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Infinity Signs Newsletter May, 2018


Glassboards: The New Functional Office Art


Are you still using that old white board with the impossible to erase surface? Look at these new glassboards as an option to upgrade your office. The sleek, modern glassboard offers all the functionality of a white board with none of the down side. Yes, you can still draw all the diagrams and jot down as many notes as you would like but when the meeting is over, the glassboard wipes clean. No leftover ghost lettering to clutter the board for years to come.

But the best part of having a glassboard is the ability to turn your writing board into actual artwork. That’s right, you can add your own choice of artwork to your glassboard to add a modern flair to your office. Want a soothing rainforest scene or maybe the crashing ocean surf? It’s your choice with the glassboard. You could even add graphics of your latest product line or if you’re more of a vanilla person, the classic glassboard offers the traditional classic white. Of course you can also include your company logo.

With a strong metal backing and easy to clean surface, the glassboard is durable and designed to last for decades. The magnetic dry eraser and pen holder can be moved anywhere on the board so they are never in the way of your important information. Everyone in your office is going to want their own glassboard to show off their style. Contact Infinity Signs NW today to upgrade your office with a new glassboard.


The Value of a Great Banner

As the weather warms up, more and more events will be taking place outdoors. The best way to promote at an outdoor activity is with the use of a banner.  It’s not practical to take traditional signs to most outdoor settings but a lightweight, highly durable vinyl banner is easy to transport, weather resistant, and quick to set-up.  Banners are a budget friendly, very eye-catching way to market your business, and are exceptionally useful when promoting something short term such as an event on a specific date or a temporary discount or sale.  You can’t afford to spend a lot of money on something that won’t be relevant in a few months, but it’s got to stand out from the sea of other messages being marketed to your customers.   Our combined 30+ years of sign and graphic design experience give Infinity Signs NW the edge to help our customers stand out.

Banners are one of the oldest forms of marketing, but they’ve stood the test of time for good reason – they work! They can promote your message quickly and clearly to large numbers of people and draw customers to your company.  However, deciding what to put on your banner to really capture people’s attention can be difficult, the team of trained designers at Infinity Signs NW is happy to help.  They are available to provide advice and guidance about making the most effective banner possible.  So bring in your ideas and Infinity Signs NW will work with you to create the perfect banner to visually market your company.

For many outdoor events and festivals, a banner stand will come in handy to draw attention to your banner as well as to provide quick set-up and tear down.  Infinity Signs NW offers a whole selection of different types and styles of banner stands.  Many are designed to change inserts making them ideal for use with different banners throughout the year.

Another advantage to a banner is the longevity.  They look brand new for a long time, with proper care, so they can easily be reused at multiple events throughout the year. We utilize state of the art large format digital printing technology and color matching services to ensure the highest quality banners.  A custom banner is by far the best way to promote your company or upcoming event.  In addition to your banner being completely unique and of the highest quality materials, it can be available right away.  We understand that your business needs banners fast so we guarantee on-time delivery. Whether you’re looking for an indoor banner, outdoor banner, feather banner or retractable banner – Infinity Signs NW can help.

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