Infinity Signs Newsletter November, 2016



5 Reasons To Advertise with Custom Decals

custom-decalsNot everyone is aware of the effectiveness that can be found in advertising with stickers or decals. They are used by a variety of businesses for many different reasons. Custom decals can boost the company’s exposure, connect with customers, and more.

Here are five reasons companies should consider investing in decals for marketing purposes:

  1. Low-Cost Exposure

Stickers are inexpensive to create, and if they are distributed in the right way, they can trigger impressions and word of mouth marketing. For a business with a small advertising and marketing budget, this could be a starting point to gain more exposure and brand recognition.

  1. Perception

People have been using stickers as a way of “word of mouth” advertising for decades. Whether it’s on a bumper, car window, notebook, etc., it’s a way for that person to endorse a company. When used like this, decals aren’t seen as advertisements, but badges of support or recommendations.

  1. Customer Gifts

Stickers and decals, while used by a company for advertising purposes, can be viewed as a gift by customers who receive them. Often companies mail decals with the product that the customer bought. It can be exciting to them to receive something extra in the package, and can encourage them to display it somewhere.

  1. Profitable

As a company gains recognition, their decals can gain a perceived value that will make people want to purchase them. It doesn’t have to be just the company logo either. The decals could also have a slogan that is specific to the company or an image people associate with the brand.

  1. Enhance Marketing

Decals and stickers can be combined with other marketing tools to enhance the overall marketing strategy too. Try using them as an incentive or reward when someone provides their email address or participates in a survey. They can be used in hundreds of ways.

Start using custom decals created by Infinity Signs NW to boost brand awareness. The decals can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes for any need.




Deciding Between Embroidery or Screen Printing

screenprintingHaving company shirts can boost morale among employees, make them feel like part of the team, and create brand awareness. Two of the most common methods for creating company shirts are embroidery and screen printing.

It can be difficult to decide between the two processes. Neither is aesthetically superior to the other, and choosing one over the other depends on the company. Each style has its own benefits and factors to consider.


The logo design being added to the apparel is a factor to consider when deciding between embroidering or printing. A logo can be made small or large depending on the placement for screen printing. Smaller logos, look good with embroidery while larger logos can look and feel heavy when embroidered. The colors used in the logo can also impact the decision. If the logo has a lot of overlapping or shading it may be difficult to match using embroidery.


Tri-blend t-shirts are a lightweight choice of apparel and are better suited for printing. You can use cotton or polyester, but depending on the time of year will help you determine the choice of fabric. Try to keep your color options to a minimum do to set up fees each time you screen print.

Screen printing is generally the less expensive way to go, when you choose a logo with less than three colors.

Embroidery looks better on apparel such as polo shirts, hats, jackets, or uniforms because it can withstand the high-stitch count. For companies who want apparel with a higher-quality material, embroidery will provide an extra nice touch. Plus, you can be creative with your logo with embroidery that allows for more placement at lower cost and as little as six items required for embroidery.


Keep in mind that most screen printers have a minimum print count that you have to meet. For every color and location on apparel there is a screen fee and ink fee.

The nice part of embroidery is that once you have your logo digitized you no longer have set up fees. There will always be embroidery fees, but no set up fees.

Still can’t decide? The team at Infinity Signs NW can help. Talk to them about the type of artwork and shirts the company is considering and they can discuss the options available.



Holiday bannersAdd Some Sparkle With Holiday Banners

Goodwill Industries has the right idea with their Add Some Sparkle banners! Brighten up your storefront inside and out with new holiday banners. Not only will these banners make your store look festive but they are the perfect way to promote special sale items. Here are some additional ideas for holiday banners.

  • Enhance your existing signage with outdoor banners to draw the attention of holiday visitors and shoppers. Add a colored spotlight to keep the banner visible and festive even after dark.
  • Use a series of bright colored holiday banners with one letter on each banner to spell out a holiday message.
  • Add banners to large windows to decorate either the inside or the outside of the building.
  • Create a banner to announce extended holiday hours.
  • Hang banners from the ceiling throughout the building to promote holiday specials
  • Invite the public to special church services, children’s programs, choral concerts and other events with an oversize banner.

Our durable banner materials can be used to decorate inside or outside. They are designed to hold up even in inclement weather. Bring your own ideas or work with one of our graphic designers to create the perfect holiday message. Need a banner in a hurry? Infinity Signs can have your holiday banner ready in short order. Give us a call today!




Advantages of Stainless Steel Tumblers

Coffee mugs and drinkware have been a favorite promotional item for years. They are used on a daily basis, keeping the company name in front of the customer or client. Now, stainless steel tumblers are becoming even more popular than ceramic coffee mugs. They have advantages over other drinkware materials, such as:

  • Their strength-to-weight ratio is good. They are very strong, but their material is thin and not too heavy. This makes them very durable.
  • Stainless steel tumblers are easier and cheaper to transport. They weigh less, making them cheaper to ship, and they also won’t show up broken if they get bumped around a little.
  • Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, which is a good quality for a vessel meant to hold liquids.
  • Some coffee mugs stain easily, especially if they are made of a lighter color. Because stainless steel is non-porous, it is resistant to staining, making them easy to clean.
  • The non-porous nature of these tumblers also means they are great for imprinting. Colors won’t bleed, fade, or rub off.
  • Some coffee mugs are meant for just hot liquids, but stainless steel tumblers can hold either hot or cold liquids, helping them to retain their intended temperature for a longer period of time.

Consider ordering stainless steel tumblers as a promotional item to give away as gift or sell. They are long-lasting and convenient for people on the go. Stainless steel tumblers are on special this month at Infinity Signs. Talk to Infinity Signs NW to learn more about this promotion.


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