Infinity Signs Newsletter November 2nd, 2015 – Print Marketing and Promotional Events

The Impact of Color on Signs and Print Marketing

Creating a positive impression is a must for every business owner. Print marketing can create a lasting impression is made in only three to five seconds, and good impressions are typically made through visual appeal. How aesthetically pleasing a logo or sign is could make the difference between a customer stopping and purchasing from a business or walking on by.

The largest component of visual appeal is color, and businesses who make the most of the power of color can easily market themselves more effectively. Many large corporations have learned how to use color and print marketing to influence customer behavior. For example, the McDonald’s® logo is composed of red and yellow. The color red is used to create a sense of urgency and increase appetite while is the color of yellow represents cheerfulness and optimism. Red and yellow are also the most appealing to children.

Similarly, Starbucks® uses a green mermaid for their logo and marketing efforts. Green is the color of relaxation, and the mermaid associates the corporation with nature. The result is a company that invites customers to unwind over a cup of coffee. Another company that has effectively harnessed the power of color is Fanta®. Fanta® uses the color orange which is associated with happiness and warmth. Their use of color has been extremely successful as their orange beverage accounts for 70% of all sales.

Other research has highlighted the importance of color and visual appeal for marketing purposes. When purchasing a product about 93% of customers report that appearance is most important while only 6% favor texture and 1% emphasize smells or sounds. Over 84% of customers claim color as the primary influence in their decision to buy.

Business owners need to be aware of the impact of color to create visual appeal. Here are some of the most common colors and how they influence people:

  • Red – Red is frequently used to create a sense of excitement or urgency. The color red physically stimulates the human body causing blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing to increase. Red also has a positive effect on memory. Many companies use red to create high energy environments, increase movement, and encourage appetite. Therefore, red is frequently associated with food and restaurants. Red is also commonly used for clearance sales in retail stores.
  • Yellow – Like red, yellow is a color associated with excitement. It promotes happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism. Yellow is used to appeal to the logical side of the human brain and is associated with confidence, playfulness, and movement. Businesses use yellow for drawing in impulsive buyers and window shoppers but to also market to children and promote leisure products.
  • Orange – Orange is typically associated with self-confidence, optimism, adventure and sociability. It has a tendency to inspire and create enthusiasm while appealing to gut instincts. Orange also communicates affordability. Businesses like restaurants and cafes commonly use orange to encourage conversation, fun activities, and appetite.
  • Blue – Blue is traditionally associated with feelings of security, calm, and trust. Blue is reliable and responsible, and it seeks peace and tranquility. Blue is most commonly used in industries where trust and dependability are important. Blue also helps to build customer loyalty because it relates to honesty. Unlike red, blue has a tendency to curb appetite and stimulate productivity. Blue is the color commonly preferred by men.
  • Green – Most often associated with nature, green relates to health and tranquility. Green is the color of growth, balance, and harmony. Many businesses use green to relate themselves to healing and to the environment. On the other hand, green is also the color of money and associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Financial institutions make use of green as well as businesses that want to promote clear decision making.
  • Purple – Purple is generally associated with royalty but it also relates to the imagination, creativity, and spirituality. Purple relates to wisdom and is used to promote effective problem solving. In general, businesses use purple to represent high quality products and premium services. Women and children are most attracted to purple, and it works well for packaging and print materials.
  • Black – Black is usually associated with strength, power, and authority. This color is often used as a symbol of intelligence as well. On the other hand, black can be used to signify the unknown and the hidden. Black can give the impression of intimidation, control, and protection. For businesses, black is associated with high end luxury products and companies that want to emanate class, elegance, and sophistication.
  • White – White is the color of perfection, purity, innocence, simplicity, and wholeness. It can also represent unity, equality, and new beginnings. White is often associated with the absence of color but it works well for products and services that promote cleanliness and efficiency.

For business owners color is extremely important when developing company branding and visual appeal. The psychological impacts of color should inform logo and signage design. Color is an important factor in print marketing materials as well. Color ads are read more often than those in black and white, and using color increases readership, learning, and comprehension.

Contact Infinity Signs for help with deciding on the best colors for marketing purposes. Our graphic design team is knowledgeable about which colors are the best for effectively promoting businesses and creating positive impressions.


Attracting Holiday Shoppers with Signage

The winter holiday season represents one of the busiest times of the year for businesses. Retailers, in particular, have their hands full when it comes to attracting shoppers. Not only do holiday shoppers spend more than any other time of the year, there is also plenty of competition. During the Christmas and holiday season, many businesses offer unbelievable promotions and sales to increase profits.

As a result, businesses must be on the lookout for unique ways of promoting themselves through signage and other print marketing materials. One of the ways they can do this is by developing a theme for holiday signage and displays. This theme needs to be consistent throughout the store even though the specials might change. A store that decides to create a 12 Days of Christmas theme might offer different specials each day.

Holiday themed window decals are excellent ways to attract attention and entice buyers. Window decorations are customized graphics that can be applied and then removed with ease. This means they are good for promoting limited-time offers and seasonal specials. Sometimes businesses use decorations to draw attention to unique displays within their store, inviting window shoppers to find out more.

The holiday season is also a good time to make use of in-store signs including banners, yard signs, and table top displays. These signs are used to draw the focus of customers to seasonal promotions and special items that are on sale. Floor stands are especially effective for restaurants who want to highlight seasonal dishes.

In addition, businesses can start promoting themselves by putting up holiday decorations to go with their holiday themed signs. Decorations are appealing to many customers who enjoy festive environments to shop in. This might mean adding wreaths, erecting a tree, hanging stockings or attaching tinsel. Some stores place holiday candy near the register or give away candy canes when customers make a purchase.

To attract holiday shoppers, it is important for businesses to have a plan in place so that they can determine their signage needs. The experts at Infinity Signs design and install signs that will help businesses make the most of the busy holiday shopping season.


Tips for Making the Most of Promotional Events

One of the ways businesses can generate interest in their company is to host a promotional event. Although most people consider promotional events to consist of tradeshows and exhibitions, they can involve much more. Company-sponsored concerts, festivals, presentations, workshops, networking occasions, and product launches are all examples of promotional events.

The goal of promotional events is to increase brand recognition and build or strengthen relationships. One advantage for hosting a promotional event is that companies attract a captive targeted audience. In other words, people who come to the event are usually already interested in the company’s products and services. Businesses immediately have the undivided attention of attendees.

With that in mind, there are several ways that businesses can make the most out of promotional events. First of all, it helps if the event is centered around the industry the business is in. Health and beauty companies could potentially host a wellness workshop that includes presentations by popular experts. Record companies are known for sponsoring concerts and festivals. Car makers are famous for their exhibits that highlight the latest vehicle trends and technological advances.

Effective promotional events make it special for guests. The goal is to create a memorable experience for attendees, something that they will be talking about for months afterwards. Live events can be enhanced through technology like electronic signage and live voting using smartphones. Promotional events are also useful when hosts set aside time for attendees to talk to each other and network.

The success of a promotional event is heavily dependent on the planning phase. It is recommended to allow at least two months to plan an event, and companies need to be organized as much as possible to keep track of how their budget is being spent. Part of planning is sending out invites and promoting the event itself so that people will attend.

Infinity Signs is here to help businesses make the most of promotional events. Our signage experts are available to design and install signs for spreading the word. We also offer a variety of promotional items that can be given away at events including business cards and brochures.


Five Unique Items to Use for Advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential activities for business owners. There is the temptation, though, for owners to rely on the same promotional tactics that everyone else uses. The potential problem is that businesses could miss out on valuable opportunities for attracting customers by not thinking outside the box.

It takes some creative ideas for businesses to continually draw attention and increase brand recognition. Here are five ideas for unique print marketing items that companies can use to make a memorable impression:

  1. Custom Wraps – Wraps are popular items for vehicles but they can be applied to a variety of other objects too. Custom designed wraps are available for appliances, electronics, and even musical instruments. Wraps are excellent ways to create brand recognition, and it helps if the company and wrapped item are related. For example, a guitar with a personalized wrap applied is the perfect promotional item for musicians or stores that sell musical instruments.
  2. Wallpaper Graphics – One of the best ways to decorate a building is with customized wallpaper that features the company’s logo. Custom wallpaper strengthens a company’s branding and can help set the right mood for customers coming in. Moreover, there are a wide variety of wallpaper options to choose from. Wallpaper comes in many shapes and sizes, and some wallpaper materials can be easily applied and then removed for redecorating.
  3. Booklets – For businesses who want to promote themselves as subject matter experts, booklets are excellent ways to educate others about their field. Booklets allow companies to deliver useful information to targeted audiences while building their brand and generating sales. They are portable and can be handed out or left on counters and tables for people to take.
  4. Stickers – Everyone enjoys freebies, and company logo stickers or other designs are perfect for handing out at tradeshows or other promotional events. Custom stickers are readily affordable and help with branding as they tend to travel and be displayed in prominent places.
  5. Wrapping Paper – As the holiday season approaches, businesses can make an impression with customized wrapping paper that features the company logo and colors. Customized wrapping paper is ideal for businesses who offer gift wrapping services during the holidays.

Infinity Signs is passionate about helping businesses get themselves noticed. Our experts offer a wide variety of promotional products for companies to increase brand recognition.



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