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Seasonal Signage…Don’t Miss Out!

Holiday banners

In just a few short weeks Black Friday will be upon us and the insanity of holiday shopping will officially begin.  If you’re a business who is looking to capitalize on this time, then seasonal signage is going to be an absolute must.  The time to get that ordered is NOW.  If you want to have high quality, professional signage the window to get it designed, ordered, printed and delivered before Thanksgiving is rapidly closing.

Infinity Signs, NW can help you with your holiday sign needs.  We’ve got a great team of designers that have helped countless customers create incredible holiday displays.  You’ve got to think bigger than just sale signs.  This can really be an opportunity to completely recreate the shopping experience for your customers.  It can all begin with the windows and exterior of your building.  Don’t let your windows be dead spaces, instead use vinyl graphics to create images and display messaging that gets people to come inside and see what else you have to offer.

Once potential buyers have come inside large banners can be a good way of getting major marketing messaging across.  This is the chance to convey the big idea.  For example, “Everything 20% Off” or “Store wide Buy 1 Get 1” or “New Children’s Section Upstairs”. Any simple, big message that you want to make sure everyone sees when they come in should be promoted through a hanging banner.

From here you have all kinds of chances to promote specific services or products.  Smaller signs at the point of sale or cash register can increase sales of those impulse purchases.  Display signs can draw attention to something unique such as a “$5 and under gifts” or “Tech Gifts”. This can be a good way of helping customers find their way through your store.  For those who came in with absolutely no idea what they were looking for these can be a great way to get them focused in on a specific item and ultimately making a purchase.

Finally seasonal signs with holiday graphics are a great way to set the mood in your business.  This can be done in a whimsical way with Santa and his little elves, or a in a classy way through images of beautiful holiday scenes.  You’ve certainly seen how big box stores use these images and piped in Christmas music to get people in the mood to spend money, but smaller shops should take advantage as well.  This type of signage shouldn’t be limited to just consumer goods. Every business can jump in on the holiday spending.  Pet washing, massage parlor, chiropractor’s office, nail salon – every business has an opportunity to offer gift cards or seasonal specials and get in on the end of year spending.

Holiday Signs

Successful New Product Launches

New product signs

In the coming year there will be more than 70,000 new products launched in the U.S. market, but more than half of consumers will tell you that they can’t remember a single new product that came to market in the previous year.  How is it possible that even with billions of dollars spent on marketing and advertising for new products, most are so quickly forgotten?  What can you do to make sure your new product gets the attention it deserves?

Time – more than likely you’ve spent years developing your new product, don’t wait to let the world know what you’re doing.  When Apple was preparing to launch the new Apple Watch they began promoting it roughly 2 years before it was actually going to hit the market.  Signage was a big piece of the success of this product launch.  Apple utilized graphics of the new watch and put them on signs absolutely everywhere.  You couldn’t drive down the road, walk through the airport or shop at the mall without being inundated with images of the impending Apple Watch. While your budget for marketing may not compare to theirs, many of the concepts still can.  Get your product out there early and often.  Once you determine who your target audience is, begin to hit them well in advance of your planned launch. Infinity Signs, NW can help you come up with affordable options such as banners and vinyl graphics to help you increase your exposure.

Presentation – when the time comes to actually launch your new product the presentation you use will make a major impact.  This is the time to get really creative and colorful.  Notice what you see when you walk through the grocery store.  If it’s back-to-school season you’ll see cardboard school buses filled with school snacks, or giant apples with school supplies inside.  While these may seem that they go unnoticed they’re actually creating a subliminal message for your buyer about the product.

Partners – look around the community and see if there are places that might be perfect for you to promote your new product.  Then ask store or business owners if they might be interested in renting out their fencing along the sidewalk, their window space, or the side of the building.  Infinity Signs NW will print you an incredibly durable and attention-getting banner to hang in one of these locations.  Also be aware of seasonal locations.  Many small businesses are looking for ways to make some extra money and will be open to space rental.  Consider an A-frame sign at the local Christmas Tree Farm this year to promote an event or product that you’re ready to launch.

How Signs Improve Workflow

Interior business signs

There is nothing more competitive than the local food and dining industry.  Everyone from restaurants, to ice cream shops, to bars, are looking to attract essentially the same customers to earn the limited number of dollars available.  Using vinyl graphics can be a great way to help your business stand out from the others.

You’ve probably seen custom vinyl graphics a million places and not realized that this is what you were looking at.  Many businesses will use them on doors and windows, as well as in the entry way or waiting area.  When posted on an exterior facing area they’re the perfect way to let customers know about changes in things such as hours, or as a way to attract new employees.  They can also be the ideal way to inform people walking by about seasonal specials or upcoming special events.

Once you get customers inside you need to keep them engaged.  During peak hours there is likely to be a wait, which is great for you but less exciting for customers.  Using clever vinyl graphics can be entertaining and distracting.  If you’re reading something and chuckling about it, you’re far less likely to be irritated at how long you’ve been waiting. Using these signs to promote current specials or new menu items can also help reduce your customer wait times.  If people sit down already knowing what they’re going to order it moves them through the process quicker, and allows you to turn over tables that much faster.

Of course every business that serves the public knows about safety and regulatory requirements.  Vinyl signs can help you be in compliance with those as well.  They work great for handwashing signs, restroom directions, maximum occupancy signs and more.  As food allergies become a bigger concern, and liability for business owners, using vinyl signs to inform the public about potential allergens is another good option.

One thing you’ll find is that as certain customers become “regulars” they’ll notice the small changes you make.  So if you put up a new sign advertising something, they’ll catch it.  Let’s say you want to increase traffic during big games.  Use vinyl graphics to let people know that you’ll be showing the game, reducing beer prices, or offering discount appetizers.  This can be a great way to keep regular customers engaged and returning.

Vinyl graphics are affordable and readily available so give Infinity Signs NW a call to see how you can incorporate these signs into your business.

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