Infinity Signs Newsletter May, 2016 – LED Signs and Vinyl Wraps


Food Truck Vinyl Wraps

Taco-truck-wrapFood trucks are all the rage now. There are food truck rallies frequently in the Treasure Valley, and one thing all of these food trucks have in coming is the exterior of their vehicle. Food trucks need an eye-catching, visible logo design on the exterior of their vehicle. This helps people to notice them, and quickly know what they are selling.

Some designs are simple, but effective, while others are loud, and colorful. It all depends on the brand the food truck is trying to create. It can be hard to come up with the perfect concept to show off a brand. The designing process isn’t always easy, and should be left to a graphic design team like the one at Infinity Signs.

One of the easiest ways to decorate the exterior of a food truck is with a vinyl wrap. These wraps cover and bond to the truck’s body, and are made to fit perfectly. Infinity Signs has experience designing and making vinyl wraps for all types of vehicles and trailers.

Food truck owners who are just starting out, or those who just need a new image, should contact Infinity Signs. Their graphic design team can work with food truck owners to create the perfect vinyl wrap to show off their brand and products.

After designing and printing the vinyl wrap, Infinity Signs also installs the wrap. With odd-shaped edges and corners, it’s best to let the professionals at Infinity Signs install the wrap so it goes on just right. This way it will come out looking smooth and sleek.

Contact Infinity Signs to learn more about food truck wraps and the process behind creating vinyl wraps for all types of vehicles.



Maintenance for Electric LED Signs

Digital LED signs definitely make a statement, but they also require some maintenance. Most maintenance for these signs occurs when something goes wrong. The most common issues for digital LED signs include:

1. Module Failure

Identified by black square on the sign that isn’t lighting up, this generally indicates the module is not functioning. Generally, this is caused by a loose connection or a short in the input/output connections. It’s relatively easy to fix in a short amount of time.

2. Power Supply Failure

If there’s a large portion of the LED sign that isn’t working, it’s usually a power supply problem.

3. Communications Failure

Most of these signs use wireless communications technology. For this to work properly, the path from the antenna or the sign needs to be kept clear. If there are obstructions or the distance between the two is too great, there could be service issues.

4. LED Failure

Eventually the LEDs will go out and they will need to be replaced.

5. Controller Failure

When entire LED signs goes out, first check the antenna. If the antenna appears to be in good working order, it could be an issue with the controller and should be checked by a sign professional.

Business owners with an LED sign from Infinity Signs can contact them if they notice any issues with it. They will identify the problem and fix it as fast as possible. Those interested in installing an LED sign should also contact Infinity Signs.



Benefits of Promotional Pens

Pens with company logos are everywhere. Almost every single person can find a promotional pen from one company or another around their house. Promotional pens are one of the most common marketing tactics and for some good reasons.

1. Cost Effective

New business owners and small business owners usually don’t have much capital to spend on marketing. They have to choose wisely when spending their marketing budget. Promotional pens are sold in bulk, come in a wide range of prices and are often less expensive than other forms of marketing. They are a good way to start getting a company’s name out to the public without breaking the bank.

2. Walking Advertisements

Unlike radio and television advertisements, pens don’t have a certain time slot. Pens are generally carried around and often passed from person to person. They can make more of a lasting impact than many other types of advertising, because people carry the pen around with them.

3. Usability

Pens have a high usability rate and the person using it will see the logo of the company each time they use it. In addition, a quality pen often becomes the personal favorite, the one you will only loan out when you have to and will stand and wait to get it back.

Promotional pens are used by a wide range of businesses such as banks, colleges, publications, and many more. Talk to Infinity Signs about creating a custom promotional pen for any type of business. They are also great for charitable organizations and special events as a cost effective and useful way to get the word out to the public.



Sign Color Matters

Color plays a huge role in sales because of how people react to it. This even extends to the color of sign a business has outside their building. It can be hard for businesses to get potential customers to notice their sign if they use the wrong colors. Here are seven colors that have been proven to increase sales:

1. Red

Red is a power color. It screams at people to pay attention to it, which is why many clearance signs, and other sale signs are in red. It can also be alarming, so be careful to not overuse it.

2. Blue

Most people associate blue with trustworthiness and being calm. Businesses with blue signs are seen as more trustworthy.

3. Yellow

Yellow is another powerful color. Many animals use it as a warning to others around them. It demands attention and should be used carefully.

4. Green

Green is commonly associated with the earth, environment and health. Any business dealing with these topics should consider using green on their signs. It is also associated with wealth, and gives customers a pleasing feeling.

5. Orange

This bright color gives off energetic vibes. When people see this color on a business sign, they feel like that company is fun and cutting edge.

6. Purple

People still associate purple with the color of royalty. Businesses can use this color to make their customers feel elegant and special.


New logo design for the Boise Beauty Expo.

7. Pink

Companies targeting a young female demographic often use pink. It’s bright, fun, and attracts the eye in a way that isn’t too jarring

Although pink is often the first color people think of for targeting women, there are other great color choices to use for this market too. Blues and greens are actually two of the most effective colors for attracting the ladies to your business. Studies have shown that women are least attracted to reds and yellows. For businesses where men are your primary customers the colors are just the opposite. Reds and yellow are perfect for this market.

When designing a logo or sign concept, keep these colors in mind. It could make or break a business if they use the wrong colors to portray themselves. The Infinity Signs graphic design team can help a business decide on signage colors during the designing process.

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