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Infinity Signs Newsletter April, 2019


If you want your sign to really stand out from all the rest, consider a custom shaped sign.  Your sign can be completely unique and totally your design.  We have hundreds of templates to choose from, or you can come up with something of your own creation.  Either way Infinity Signs NW will work with you to get the end result you want.

Typically custom shaped signs are printed on many different materials: aluminum, acrylic, wood, vinyl, magnets, and other plastics.  All of these are great for outdoor use.  They’re extremely durable and weatherproof.  They can also be the perfect option for directional signage indoors. Adding some shape is a great way to get people’s attention and add character to a boring rectangular shaped sign.

Changing up the shape of your sign is a great way to reflect your business’s personality.  You can use a logo, a shape that reflects your product offering, or your favorite mascot.  Even business cards often come in the shape of the company’s product, why not do this on a bigger scale with your signage.  You can take your custom sign even further by adding things that stick out beyond the edges of the sign or extrude from the center.  All of these are ways to get the attention of the public, which will certainly lead to more interest in your product, and ultimately more sales.

Another great feature of the custom shaped sign is its ability to create brand recognition.  Seeing something unique sticks in people’s minds and gets them to associate that shape with your company.  It’s easy to carry this through to a full marketing plan with outdoor signs, business cards, magnets, give-away products, and literature.  In no time you can create a shape that’s uniquely yours and forever links your product to a customer’s mind.  Infinity Signs NW can help create this complete marketing design and get you set-up with everything you need to ensure your business, and your shape, is known throughout the area.  Let our team get started working for you today.


Are you in the market for a new exterior sign this spring?  If so you may be considering changing your look up a bit, but wanting to invest in a sign that will look nice for years to come.  There are so many different materials to choose from when designing a sign that it can be confusing trying to determine which is best for your business.

There are several factors to consider when assessing various materials.  First, which material best suits the culture of your company?  Are you looking for something with lots of color and a more whimsical look?  Maybe you want something that says elegant and refined?  Determining the general impression you want to give from your sign is a good starting point in selecting a material.

Second, what type of sign are you looking for?  Monument signs have a larger variety of material options than pylon signs or banners so if you need a pylon then you may have to look at different choices than someone looking for a monument.  Third, are there zoning requirements through your local government or other organization that need to be adhered to when erecting an exterior sign?  If so this could dictate some of your material options as well. Finally, what’s the budget?  Of course some materials are more expensive than others and your budget for signage could impact your selection as well.

Wood – many customers select a wood sign for their business.  It gives an outdoors, rustic, earthy kind of feel and can be attractive and standout, without being gaudy.  It’s also an affordable choice that will last for many years.  Redwood, cypress and red cedar are all good options.  It’s important to note that because you select a wooden sign does not mean you have no color options.  Wood signs can come in a large variety of colors.

Plastic/Polyethylene or Acrylic – using these materials comes with its own set of advantages.  They will definitely last a long time and typically look as beautiful on year 10 as they did on year 1, with only minimal maintenance.  They’re the perfect choice for lightboxes because of their translucent nature, which allows natural light to pass through.  These signs are also available in a large variety of colors and offer the ability to layer materials to allow multiple colors and a 3 dimensional raised look.

Stone – stone signs offer an incredible number of options.  You could have the entire sign be stone, or have a combination of a stone base with another material for the actual sign.  They can create two completely different styles with one being very much a desert, western type sign and the other being a feeling of expensive, professional presentation.  Stone signs have an incredibly long life and tend to require minimal maintenance.  They can also come in a variety of sizes from something modest to a large stone structure that really makes a statement.

Metal – again there are several different options within metal signs: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and more.  These are a great choice for companies who want a modern or industrial feel.  They can also be accented with color to make them really noticeable.  They last a long time with exceptional resistance to the elements.  Because metal signs can be fabricated using a variety of machinery they can be as simple or graphically intense as you desire.

Regardless of your material preference Infinity Signs NW can help.  Our design team can sit down with you to discuss the different choices and help you come up with something that suits your needs perfectly, while still staying within your budget.  Give us a call today.


Feather banners

If your business is in an area that attracts foot traffic, you need something eye-catching by the road, you’re attending an outdoor event, or you’re headed to a trade-show – then you need to consider a feather banner.  It’s human nature to glance at something that is moving, every time the wind blows your banner will be getting someone’s attention.  Not to mention people notice change.  If a new banner appears on their everyday route to work or school, they’ll notice.  Many customers find that they get the best results if they put their banner out for a while, take it down for a bit, and then put it back up again.

Feather banners use poles that assemble quickly and easily. They also fold flat for easy storage.  So you’ll be able to take your banner to a variety of events, set-up fast, and be ready to start making sales.  There are a large variety of options when it comes to the design of your feather banner.  They can be printed in any color, with text or with graphics, and in a variety of sizes.  They’re perfect for improving brand recognition by getting your logo and color scheme out to the crowds.  They can also be used for more short-term needs such as “now hiring” or “sale today only” or “now selling boxes”.  You could easily set it up in the morning on the sidewalk in front of your business, and take it down again at the end of the day.

Feather banners are built from high quality materials to ensure they are resistant to weather issues such as rain and wind.  You could definitely use your new feather banner for years to come, but if your existing banner has begun to look faded or frayed around the edges, then you’ll definitely want to replace it.  Customers will notice both what the banner says as well as the condition it’s in.  Feather banners are an extremely affordable way of generating interest in your product or service, and Infinity Signs NW can get you the perfect one right away.

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