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The Value of Early Signage

Boise HOA Signs

When you’re breaking ground on a new facility there are a million details to contend with.  While major construction decisions may dominate your thoughts, signage is actually something you should cross off the list early as well.  Certainly the actual building will need to be well designed to meet your needs and sell its value to the community, but the signs you post in front of it can get the excitement started early.

In fact there are benefits to putting up your sign before you even begin construction.  Take for example a new residential neighborhood.  As you’re putting in the roads and city services people will be driving by wondering what’s going to go in that new area.  This is the perfect time to have the name of your new development posted, and possibly information on the price point for property or homes. Especially in an area such as Boise where the property market has been exploding. Many people have been looking for new home opportunities for a long time and will be anxious to learn more as soon as they’re aware of what’s happening.  Your sign could be placed months in advance and effective marketing can begin.

In other areas early signage can be helpful in catching customers before they go elsewhere.  If you’re about to open a new fitness facility or childcare option, and a customer sees your sign maybe they’ll hold off joining another gym or daycare that’s farther away.  Getting people before they’re committed elsewhere could give you a great boost in new customers when you have your grand opening. The last thing you want is for people to tell you they would have loved to come to your place of business, but they just signed a year long contract somewhere else.

You may feel that your new business is too small for this.  Maybe you’ve noticed that big chains always have “coming soon” signs but you’re not sure you can swing it.  A banner may be the perfect option.  This allows companies with a smaller budget to still get their name out there, without such a substantial upfront investment.  For many companies it just isn’t practical to pay for more expensive monument signs as a placeholder for their permanent one.  Getting a banner is the way to go.  It will still look professional, increase brand recognition, and establish your business within the community.

Regardless of what type of sign you decide on, Infinity Signs NW can help you maximize on your marketing potential right from the very start.  New construction, new location, new business…there’s no better time than now to get a sign up.

Trade Show Best Practices

Trade Show booth signage

Trade shows are still one of the most effective ways of marketing to large numbers of potential customers in a short period of time.  For many industries an annual trade show will bring in enough prospects to last the whole year, however in order to fully capitalize on these opportunities you’ll need to make sure your trade show signage is up to snuff.  Not only does your sign need to be eye-catching and informational, it also needs to adhere to the many rules set by the show’s organizers.

To get started always ask for the list of guidelines for signage.  The team at Infinity Signs NW can review these best practices with you and make sure that all of your signage falls within the requirements before you make any final decisions.  You’ll find that many trade shows are extremely picky about signage.  There will often be rules about the colors you can use, the size, the placement, the use of lights, the use of graphics, the materials for signage, the graphics and verbiage that are allowed, as well as the types of signage that are acceptable.

After we make sure that your sign ideas meet all of these criteria we can move to the next step – working well with others.  If you’re sharing booth space with a vendor, or even just bringing in some type of celebrity, they’ll likely have their own marketing materials that they want to use. In order to have a nice flow throughout your booth you’ll want to coordinate with these folks and ensure all of your signage looks cohesive.

Finally it’ time to let the creative juices flow.  Let’s figure out exactly what you want your messaging to be, and how we can make that happen. You’ll need to have signs that are concise, as there is so much stimulation at a trade show that most visitors will only look at a sign for an average of 5 seconds. Your signs will also need to be consistent.  Color and graphics are great, but too much is just….too much.  They need to all fit the same theme to really promote your brand.

Finally avoid promoting things that are temporary.  There are far less expensive options than your trade show signage to allow you to promote show specials, guest speakers or new products.  You want your show booth materials to be usable for multiple shows, and even multiple years if possible.  Set a sign on an easel or use a banner to advertise items that are show specific, but use your primary booth signage to focus on your overall business.

Clearly putting all of this together will take time so be sure to start early.  Contact Infinity Signs NW several months in advance so we can work together to create something amazing for your next trade show.

Vinyl Graphics in the Food Industry

Vinyl Graphics

There is nothing more competitive than the local food and dining industry.  Everyone from restaurants, to ice cream shops, to bars, are looking to attract essentially the same customers to earn the limited number of dollars available.  Using vinyl graphics can be a great way to help your business stand out from the others.

You’ve probably seen custom vinyl graphics a million places and not realized that this is what you were looking at.  Many businesses will use them on doors and windows, as well as in the entry way or waiting area.  When posted on an exterior facing area they’re the perfect way to let customers know about changes in things such as hours, or as a way to attract new employees.  They can also be the ideal way to inform people walking by about seasonal specials or upcoming special events.

Once you get customers inside you need to keep them engaged.  During peak hours there is likely to be a wait, which is great for you but less exciting for customers.  Using clever vinyl graphics can be entertaining and distracting.  If you’re reading something and chuckling about it, you’re far less likely to be irritated at how long you’ve been waiting. Using these signs to promote current specials or new menu items can also help reduce your customer wait times.  If people sit down already knowing what they’re going to order it moves them through the process quicker, and allows you to turn over tables that much faster.

Of course every business that serves the public knows about safety and regulatory requirements.  Vinyl signs can help you be in compliance with those as well.  They work great for handwashing signs, restroom directions, maximum occupancy signs and more.  As food allergies become a bigger concern, and liability for business owners, using vinyl signs to inform the public about potential allergens is another good option.

One thing you’ll find is that as certain customers become “regulars” they’ll notice the small changes you make.  So if you put up a new sign advertising something, they’ll catch it.  Let’s say you want to increase traffic during big games.  Use vinyl graphics to let people know that you’ll be showing the game, reducing beer prices, or offering discount appetizers.  This can be a great way to keep regular customers engaged and returning.

Vinyl graphics are affordable and readily available so give Infinity Signs NW a call to see how you can incorporate these signs into your business.

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