Infinity Signs Newsletter October 6th, 2015 – Business Signs and Vehicle Wraps


PostersWays to Promote a Business With Signs

Successful business signs make use of pleasing colors, fonts, and graphics. Business Signs also need to be professional in appearance and easily readable. It also helps if the signs are consistent with the company’s other marketing materials to reinforce their branding.

Here are ways that owners can use signs to promote their businesses:

  1. On the Outside – Business signs announces that the company resides at that physical location. Depending on the location of the business, an owner might need several different kinds of signs in order to attract enough attention and cut down on confusion. Another place the business needs a sign is close to a major road not far from the physical location. This will help to draw in traffic from the street or highway.
  2. On the InsideInterior signs let visitors know they are in the right place. For interior signs, businesses have a wealth of options available. They can use banners, wall graphics, customized wallpaper, window wraps, and much more. They can help direct customers towards the business. This is especially helpful if the company is located in a shopping mall or other commercial space surrounded by other businesses. Interior signs also help to reinforce the company’s branding to employees who work in the building and serve as promotional materials to the other businesses around them.
  3. As Mobile Advertisements – Signs do not have to stay in one spot. There are many ways to get mobile with promotional signs. One of the most popular ways of taking marketing on the road is a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps can be installed on any kind of automobile including cars, trucks, vans, boats, and trailers. Also, vehicle wraps are an effective form of advertising. Thousands of people come in contact with vehicle wrap advertisements on the road, and the advertising goes wherever the vehicle goes. Vehicle wraps tend to attract more attention.

The experts of Infinity Signs are available to assist business owners so that they can make the most of their signs to successfully promote their businesses.


Tips for Designing a Company Vehicle Wrap

truck wrapsOne of the ways businesses can promote themselves is through the installation of a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are advertisements placed on the side of an automobile or other vehicle to promote the company. Vehicle wraps are popular because they are seen by thousands of people every day.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when designing a company vehicle wrap for maximum effectiveness:

  • Keep it Simple – Less is usually more when designing a vehicle wrap. Keep in mind other drivers will be reading the advertisement at 40 to 60 mph. That isn’t much time so be sure the vehicle wrap gets the point across quickly.
  • Make it Eye Catching – Is the vehicle wrap attracting attention on the road? A pleasing, eye catching vehicle wrap is designed with contrasting colors and easily readable fonts.
  • The Design Needs to Work Both Ways – Sometimes a company’s logo is too tall or too long to work with the vehicle’s body style. Having different versions of a logo can help minimize problems. There should be horizontal and vertical versions of a company’s logo to allow for the best fit.
  • Always Include Contact Information – There should be some action that potential customers can take in response to seeing the advertisement. To help them get more information, include the company’s phone number, address, or website on the vehicle wrap.

Contact the experts of Infinity Signs for professionally designed vehicle wraps. Our professionals know how to create effective vehicle wraps and make positive impressions for your company.


Making the Most of Trade Show Banners

Trade shows and exhibits are an important marketing component for many companies. They offer opportunities for businesses to show off their products and services and to develop relationships with potential customers. One of the most important elements of a trade show booth are the banners and exhibit signs.

There are several ways business owners can get the most benefit from their trade show displays. The first involves investing in quality, professionally designed trade show banners and exhibit signs. Many of the same principles for effective signs apply to these signs. Trade show banners and exhibits signs need to be eye-catching with simple images that are bold but clear.

Trade show banners and exhibit signs should quickly communicate what the business is about and what products or services it has to offer. Visitors usually only visit for a few minutes. Also, it might be helpful to highlight just one aspect of the company instead of trying to promote everything at once.

There are different options when it comes to trade show displays. Often businesses choose to place posters on portable easels at the front of the booth. However, keep in mind these stands are easy to bump and knock over. Instead, this is a great place to use a banner with a banner stand. These are harder to knock over.

For help with choosing the best trade show banners and exhibit signs, contact the experts at Infinity Signs. Our graphic designers can create the perfect sign for marketing at trade shows.


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