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Infinity Signs Newsletter May, 2017


ROI of Digital Signage

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular as businesses see its benefits and the value it can bring. Digital signage or dynamic signage displays multimedia content on a screen for informational or advertising purposes. Some of the benefits digital signage offers a business include:

  • Better Customer Service
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Better Brand Image
  • Increased Profit

To calculate the return on investment or ROI from digital signs, businesses should review the following:

1. Matching Goals

The use of the digital signage should match the goals of the company. Digital signage can be used to benefit employees, customers, or both. Without having clear goals defined, the business cannot accurately gauge if the digital signage is working effectively.

2. Investments and Objectives

Not all goals can be measured monetarily. If sales are the main goal, determining the ROI will be easy. If the company has a different goal, they will need to create a different benchmark, such as customer satisfaction.

3. Sales ROI vs. Saving ROI

Digital signage targeted at boosting revenue will be measured by comparing the number of transactions and their value before the digital signage to those figured after the signage was implemented. When looking at savings, businesses will need to determine if their operational costs decreased after implementing the digital signage.

Take a look at some digital signage statistics that reflect the benefits of digital signage in different business sectors:


Digital menu boards typically present up to a 5% sales lift. 74% of customers say an easy to read menu is their top priority.


Eight out of ten customers say they have entered a store due to a sign catching their interest. Eighty percent of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage. Digital signage can also reduce the perceived wait time at checkout stands by as much as 35%.


In a corporate setting digital signage is used for displaying news and announcements, emergency information, and more. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays in a corporate setting making it a more effective way to communicate important information with employees.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating an interior or exterior digital sign and see the return on investment that it brings.



Brochures vs. Flyers

Brochures and FlyersWhen it comes to print advertising, brochures and flyers are two of the most commonly used pieces. Although they may be similar, they are designed and used for completely different uses.


Flyers are a single, unfolded piece of paper that draws attention to an event, service, product, or idea. Flyers can be single or double-sided, although single-sided is more common. Many flyers are 8”x11” but they can be printed on smaller paper or even made into different shapes.

They are easy to distribute at events and convey messages to pique people’s interest in a simple, quick manner. To do this they need to be bold, eye-catching, and not so busy that people have to search for the important information.


Brochures hold much more information than a flyer. They are folded to contain multiple panels that touch on multiple topics. They can be folded in many different ways, although the most common design is a tri-fold. They are generally printed on heavier paper that is often glossy to be more durable. Brochures can also come in a variety of custom sizes to fit the business’s unique needs.

Brochures are usually distributed after a customer has shown interest in the product or service unlike flyers which are used to garner an interest.

Infinity Signs has experience creating both flyers and brochures for many types of businesses and organizations. The graphic design team can create a brochure or flyer that is aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. Ask about creating either option for an event, marketing campaign, and more.



Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance

Signs are a big investment for a business. To be effective, a sign needs to be regularly maintained. Here are some elements of business signage that need to be regularly checked and serviced:


Lighted signs need to stay properly lit at all times so they are clearly visible to customers. A dim or half-lit sign can make a bad impression. All types of light bulbs or ballasts eventually need to be replaced or repaired in lighted signage.

Fading or Peeling

A sign that has been battling the elements for many years can start to fade or peel depending on the sign materials. When this begins to happen, it is usually time to replace the sign. Regular cleaning can help lengthen an outdoor sign’s lifespan.

Information Changes

There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than a sign displaying the wrong information. If the business goes through a change such as new hours or contact information, let Infinity Signs NW know right away. We can work with businesses to update the sign with the correct information.

Posts and Hardware

Signs are generally mounted atop some type of post or hardware. These too can become worn down over the years showing signs of rust or peeling. When this begins to happen, they need to be replaced or repainted to stay look just as sharp as the sign they are holding.


A dirty sign does not portray a business well. Signs need to be regularly cleaned so they don’t become dull or begin to peel from dust, dirt, and other debris. Having your sign cleaned is a simple way to keep it looking like new and extend the life of the sign.

Along with custom sign design and manufacturing, the team at infinity Signs NW offers sign installation, sign services and repairs, and sign cleaning. This full-service sign company will create the perfect business sign and keep it looking like new for years to come. Whether the sign is in need of a minor bulb change or a complete overhaul, Infinity Signs NW has the tools, knowledge and experience to get the job done.



Benefits of Selling Branded Apparel

Word-of-mouth advertising is a great way to spread brand awareness, but it doesn’t only apply to people talking about a business or company. When loyal customers wear a company’s branded apparel, it is also a form of word-of-mouth advertising, and can be just as powerful when done right.

Here’s what selling branded apparel can do for a business:

1. Be a Walking Billboard

This is the same concept as using vehicle graphics to make impressions while traveling through town. Except instead of company employees, the apparel is being worn by customers turned brand ambassadors.

Whenever customers wear their shirt or hat with a company logo, it will be seen while they are out and about. A single piece of apparel can make hundreds of impressions a day.

2. Start Conversations

Creatively designed clothing will spark people’s interest. People who are already fans of the brand love to comment or talk about it because they also feel strongly about that brand. Also, those who want to know more will see the logo and ask about it. This works for brands that are both big and small.

3. Creates Additional Revenue

Selling branded apparel to customers is another way for a business to turn a profit. When customers feel strongly about a product or service, they’ll pay to represent that brand. Although there is an initial cost for ordering apparel, it could soon be paying off by spread awareness of the brand.

All types of businesses can benefit from having branded apparel, such as restaurants, breweries, gyms, and more. Determine what type of apparel would sell well with that specific target audience and contact Infinity Signs NW. We can help businesses create more brand awareness with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other types of apparel. Visit the Infinity Signs WN website to check out the entire catalog of apparel available for ordering.

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