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Infinity Signs Newsletter October, 2017


Spruce Up Your Lobby

Metal Business Signs

Lobby and office signs help to reinforce branding inside a business and help to create a beautiful office environment for both customers and employees. These signs should match the company’s personality while also elevating the space they occupy. Here are some options for office and lobby signs:

  1. Acrylic

Acrylic signs can come in many forms because this material is so versatile. Acrylic signs can be a flat panel that resembles glass, dimensional letters that stand out from the wall, and more. It’s easy to customize acrylic lettering with the right colors or create gradients and other effects on their surface.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum signage creates a professional feel in any office or lobby. It’s brushed metal look can also be done in many finishes. The neutral color works well with many types of décor and is easy to maintain. Whether you are looking to create individual lettering or a flat panel with the raised lettering aluminum signage is a perfect choice.

  1. Vinyl Graphics

Another option is vinyl graphics that can adhere to walls and windows. It can be a more economical interior sign choice, but still makes a big impact on customers and staff. Have Infinity Signs NW create a small logo or an inspiring piece that covers the entire wall. Vinyl graphics are easily installed on many surfaces, including brick.

Talk to the team at infinity Signs NW about what the message you want to portray to customers and clients. They can help determine what type of signage will be best in the office or lobby. Get some ideas by viewing our Sign Gallery.



Importance of Signage Lighting

Lighted Signs

A sign can’t do its job unless it can be seen by passersby. That’s why a sign should have some sort of illumination, whether it be illuminated lettering, spotlights or back lighting. Many businesses are open after the sun goes down, especially during winter when days are shorter. A visible sign will help bring in customers during this time. Even if the business is not open after dark, it is still a good idea to have lighting to make people aware of your business location and brand.

Signs illuminated internally or externally can:

  • Provide additional visibility at night
  • Be visible regardless of weather conditions
  • Help customers easily view important information

For those who don’t already have an illuminated sign, here are some tips to consider when externally illuminating your sign:

Sign Size

The size can determine the size/shape of the light beam, and its intensity. Different types of lighting will need to be used for tall signs and short signs. Some signs look better basked in a soft glow, while others need a brighter spotlight.


The color of the sign needs to work well with the color of the lighting used. Using warmer lighting with earth-toned signage looks more natural than a blue-white light. If the wrong color of lighting is used, it can be hard on people’s eyes.


Placing the lighting can be a bit of an issue on some signs because of unwanted shadows. This requires some creative placements. However, most signs can be illuminated by ground-mounted lighting. If the signage is on a building, however, lighting coming from above suits it well.

For those who want internally illuminated signage, Infinity Signs NW can make that happen. Choose from backlighted lettering, internally illuminated lettering, lightbox cabinet signs, and more. Infinity Signs NW can help businesses figure out a lighting solution for any type of sign.

Don’t lose customers due to poorly visible exterior signage. Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about upgrading to illuminated signage.




5 Ideas For The Back of Your Business Card

Custom Business Card Ideas

Business cards have been around for quite some time, and continue to prove useful as a marketing resource. They’ve changed styles over the years, becoming more creative. However, some business people still don’t utilize the back of their business cards. It’s extra space that can be put to good use by implementing these ideas:

  • Discounts/Referrals

People will always love free or discounted stuff. Use the back of the card to entice potential customers to come in by offering them a discount on services, or they can refer a friend with the business card.

  • QR Code

Get people to view a video or website by putting a QR code on the back. They’re likely to be intrigued enough to scan it and learn more about the company and its services.

  • Display Skills

Those in visual arts professions can use the back of their business card to show off some of their previous work. This works well for photographers, illustrators, tattoo artists, etc. Instead of telling someone about their work, the card gives them an example.

  • Social Media

Give potential customers and clients the opportunity to connect with the company via social media. It’s a great way to encourage interaction and establish a connection.

  • Magnet

While it isn’t using up more of the space, it is unique. Instead of being put in a stack with the rest of the business cards, it might get displayed on the fridge or filing cabinet. That person is then more likely to see it often, remembering to call that company when in need of their services.

Work with the graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW to create a visually appealing business card with a good call to action. They provide a huge variety of business card options to fit everyone’s personality and style.



Benefits of Promotional Product Giveaways

Giveaways can be a great marketing strategy. If they’re done wisely, they’re almost guaranteed to boost sales. Why do free promotional products boost sales? Here’s a few ways they can influence customers:

  1. Obligation

When someone is given something for free, they often feel obligated to support that company by purchasing other merchandise or using their services.

  1. Mystery

Throwing in a free gift-with-purchase, but not telling customers what it is, makes them want to know what it is. This intrigues them, prompting customers to buy something to find out about the gift.

  1. Word of Mouth

While social media is indeed an important part of marketing, word of mouth is still effective and usually less expensive. When a customer receives something for free, they are more likely to talk about it to friends and family.

While promotional freebies can influence consumers in these ways, they have to be implemented correctly. Here are a few tips:

  • Method

Find a method for giving out the promotional products that is advantageous to the company. Have recipients join a mailing list, follow a social media account, etc. This increases the company’s audience at the same time.

  • Length

Every giveaway should only be offered for a limited time. If it goes on too long people will begin to lose interest. The larger the promotional product, the longer the giveaway can be. Sometimes the shortest giveaways get the most participants because everyone wants to act fast.

  • Promote

To get the most benefit from the giveaway people must be made aware of it. Use every outlet possible to garner interest. Use of marketing emails, social media, receipts, temporary signage, etc. to start promoting the giveaway before it begins and keep it going strong until the end.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can help companies find the perfect promotional products for their next giveaway. Also, be sure to check out the promotional product specials for the month of October.


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