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Infinity Signs Newsletter November, 2017


Promotional Product Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

Giving clients gifts during the holidays is a great way to thank them for their continued business and support. Promotional products make great client gifts and will be greatly appreciated, not to mention useful for the upcoming year. Not sure what type of promotional product will make the best gift? Here are some ideas:

  1. Coffee Mugs

Always a classic, coffee mugs and travel mugs make great gifts. They will be used frequently even if the person doesn’t drink coffee. They can be used for tea and hot chocolate as well. Coffee mugs and travel mugs also make a great canvas for logo opportunities. For the company giving the gift, coffee mugs and travel mugs are reasonably priced with a variety of options to fit within most budgets.

  1. Baskets

Food and candy baskets are always a big hit. There’s so many different foods or candies to choose from, making it easy to personalize it to your client’s tastes. Go with multiple flavors of popcorn or a basket full of taffy. The basket or container makes for a great place to display the company information as well.

  1. Calendars

Even though everyone has a calendar on their phone these days, it’s nice to have a hard copy especially in an office setting. Many companies create a promotional calendar to give away to clients toward the end of the year. It saves clients from having to go out and buy one later. They come in many different sizes and styles but you will need to order these now for on time delivery.

  1. Ornaments

For offices that love decorating for Christmas, an ornament can be the perfect gesture. With so many colors, shapes, and sizes, it is easy to customize them for promotional purposes. They are easily ordered in bulk amounts and can be used for many years.

  1. Stress Reliever

The end of the calendar year can be stressful with balancing budgets and organizing everything before the holidays. A little squishy stress reliever can help clients get through all that end of the year stress. Go for something cute, seasonal or neutral. All of which can be personalized with a logo and business information.

Find these promotional products and more on the Infinity Signs NW website. There’s a large catalog to provide even more fun ideas. Order early for the best selection!




Plan Early When Relocating

Moving a business can be stressful because there’s so many things to do. Often overlooked until the last minute is getting the proper signage put up to notify customers of the move. Most people focus on the signage for the new building but there is also a need for signage at the old location. Here is a breakdown of what signage should be put up at both buildings:

Old Building Needs

At the old building, there needs to be signage explaining the store is changing locations. This is generally done with banners, but can also be achieved through vinyl window graphics or yard signs around the property.

Using a combination of these three types of signage will help reach the most customers to notify them about the move. Not properly informing customers about a move could hurt sales after the move. Let people know of any sales that are happening to reduce inventory and when the move will occur.

New Building Needs

At the new building, let people know what’s coming with window graphics and temporary banners. They should have the date of the grand opening and overview information about the company. This not only informs people, but gets them excited for the grand opening.

After setting up the moving signage, it’s time to focus on the permanent building signage. Infinity Signs NW can create custom business signage for every building. Get this ordered as soon as possible to be sure it’s ready for opening day.

Infinity Signs NW can help with all your business signage needs from temporary banners to beautiful monument signs. Visit our website to see some of the previous signage we have designed for businesses around Boise and the Treasure Valley.





Benefits of A-frame Signs for Businesses

A-frame signs are commonly found on sidewalks drawing customers into shops and restaurants or used to give directions to parking or a convention. These simple, but effective signs have a wide variety of benefits for the businesses using them, some of which include:

  1. Affordability

A-frame signs are a cost-effective option for directing customers to a store. After the initial expense, the message on it can be changed to advertise anything from daily specials to monthly events. Although inexpensive, a-frame signs are sturdy, and most types are resistant to rain and snow. A-frame signs can also be weighted to keep them from blowing away in the wind.

  1. Versatility

There are a variety of materials available for the construction of A-frame signs. They can be made into a chalk board, message board, or just a simple “Open” sign. A-frames signs can also be used as one-sided signs or double-sided depending on how they are set up.

  1. Portability

A-frame signs are also used at markets or other events where a temporary sign is needed. Their portability makes them easy to move to various locations to reach the most customers while still being quickly packed up and taken inside at night.

With so many uses businesses often need more than one a-frame sign. Talk to Infinity Signs NW to see how an A-frame sign can be a cost-effective advertising option for your business or organization.




Holiday Banners

Getting ready to decorate for the holidays? Now is a good time to start ordering signage such as banners to help spread holiday cheer. Here are some of the different ways banners can be used for the holiday season:

Lamppost Banners

Decked out lampposts always help bring the holiday cheer. They help to create a picturesque scene in the streets. Infinity Signs NW can make custom pole banners to fit on the lampposts with beautiful graphics and lettering. These types of banners go great with the tinsel and greenery that are sometimes wrapped around the post.

Parade Banners

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a few parades and no parade is complete without a banner or two. Whatever the cause, group, or message for the parade, the team at Infinity Signs NW can create a well-designed, visible banner for the whole crowd to see.

Store Banners

When stores decorate for the holidays, banners are the perfect choice. They can be used to display a holiday greeting, advertise a holiday sale, and more. Infinity Signs NW can create holiday banners for store purposes in many sizes and styles.

Banners are the perfect holiday decoration or promotional vehicle because they are temporary. They can be strung up for however long needed, or easily carried during a parade because of their lightweight properties. When properly folded and stored, banners can also be used for many years to come.

Need to order holiday banners? The time is now! Contact Infinity Signs NW about creating the perfect holiday banner.



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