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Infinity Signs Newsletter April, 2017


Boat Graphics

Boat Graphics

Boating season will be here before long, which means it’s time to un-winterize the boat, and maybe spruce it up. Infinity Signs NW can help by creating a custom boat wrap. Custom graphics can really make a statement and have the following benefits:

1. Personality

Boat owners take pride in their boats. They’re often named and given a custom paint job. Painting a boat can be expensive and take quite a bit of time. A custom wrap from Infinity Signs NW is durable, easy and quick to install, and less expensive than a custom paint job.

2. Emergencies

In a boating emergency, custom graphics can make it easier for emergency services to locate the boat. They will be able to identify the boat faster, helping everyone on board in a timelier fashion.

3. Advertising

For those who want to use their boats for advertising purposes, custom boat wraps can make that happen. A custom boat wrap has a low cost-per impression, just like car and truck wraps. They can also be highly targeted to a specific audience.

4. Resale Value

A custom paint job physically alters the actual surface of the boat, permanently changing it until it is painted again. When trying to sell the boat later, it might be harder if a custom paint job has been used. If a buyer doesn’t care for the custom paint, they would need to pay to have the boat repainted. With a custom wrap, it can simply be removed, exposing the original surface of the boat that has been protected from the sun and water. This will help keep the resale value of your boat up and could make it easier to sell.

5. Time

Custom painting can take quite a while to complete. A custom wrap can be created and installed in a much shorter timeframe. That means more time on the water for boat owners.

Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about creating a custom boat wrap for personal or business use.



When to Redesign a Logo

Logo Redesign

A logo is an identity. It is what people associate with a brand and company. Rebranding and redesigning a logo can be a huge risk, but it might also be necessary. Here are some reasons companies redesign their logos:

  • Audience Changed

Before starting the branding process, companies often research their audience to know what will appeal to them. However, audiences can change over time, and the company trying to target them will also need to change. Adapting to the audience can be a smart move, if it is not done too frequently. Updating the company logo might be just what’s needed to adapt to their new preferences or style.

  • Company Name Change

Mergers and acquisitions signal it is time for rebranding. If the company name changes with the merger, or new companies are being added, a new business logo is a must. Create a new logo to reflect the new company products and brand.

  • Updating the Look

As the company continues to grow and mature, the logo might need to change as well. Large, nationally-recognized brands have changed their logos over the years, allowing them to mature and become more modern. Over time a logo can look dated as well, which isn’t a good look for most companies, unless they are going for the retro look.

The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can not only create an entirely new logo for a company, but redesign an existing one. We will work closely with your business to make sure the design perfectly fits your company brand.



Staying ADA Compliant with Signage

ADA Compliant Signage

ADA signage is extremely important for businesses. Not being in compliance with ADA guidelines can make navigating your business difficult for potential customers and leaves a business exposed to penalties and fines. These five common ADA signage mistakes can be easily avoided:

1. Mounting Requirements

Where signs are mounted is important so people can quickly locate them. Signs should be mounted between 48 and 60 inches above the finished flooring. The ADA guidelines detail most scenarios regarding sign placement that business owners should consider.

2. Font

When it comes to fonts for ADA signage, there is a specific type that must be used. ADA signs need to have Sans Serif fonts and be in all uppercase.

3. Character Size

Now that the sign is designed with a Sans Serif font, the focus shifts to the character size. There is a minimum height of 5/8 inch and the maximum height is two inches. This rule is often broken because the design might not have enough room, causing the characters to be designed on a smaller scale than is allowed.

4. Spacing of Characters

Kerning, or spacing, of the characters has to be measured out on ADA signs. According to the guidelines, there must be a minimum of 1/8 inch between the two closest points of any of the characters. This rule may make the signs might look a little unusual, however, it is an extremely important aspect of making the signs readable for those with visual impairments.

5. Braille

Braille can be made with all fabrication methods and still be considered complaint. Signs are required to have Grade II Braille. This incorporates 189 contractions and short form words. The ADA guideline goes into deeper detail about how braille needs to be used on the sign.

The team at Infinity Signs NW is well versed in ADA guidelines. They can create ADA compliant signs for any business in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley.




Farmer’s Market Signage

Signage is important for booths at farmer’s markets so they are noticed and draw in an audience. Sometimes a good sign is all it takes to get someone interested in a product. With so many people strolling around at farmer’s markets, it is easy for a booth to be overlooked. Make sure to be seen with a custom banner or sign from Infinity Signs NW.

To make a booth more visible, the signage should be posted above eye level, generally at the top of the tent the booth is under. Having it above eye level will help people of all heights be able to view the sign and keeps it from being blocked by the crowd.

When it comes to text on the banner, it needs to be legible. However, legible does not have to mean boring. If Times New Roman doesn’t portray the vibe of the booth, select a font that does. The text should also draw the right people in. Avoid making the sign too vague. It should let everyone know exactly what the booth is selling. This way the target audience will be drawn in and people who aren’t interested won’t feel the need to stop.

The sign should connect with the booth’s branding and image. This means adding colors and maybe some design elements. Consider having more than one sign at the booth too. Give people an idea of who is making or growing the product, where it comes from, and the process behind it. People go to farmer’s markets to have a closer connection with the people selling the products, and informative signs could help create talking points.

Talk to the design team at Infinity Signs NW about creating great signage for any type of farmer’s market booth. We can make sure the signs portray the branding and image needed to make this farmers market season your best.


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