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Infinity Signs Newsletter September, 2018

Halo Signs

The Beauty of Halo Lit Signs

Back-lit exterior signs can really set a refined tone for your business, and are becoming increasingly popular. In most cases these signs consist of channel letters with aluminum or stainless steel sides and faces which are mounted on standoffs to keep them slightly off the wall and allow room for LED lights to be mounted behind. The light “floods” the wall behind the letters thus allowing them to be illuminated from behind and create the “halo” effect. The result is a beautiful halo look from the light shining behind the sign. It creates an incredibly unique and distinguished appearance to catch the eye of your customers.

One feature that adds to the uniqueness of a halo sign is that they can come in virtually any size and any font. From 6” to 36” and from a whimsical font to something elegant, everything about this sign is customizable. You can really create the sign that fits your business. Stainless steel opens up even more options with a variety of different finishes available. LED lights further broaden the individuality of each sign as there are multiple LED colors to choose from. If you love the look of white lettering selecting a red or blue LED light will create an amazing look with the distinguished halo effect. While all of this may seem overwhelming, the designers at Infinity Signs NW can work with you to show you what each option would look like, and help you find the exact set-up to properly showcase the personality of your business.

In addition, halo lit signs increase visibility and thus improve the chances of customers finding your business after dark. Maintenance is a breeze with a removable can to provide quick access to LED lights and allow for easy replacement when needed. The lightweight aluminum option is a great choice in situations where the overall weight of the sign could be a concern. This allows virtually any business to take advantage of a halo lit sign.

Halo lit signs create a completely different look than the more traditional front lit letters and could be a powerful way of setting your company apart from the competition. With excellent pricing and quick delivery, the team from Infinity Signs NW can have your new installed and catching people’s attention in no time.



The Beauty of Wall and Window Graphics

Many of our customers have limited space to market their message to prospective customers and they’ve been turning to us for the best way to utilize their available options. In many cases making use of wall and window graphics is the perfect choice. These open spaces are just waiting to be utilized. In most situations you’re simply taking an unused area, and turning it into a marketing tool that will lead to increased sales. These graphics are a great way to use images to send subliminal messaging to customers about the various products and services you have to offer.

The most common concerns we hear are – the idea that the business will look cluttered, and the fear of limiting the amount of daylight coming in. We’ve addressed both of these with our unique graphic designs. The window graphic material we use allows for daylight to still come in to your company, while the consideration we give to not just one graphic but the overall look of your space, ensures that we send your message without over cluttering. You can convey a clean, sophisticated look that appropriately markets your message with the power of vinyl graphics. If you’re business’ appearance has been stuck in a rut, wall and window graphics can be a great way to get an affordable face lift. It’s also good to know that most cities do not require sign permits for this type of advertising.

The advantages to wall and window graphics are tremendous, and the cost to invest is low. Compared to a more permanent metal sign or exterior signage, vinyl printed graphics are an excellent investment. They’re made from high quality material and are designed to last as long as need be. However, their quick installation makes changing them no problem. Wall graphics can be a great way to message seasonal offerings, current trends or available sales and specials. Infinity Signs NW can work with you to design the look of your wall and window spaces with a theme for the entire year. Let us take a bigger picture look at your marketing goals and we’ll design your space to change as frequently as you want to ensure you constantly have a fresh, trendy appeal to your customers. Contact Infinity Signs NW and we’ll get started designing your custom space today.

Boise Wall Graphics


Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Get It Done

Boise State Vehicle WrapHave you noticed an increase in wrapped vehicles cruising around the Boise area? We sure have! The reason for this is the powerful marketing effect that these vehicles are having. More and more people are realizing that vehicle wraps are the perfect way to saturate the market with information about their product or service, and create quick brand awareness. Vehicle wraps are inexpensive, quick to get to market, easy to change or replace, and working 24/7. In many cases small business owners are finding that wrapping their vehicle, and any company cars, is a great way to get started. Generally, the incredible return these companies are getting from this initial investment leads to wrapping more cars and even paying other drivers to agree to wrap their vehicle.

Want to get a piece of the action? Contact the design team at Infinity Signs NW today and in just a matter of days we can take you from layout and design to a 4-wheeled marketing tool drumming up business for your company. If the marketing rule of 7 holds true and customers need to see your marketing message 7 times before they make a move, then what better way to make that happen then having them see your vehicle in traffic every day.

Another goal of marketing is to convey a clear and concise message – perfect for the side of a car. You obviously aren’t going to list every good trait about your product on the side of a minivan, but you will get the most important and powerful pieces of information out there. Service industries are often high competition areas that are difficult to grab attention from customers, but many times they have several vehicles on the road each day, there’s no more effective tool for that traveling team to use to market than a series of vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps also take advantage of another effective tool – images. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then vehicle wraps will let you get several thousand words across in just one glance from a customer. The average vehicle can convey your company name, logo, main point, and a few images easily. Whether you’re looking to do just one vehicle or an entire fleet the high quality materials, experienced designers and professional vehicle wrap installers at Infinity Signs NW will get it done with excellence.

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