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Infinity Signs Newsletter October, 2018

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs Boise

If you’re looking for a new way to make your business stand out from the crowd, consider a new sign using beautiful channel letters. Channel letters allow you to completely customize your sign to use any color, font, design, size or lighting you want. There is truly no better way to get a look that’s completely your own. Channel letters allow you to utilize your existing logo or create a whole new look. Channel letters are 3 dimensional, metal or plastic letters, which are internally illuminated and mounted on the exterior of a building.

While channel lettering can do a lot to promote your business, there are some potential pitfalls you’ll want to be sure to avoid. First, there must be good contrast between the letters and the color of the wall. This needs to be true not only during the day but at night as well. A good designer can help in this area. The color of the lettering needs to not only stand out from the background but also be able to withstand shadowing. Throughout the day the sun will create shadows on various areas of the lettering, and if not taken into consideration during the initial design, these shadows can render a sign completely unreadable at different times of the day.

Another potential issue with channel letters is birds’ nests. Typically the signs you see around town that have nests in the letters are channel signs. Unfortunately many birds are drawn to signs because of the relative safety from predators and the vantage point. While they may create an unsightly look to your sign there can also be serious economic impact. Bird droppings are acidic and can permanently damage signs. In addition, the twigs and other nesting materials tend to be highly flammable and can catch fire when electrical wiring or heated bulbs come into contact with them. There are several options for deterring birds from nesting in your channel letters which Infinity Signs NW can discuss with you and install during the initial sign installation.

Infinity Signs NW can help you create an eye-catching design, with perfectly contrasting colors that will last for years to come. With our vast array of experience, we can work with you from design and fabrication through sign installation and maintenance. Give us a call today to get started working with one of our talented designers on your new look!



Selecting a Font for Outdoor Signage

Custom Signage Boise

When it’s time to get a new sign for your business it can feel like a daunting task to choose the look and feel that will best capture the essence of your company. The outdoor signage will be the first thing most customers see and can often play a crucial role in getting new people through your doors. One of the key elements that you’ll have to settle on is the font. Selecting a font, from the literally hundreds currently available, can be overwhelming without some guidance. At Infinity Signs NW we’ve helped many customers over the years work through this process and we’ve put together some tips for you to consider.

The primary goal of your sign is readability. You want your customers to be able to easily read your sign from a reasonable distance away. To best achieve this steer clear of script fonts. These are the fonts in which the letters are all tied together. While these are beautiful fonts, they can be difficult to read. If your logo already uses a script font, our design team will work with you to find a font that compliments your logo but cleans it up a bit to make it easier for passer-byers to read.

Consider what type of business you’re going to be promoting. There are fonts that convey a more serious or traditional look and others that offer a more streamlined and modern look. In general, fonts for outdoor signage break down into two categories: serif and sans serif. Serif fonts are those that have little lines attached to the ends of the letters. Times New Roman is an example of this type of font. You can see what look like little feet on the bottom of the letters. This would be your more traditional looking font. Arial font is an example of a sans serif font which basically means lettering without the little lines on the bottom. This type of font gives a more modern look.

The sans serif fonts are generally preferred by web designers and are often recommended for companies intending to have a significant web presence. Again if your logo is already designed and well known but uses a different type of font there’s no reason to try to change it. The team at Infinity Signs NW will help you integrate that logo with a complimentary web font to maintain your brand recognition while giving you a powerful web design.

If you’re looking to have it all boiled down to just which font to choose we recommend considering one of the following: Trajan, Veranda, Helvetica, Futura or Garamond. All of these are great choices and have been used by many companies to create clear customer messaging.



Decorating for the Holidays

Have you started thinking holidays yet? Well you’re running out of time if you want your business to be ready for the upcoming holiday season. Now is a great time to give Infinity Signs NW a call to get your order placed for any signage you’d like to use during the holiday season.

Seasonal signage can be a great way to attract new customers, promote sales, and inform the public about new product offerings that might make great gift ideas. Window clings and other window graphics allow you to make the most of your store front glass. These displays provide an inexpensive, easy-to-change, and incredibly powerful marketing opportunity. Infinity Signs NW can get these designed and printed quickly to allow you to take full advantage of the entire holiday season.

Vinyl banners are another way to inform customers about holiday promotions. Banners can be printed in vivid seasonal colors to really stand out. They’re weather resistant and designed to withstand the cold winter temperatures and blowing snow. In addition they’re extremely easy to hang and will fit any space. You tell us the size you’re looking for and we can get you the perfect banner. In fact vinyl banners are the perfect way to take advantage of either a vertical or horizontal space as we can print them in either direction.

Another holiday sign option is an A-frame sidewalk sign. This is the ideal way of letting customer’s know lots of useful information while they’re walking past. Let your customers know you’re offering gift wrapping, or that you’re open extended hours for the holidays, or provide information on your sale of the day.

Finally, add some fun to your company holiday party with some custom signs for photo backgrounds. Everyone likes to get a little silly around the holidays!

As every business is fighting for their piece of the market this holiday season it will be critical that your company stands out above the rest. Strategic, well-designed signs can help you do that without costing you a fortune. Many of these signs are reusable for future years and fold flat for easy storage. Make the investment to promote your business this year and you’ll feel that holiday cheer!

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