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LED signs have been around for a while now and many people have made the switch in their signage, but if you’re one of those folks who isn’t fully convinced consider some of the following information before purchasing your next traditional sign.

LED Signs Save You Money – isn’t that one of the primary rules of business, “getting the most out of something with the least amount of cost”.  LED signs are the tool for the job when it comes to saving money on signage.  With an average of lifespan of over 25,000 hours, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, your sign will go through far less bulbs than other signs.  Not only is this a cost savings it also reduces the amount of maintenance time required, and minimizes the number of times when people are driving by chuckling at your now funny sign that has a letter or two burned out.

LED Signs are Lightweight – if you’ve always wanted a larger sign but your location can’t accommodate the weight, then an LED sign is for you.  Traditional signs require heavy mounting plates and backings in addition to neon or fluorescent tubes, but LED neon lights use incredibly lightweight materials. This improvement can really open doors to new opportunities for you to increase your market presence with increased signage.

LED Changes with your Business – let’s say your business changes their logo, needs a new phone number, wants to change the color scheme, or any other relatively minor change – it’s not happening with a traditional sign.  LED signs however, give you the freedom to adapt your signage to fit the ever changing needs of your business. They can be easily reconfigured and the color spectrum of LED lights allows for color changes with ease.  So if you think there’s a chance your business might change in the future, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of an LED sign.

Infinity Signs, NW has helped many customers throughout the Boise area design, manufacture and install beautiful LED signs.  We can provide you with references of customers who have been using their sign for years and still love the way it looks.  Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming signage needs.

Banners – the Perfect Temporary Sign

For Lease Banners

There are countless times when a business, church, community organization or neighborhood might need temporary signage.  Let’s say you want to introduce a new service to the community, advertise an upcoming rummage sale, or promote a seasonal special, banners are the perfect solution.  Of course that new product or service won’t be new forever so putting up a banner to let people know about it is the ideal way to stay in budget while effectively getting the word out.  Banners from Infinity Signs, NW are durable and made to last so if this is a seasonal offering you’ll easily be able to store your banner and bring it out again the following year. Simply roll up the banner for minimal storage space requirements.

Maybe you have an upcoming event you want to promote.  Putting up a new banner will get the attention of everyone driving and walking by, but can easily be taken down after the event has passed. Banners can come in a variety of sizes allowing you to promote effectively whether it’s a community event full of foot traffic, or a business promotion where traffic is moving quickly. They can also be printed in the color scheme that best represents your needs, or fits your event.

Banners are lightweight and can be installed virtually anywhere.  They’re the perfect choice for hanging on the side of your building, but they can also be staked into the ground. They can hang from a trade show table or be mounted up high on a few poles.  Infinity Signs, NW makes custom banners for every situation.  We can use the graphics you provide, or help you create something completely new.  Your banner can go from just an idea you had, to hanging at your location in just a few short days.

There is simply no better way to promote your event or business, at an affordable price, and in a timely manner than with a beautiful custom banner from Infinity Signs, NW.

Considerations When Sizing Exterior Signage

New Business Signs

Most people will only ever need to order exterior signage for their business a few times in a lifetime so this is not a highly refined skill for them, but you can guarantee that your sign will come out perfect by focusing on a few important items.

Consider the purpose of your sign

Some businesses have limited street visibility so their signs are mostly a location sign; hey you made it, your in the right spot. Other businesses are highly visible with lots of passing traffic. For these businesses a sign is primarily a marketing, branding message type of sign. When considering budgets for building signs, most business owners consider a much larger budget for a marketing type sign vs. a location type of sign. Infinity Signs NW can help business owners by providing good options for both types of signs.

Focus on sign content before sign size

It’s important to remember that people will be reading the words on your sign.  So before you choose the size of your sign, choose the size of your lettering.  Let the text be the guide for the sign size. Begin by deciding what content you want on your sign – is it wording, images, just the business name, or something else?  From there you can begin to lay out the size sign that will work the best.

Adjust for speed

It’s critical to consider the distance from which viewers will be trying to read your sign and to also take into consideration the speed at which they’re moving.  If you’re trying to get the attention of cars driving by at 60 mph you need a larger, simpler sign than you do if your primary audience is foot traffic.  Both factors – distance & speed – should be part of the decision for letter size.  For example, if you want your sign to be read from 200 feet away by cars on the highway, you’ll need to make your letters about 20-25” tall for maximum readability.

Maximize visibility

Your sign needs to be visible from a variety of angles which means it should be positioned such that oncoming traffic sees it with enough time to decide to turn in to your parking lot.  A banner not properly secured and flapping in the breeze will have greatly reduced visibility. In addition, signs without proper lighting will have diminished visibility after dark.  Lighting should definitely be part of your decision making process as you design your new exterior sign. Channel letters and back-lit cabinet signs are most common options for lighted signs. For good visibility with Channel letters, larger block style letters are more effective that fancy cursive type of sign letters. Back-lit cabinet signs are the most cost effective for displaying a larger type of brand and message.

Consider the site size

You wouldn’t try to put a 100’ sign on an 80’ long building.  It’s important to consider the size of the space you have available for your sign.  This may require you to trim back the amount of text or images you put on your sign in order to make sure it fits the space and doesn’t look too large or too small.  On the other hand you don’t want a 10’ sign on a 200’ building either.  Making your sign too small will cause it to get lost in the shuffle and overlooked.  You’ll need to be sure your sign looks appropriate in the space provided.

Know your limitations

Lastly, when leasing new space for your business be sure to discuss with the property manager any restrictions or limitations for building signage before signing that lease. Some retail and industrial business parks have restrictions such as one color of text or logo shape for their monument or pylon signs. A location that limits your brand to a single color or shape when you have a colorful and effective multi-color logo or unique shape  might not be the best choice for your new location.

At Infinity Signs NW we can make sure you have the most beneficial sign for your location, and we are familiar with the local zoning regulations to make sure you are within the guidelines. Contact us now to get started on your new business sign.

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