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Monument signs are permanent, exterior free-standing signs that are not affixed to a building. They are used to designate the entrances of many building such as retail centers, corporate campuses, hospitals, housing developments, apartment buildings, schools, corporate businesses and more.

These signs are designed and positioned to be the first identification and branding of the building or company that people see. They are also designed to match the architectural feel of the building, coming in all shapes, sizes, styles and forms. They can be made of many different materials such as glass, stone, stucco, brick, etc. These durable materials make them more resistant to snow, hail, rain and other weather that Boise and the Treasure Valley endures throughout the year.

While there are many different types and styles of monument signs, the most commonly used are:

  1. Architectural Free-Standing Signs

Typically used for single-tenant buildings, these signs often sport bold channel lettering. External flood lights can be used to make them visible at night.

  1. Post and Panel Signs

Two posts hold up a panel for single or multiple tenant businesses. Infinity Signs NW can make the panel double-sided with a rider on the top for visibility from either side.

  1. Pylon Signs

A great choice for business or shopping centers, pylons have a directory of each store or business in the complex.

  1. Outdoor Directory

These signs are also used for multi-tenant business complexes, but don’t usually include logos. Instead, they list the businesses or offices using the same font and color for each listing.

  1. Digital Display

Monument signs can include reader boards or digital displays too. This allows the business to communicate sales or other message to their customers and easily make changes to the sign.

Monument signs are a great choice for any business wanting to make a lasting statement. The team at Infinity Signs NW can help you choose the right materials, colors, lettering, and illumination to build the perfect custom monument sign. Contact us for help designing the perfect monument sign for your business.

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