company culture messages or refreshing décor in a workspace. Sometimes instead of applying graphics or messages directly to a wall, it is better to mount them on a panel to allow them to be moved f you are just leasing the business space short term.

Here are some of the ways custom commercial wall graphics can be used:

  1. Fast Rebranding

Companies who have just moved into a new office space want to make it theirs as fast as possible. Instead of painting, have Infinity Signs NW create custom wall graphics. They are a fast, affordable way to rebrand a space without a long-term commitment.

  1. Add Character

Wall graphics are a great way to show off the company’s personality, culture and the message that they want customers to see. Stand out from the competition with a bold wall wrap. Highlight previous projects to promote more of the type of work your company is wanting to sell.


  1. Highlight Features

Certain wall graphic designs can be used to draw attention to a specific architectural feature. They can also be used as a backdrop for important décor pieces.

Some other advantages of custom commercial wall graphic solutions from Infinity Signs NW include:

  • Easy to clean
  • More cost-effective than painting
  • 100% customizable
  • Quick to install
  • Long term or short term solutions

Transform your commercial space with the help of Infinity Signs NW and a custom wall graphic. Big or small, we can create a graphic that is sure to make a statement and get your message across. Visit our website to see some of the wall graphics we have created for businesses throughout the Treasure Valley. Sometimes wall graphics can be a fairly large investment and we would enjoy an opportunity to provide you the best solution for your specific needs.





Finding the Right Vehicle Graphic

Car Wraps

So you have decided to invest in a vehicle wrap. What’s next? There are more decisions that need to be made and the first of these is what type of vehicle graphic to use. There are many options available, but this article is going to focus on full vehicle wraps, spot graphics, and rear window graphics.

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps are much like the name indicates a complete wrapping of the vehicle. Once installed by the professionals at Infinity Signs NW, they are designed to conform to the shape of the vehicle and will look and feel much like a new coat of paint. Custom vehicle wraps from Infinity Signs NW grab attention as they move through the Treasure Valley with their bold designs.

Spot Graphics

These are similar to the full vehicle wrap, but only cover a small portion of the vehicle instead. These often consist of the logo and contact information of the company. They still make an impact, but without being as bold.

Window Graphics

Window graphics allow everyone around the vehicle to view the information on the graphic while still allowing the driver to easily see out. These graphics are usually more informational and often state contact information and list the services provided by the company.

Finding the right vehicle graphic depends on what the company hopes to achieve with the graphic. The team at Infinity Signs NW can assist in choosing the right vehicle graphic for any business.


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