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Infinity Signs Newsletter September, 2017


Combining Print and Digital Signage.

Print signage has been a staple in the business signage world since the beginning. Some companies still favor print signage over up-and-coming tactics like digital signage while others are foregoing print for digital. Instead of choosing one over the other, they should consider using these two types of signage together to create a more dynamic display.

There are certain aspects of a display that are better done with digital signage. It provides more of a personal and interactive experience through videos and automated content. Those are things print signage doesn’t have the ability to provide. However, that doesn’t mean print signage can’t be included too.

While digital signage is great for captivating an audience with moving graphics, grabbing their initial attention is done easily with a well-designed print graphic or sign. The printed portion of the display or exhibit piques their interest, drawing them over to learn more. From there, the digital display provides more information in a format that is meant to engage and entertain.

However, don’t rely on digital signage to convey the entirety of the business’s message. It should not be a replacement for talking and interacting with visitors at an event like a tradeshow. Both digital and print signage should encourage people to ask questions and interact with the person behind the booth or exhibit to learn more.

When it comes to design, the combination of print and digital signage will require some additional thought to ensure an aesthetically appealing layout. The goal of surrounding the digital signage with print signage, such as vinyl graphics, is to make it look purposeful, like it is supposed to be there and was not an afterthought. The extra time spent on design will achieve a more positive response from visitors.

Combining the two signage styles creates a stronger visual impact, gives marketers a bigger toolset, and gives customers a better experience overall. Talk to the sign experts at Infinity Signs NW about creating a display or exhibit incorporating both digital and print signage.


Benefits of Aluminum Signage

Aluminum wall signs

Signage comes in many materials, one of them being aluminum. Aluminum letters are an excellent choice to help your business stand out and can be used inside or outside. For inside lobby use, they make a solid impression for your brand. The nice polished finish adds a unique, classy impression. When used outside, they provide lasting durability, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and still keep that nice look. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Strong and DurableAluminum signs

When most people think of aluminum, they think of soda cans that can be crumpled with one hand. However, in larger and thicker forms, it is very strong. This makes it a great option for outdoor signs. It won’t split, bow, wrap, or shatter and is resistant to rust.

  • Environmentally Responsible

Now days, most business are trying to be more environmentally friendly. Investing in an aluminum sign can help with the venture. It’s a non-toxic material, lasts for quite a long time, and can be recycled into a new sign.

  • Versatile Uses

Aluminum is durable enough to withstand outside weather conditions, but lightweight enough to be hung inside on a wall. It’s versatility is attracting more and more business owners to choose aluminum for their indoor and outdoor signage needs.

  • Many Design OptionsColored aluminum signs

Aluminum signs can have a variety of finishes like polished, mirrored, or brushed. Aluminum signs are also easy to manipulate through cutting, painting, and adding vinyl graphics to achieve the perfect design.

  • Affordable

With all of these great benefits, wouldn’t it be an expensive material? It’s actually the opposite. When compared to other materials used to create business signage, aluminum is one of the most affordable choices and there are several options available. In addition to solid aluminum, composite aluminum materials with metal on the face and plastic, solid foam or acrylic under it can provide an outstanding finish look. For finishes that won’t chip, crack, fade or discolor we utilize a variety of materials to fit almost any budget with a desire for nice looking dimension letter signs.

Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW to see if aluminum would be the right material for your next indoor or outdoor signage needs.


How to Fix Damaged Vehicle Wraps

Van GraphicsVinyl vehicle wraps can outlast all four of Idaho’s crazy seasons and the weather they bring. Their adhesive strength along with Infinity Signs NW’s impeccable application makes them extremely durable. However, nothing is invincible. The wrong cleaning technique or another unfortunate mishap can end up damaging vehicle wraps.

If the edges of the wrap begin to peel up, dirt or water from high-pressure washing has probably made its way underneath and may have ruined the adhesive. This is a simple fix. The edges just need to be trimmed where they are beginning to lift. We can easily and quickly remove lifted edges and keep the wrap looking good.

If an area has suffered a harsher casualty, like major damage during an accident, fixing the wrap is still possible. The damaged area is removed and replaced with a patch to match the existing graphic. Even an entire vehicle panel can be replaced, no problem. Because vehicle wraps are resistant to fading, color-matching the wrap and the patch is simple for Infinity Signs NW. Nobody will ever be able to tell what happened.

As long as vehicle wraps are cleaned routinely and aren’t exposed to abrasive cleaners, they should last as long as needed with little to no wear and tear or fading. If a car accident caused the damage, Infinity Signs NW will work hard to get the vehicle back out and on the road fast to minimize company down time.

Long story short: a damaged vehicle wrap doesn’t mean the investment is ruined and needs to be completely replaced. Infinity Signs NW can come up with a solution.

Vehicles aren’t the only thing Infinity Signs NW can wrap. Boats, refrigerators, and more can be specialized with a vinyl wrap. Learn more about Infinity Signs NW’s wrap services and see previous work on our website.


School Sports Promotional Items

School Promotional ItemsWith school back in session, student sports are already up and running. Now is the perfect time to get new school promotional items for students, parents, and community members to use or wear during sports games. Here are some ideas:

  • Blankets

Fall and football are here and spectators will need to keep warm while they watch school games from the bleachers. School-spirit themed blankets can help them stay warm and cheer on their favorite school. One of the promotional specials for the month of September is a Mountain Lodge Blanket that can be embroidered with up to seven colors.

  • Umbrella

Nobody knows what is going to happen with Idaho’s weather so it’s better to be prepared for anything. Get umbrellas with the school logo on them to keep spectators dry in a surprise rainstorm during the game. There are different styles and sizes available.

  • Scarf

Another way to stay warm during chilly nighttime games is with a knitted scarf. Customize your scarf with a design and the school colors. They come in different sizes as well.

  • Sport Water Bottle

Keep players and fans hydrated with a re-usable water bottle bearing the school’s logo. Infinity Signs NW’s catalog has a 24 oz option and 32 oz option. These large sizes leave plenty of room for a fun school spirit design.

  • Foam Football

Perfect for student giveaways, foam footballs are a fun item available in two sizes. They can be a two-toned design and come in a variety of colors to match any school’s logo.

Check out these ideas and more on the Infinity Signs NW website. Be sure to keep an eye out for new promotional specials each month.


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