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Infinity Signs Holiday Newsletter

2020 is almost over. Can we get an Amen for that?! We all agree: this has been quite a year and none among us has been unaffected.

So to offer some relief as the calendar finally turns, in this month’s issue of The Infinity Signs bulletin, we’re focusing on setting your 2021 up for great relief…and success! Enjoy the following articles:

1. Simple suggestions that will make 2021 your best year yet!
2. How one Customer found a new way to stand out!
3. Andy’s latest hunting trip: what he brought home is not what you think!

What Will You Be Celebrating in 2021?

As you enthusiastically turn the calendar to a new year, your sights will likely turn to new goals and a fresh start. And while you most certainly will make new declarations for your personal success in the coming year, now is a great time to make new commitments for your business as well. Here are 3 suggestions for making 2021 your best year yet.

1. Use 2020 as a teacher, not a prediction. It would be easy to carry the frustrations and obstacles forward from 2020 and into 2021 – but if you do, you may be short-circuiting your potential for 2021 success. If you take time to think about it, the surprises and disruption you’ve navigated have contained many new insights for where your business has opportunities you didn’t previously notice, for new ways to serve your customers, and how to find new ways to creatively communicate to the market you serve. Plan your goals with a fresh view for how to use what you learned in 2020 to make your business better in 2021.

2. Commit to reviewing your goals quarterly. Studies and polls show that over 90% of people making goals for a New Year don’t follow through with effort to attain them, leaving behind a sort of “goals graveyard”. Why does that happen? Very simply, it’s because most people don’t look at their goals after they make them. They get filed away or forgotten in favor of simply doing “business as usual” after a few weeks. When you commit to reviewing your goal progress at least quarterly, you will not only find yourself among the top 10% of your peers, but you will also consciously turn up the heat or course correct throughout the year and end up accomplishing much more in the end.

3. Reward yourself. It’s likely that along the way to achieving any goal you make for 2021, there will be steps or benchmarks of achievement along the way – small victories on the way to a big win. If you set up, in advance, a plan to reward yourself when completing the benchmarks, you’ll find yourself gaining momentum through the year and more excited about your aspirations as you go. Rewards don’t have to be extravagant: a bottle of wine, a new pair of shoes, taking a half day off, having a picnic…simple celebrations to reward progress and build momentum.

So there you have it: 3 simple tips that will assure greater success in 2021.

Please keep in touch and let us know how we can help your New Year be amazing.

Brewer's Haven Signs

Customer Success Story: From Bland to Bright

Rich Burns owns Brewers Haven. He was unhappy with his main, backlit sign on the street because the panels had yellowed and the reader board only had 3 lines for messages. He is very creative in coming up with great one-liners but 3 lines was too limiting.

We recommended going from 8” tall letters to 6” tall letters which allowed for 6 lines for his messaging. We also installed two new acrylic reader board panels to brighten up his display, and by doing both sections at same time he even saved some cash. While we were there, Rich also asked us to apply a new coat of paint to his pylon sign frame and pole, which we gladly did with a nice color that complimented his logo colors. Now Rich is off and running with a bright new and clean image of his Brand and Logo…and, with more space for his creative messages on his fresh, bright sign he is guaranteed to draw in new customers!

If you have some taste buds for craft beer, Rich’s is a great place to visit (right off Vista) boasting the largest selection of Micro Brew beers in the state of Idaho. If you like to brew your own beer or make your own wine, Brewers Haven can help you out with everything you will need along with some experienced advice to offer.

Idaho has many treasures

Exploring Idaho with Andy

There are all sorts of things to hunt for in Idaho… and not just animals!

Idaho is well known for its great outdoors and all the activities that go along with that great expanse of public land. Chances are, with it being fall season, you know someone who has been out hunting and hopefully willing to share some of that great “organic meat” they harvested with you. When most people hear hunting or think about it, it is your traditional hunting experience for hunting for big game, small game animals or game birds. For certain, Idaho has some great opportunities to enjoy hunting for animals, but you can really enjoy so much more that it has to offer by hunting (or exploring) for other things besides animals.

Idaho MushroomsWhen I use words like hunting and exploring, many times they pretty much mean the same thing to me or are intertwined. I like to apply for controlled hunts in an area I’ve not yet visited very much. If I get lucky and get that tag, now I have a bunch of exploring to do for other things besides what I may be going to hunt.

What are some of the other things to hunt for in Idaho? Morel mushrooms, Garnets, Opals, Crystals, new camping spots are just a few examples.

Morels are great table fare to go out and you get to check out near area’s searching for them and get lucky to bring how your own organic Mushrooms.

Idaho is known as the Gem State and for good reason; this state is loaded with all sorts of minerals and gemstones that other places don’t come close to. Did you know Idaho is one of only two places in the world you can find a star garnet? Take a trip up to Emerald creek by St. Maries in northern Idaho for some of these. Head over to Spencer and find yourself some super nice quality fire Opals. Idaho has many places to search for quartz crystals, fine agates and opals along with panning for gold almost anywhere in the state.

Gem stonesPicking out some of these things to go Hunting and exploring for, and putting some time in researching the best area’s to go will provide you with some great times exploring new places with friends and family. You will probably find many new out of the way, great camping places at the same time.

Getting out and going hunting, is not all about animals and birds. Check out all the other great things Idaho has to offer with the large amount of public land and great scenery to explore. Use this fall and winter season to start planning for some great new adventures in the spring and summer 2021.

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