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Infinity Signs Newsletter November, 2018

Trade Show Facelift

Custom Trade Show Signs

For many companies the end of the year brings an evaluation of the budget for 2019, including the marketing and trade show budget. As you consider where to put those dollars there are some great reasons to consider giving your trade show booth a facelift. For many people walking past your booth the first impression their going to get about you and your business is the look and feel of your banners and exhibit signs. These have to make a powerful statement. A visually appealing booth will draw potential customers in and encourage them to spend time learning more about what you have to offer.

What makes one booth better than another? High quality, professionally designed banners and exhibit signs can go a long way towards setting you apart from your neighbors. The design team at Infinity Signs NW has worked with many companies in the Boise area and has created some of the most impressive set-ups at area shows. The proper use of graphics and color are critical for setting the right tone to your customers. We know how to help you capitalize on these important tools.

Another critically important feature of trade show signage is its ability to send a very quick and direct message. Generally, you’ll only have a short time to inform prospects about your business. You need to tell them who you are, what your products or services are, why they need them, and what specials you might have for them – all in a matter of seconds. Of course not all of that is possible in a single banner or sign but you can certainly give them enough information to make them hungry for more. The best trade show signage will result in your prospects pursuing your sales people to get answers to their remaining questions.

A banner provides the best option to catch their attention and draw them in to learn more. Make 2019 your best year ever with an upgraded look for your trade show booth. Imagine the difference it could make for your revenue next year!

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance Signs

If you’ve recently moved into a new facility, or will be in the coming year, it’s important to make sure that your navigation signs are ADA compliant. As a business owner you want all of your customers to be able to effectively navigate through your building, which means being certain that customers with disabilities have the necessary ADA signage to assist them as well.

The Americans with Disabilities ACT passed in 1990 prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities and establishes specific guidelines for signage. In order to comply with these requirements, it’s strongly recommended that you work with a professional sign company who has the experience to properly create and position all necessary signs. If you’ve moved into a new building, you’ll want to make sure everything is in compliance as you don’t know for sure that the previous owner did everything according to the letter of the law. Regardless of how new or old your business is; the ADA applies to you.

ADA signs serve a very specific purpose and must meet a very specific set of standards set out through the government regulations. These signs allow Americans with disabilities to effectively navigate and use commercial business facilities, ideally just as well as a non-disabled person would. These signs are directional in nature with the goal being to inform people with disabilities about the location of bathrooms, exits, telephones and other important services. These signs may use text, images, symbols, Braille and other forms of communication.

While it may seem like no big deal to hang a sign that says “restroom”, there’s quite a bit more to it than that. The Americans with Disabilities Act clearly states the guidelines for every element of the sign such as font type, contrast and spacing. The requirement for Braille can add an extra challenge and make it even more difficult for business owners to properly create their own signage.

There are some exceptions to the ADA signage requirements. Temporary signs, company logos, or signs designed for promotional or advertising purposes are not under regulatory rules. Most business owners want to do everything they can to make their business accessible to all potential customers and in most cases improper or inadequate ADA signs are simply a mistake, but they can be a very costly mistake if legal consequences are imposed. Let Infinity Signs NW help you make sure your business is compliant today.

Lawn Signs

Yard signs

As the elections finally pass and you begin to enjoy the removal of all the clutter from everyone’s lawn, you may be wondering why lawn signs are so popular. It seems that lawn signs are a pretty effective way of marketing to the masses given the incredible number of them that politicians spend money on each election cycle. That being the case, maybe it’s worth considering for your company. One study found that a well-placed sign will expose 25,000 drivers per day to your message.

Lawn signs are small advertising signs that are positioned facing the street to express support for a person, business, or upcoming event. Outside of political signs, likely you’ve primarily seen them used for customers who have used a specific company for some type of home service such as a new roof, home repair, or lawn care. Lawn signs catch your eye when you drive by or when you walk your dog around the neighborhood. We’ve seen cars stop on the side of the road to take a quick picture of the sign so they have the phone number and can call the company for a service that they may need.

In addition, lawn signs are an affordable way to reach a large number of people. They’re not expensive or complicated to design and print, which allows customers to purchase larger quantities and effectively blanket the area. Be sure to get permission from the property owner prior to placing a sign in the yard and check local ordinances for use on major roads. Because of their affordability, lawn signs are also a viable option for short term use such as to promote an upcoming event or sale. As we approach the holidays maybe your business is having a visit from Santa or a seasonal sale, lawn signs are the perfect way to promote these events without breaking the marketing budget.

Infinity Signs NW can get these signs custom designed extremely quickly with your logo, graphics and personalized message perfectly designed to reach your target audience. Our dream team of graphic designers and printing experts is ready to help you promote your company or upcoming event!

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