Infinity Signs Newsletter September, 2016 – LED Signs and Vehicle Wraps


Truck Wraps

Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Before vehicle wraps, the only way to make a car or pickup stand out was with a custom paint job. Now, people are considering vehicle wraps for a variety of reasons. Here are five reasons people choose to customize their ride with a vehicle wrap instead of custom paint:

  1. Cost

A quality vehicle wrap doesn’t cost nearly as much as a new paint job. Custom paint jobs on a car can run between $5,000- $20,000 before it is complete. Vehicle wraps are less expensive, which is especially beneficial for businesses looking to customize a fleet of vehicles.

  1. Time

Paint takes time to dry, but the other prep work involved can drag the process out for weeks. This includes sanding, disassembling the car and reassembling after, and more. Vehicle wrap installation can take as little as a day. This means the vehicle owner will be without their vehicle for less time than if they had it custom painted.

  1. Durability

Paint easily chips and fades. A vehicle wrap can handle road rocks hitting it and also resists fading and oxidation. If the wrap does somehow get damaged, it is an easier and quick fix.

  1. Resale Value

Not everyone is going to be impressed with a specific custom paint job. It can turn away buyers when the time comes to sell because having it repainted it a huge undertaking. With a wrap, it can be removed before selling the vehicle revealing the paint underneath that has been protected by the wrap.

  1. Maintenance

Wraps are easy to take care of and do not require waxing like paint. Just use soap and water to remove dirt or debris.

LED signs

Wall sign with single line luminescent and domed decals

LED Signs

Many businesses are switching to LED signs. This type of sign provides bright, long lasting visibility and LED sign boards allow the business to relay messages to customers passing by such as advertising a sale. Here are a few things businesses should know about LED signs before purchasing one:

LED sign with crystal

LED with Frosted Crystal graphics

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is basically a small light bulb, but differs from incandescent light bulbs in a few ways:

  • They do not have a filament
  • They are more efficient
  • They have a longer lifespan

LED’s are the top replacement choice for your everyday lighting needs. Using commercial LED lights will decrease your monthly electric and maintenance bill. Some of the signs come with a handheld remote for changing your lighting colors and motion. Their brightness, longevity, and flexibility are why LED lighting are used for many of Infinity Sign’s projects. LED signs are available in many different forms for interior signage, exterior signs and even vehicle signs.

Color vs. Monochrome

When considering an LED sign, the business owner will need to decide if they want a color LED sign or an outdoor electronic monochrome LED display. Most businesses can do with just the monochrome option, because they don’t plan on using pictures on their LED sign. However, for those who want to advertise with pictures, the color LED is a better choice.


Back lit LED sign

Back lit interior sign with LED

Buying too large of a sign means wasted money. However, buying too small of a sign can be wasted money as well. To figure out the perfect size of the sign take these factors into consideration:


  • Speed limit of traffic
  • Lanes of traffic
  • Stop signs or stop lights
  • Viewing distance
  • Sign height/elevation
  • Content

The faster the traffic, the larger the sign will need to be. When people are traveling at high rates of speed, they will be able to read larger characters easier than smaller ones. When a sign is being viewed from farther away, less detail is needed. When people are looking at the sign up close, the sign should have more fine detail.

For those considering investing in LED signs for their business should talk to Infinity Signs NW. Allow their experts to explain how to use LED lighting to make signs unique and fully custom to any business’s sign needs or desires. The team at Infinity Signs NW has used technology and one of their suppliers to mix their experience in vehicle graphics and their single line luminescent to create the effect of “neon” on vehicles with LED lighting as well.

LED vehicle signs

Advertise on your car or truck at night with new LED vehicle signs


Trade Show DisplaysTrade Show Displays

trade show bannersSignage is important for trade show booths so they are noticed and drawn in an audience. Sometimes a good sign is all it takes to get someone interested in a product. With so many people strolling through the trade show, it is easy for a booth to be overlooked. Make sure to be seen with a custom banner or sign from Infinity Signs.

To make a booth more visible, the signage should be posted above eye level. Having it above eye level will help people of all heights be able to see what it says. For outside shows and events, consider branding a canopy tent with your company logo and contact information. Tall stand up banners can also be used to draw attention and frame the booth.

When it comes to text on banners, it needs to be legible. However, legible does not mean boring. If Times New Roman doesn’t portray the vibe of the booth, select a font that does. The text should also draw the right people in and repel the wrong people. Don’t make the sign too vague. It needs to let everyone know exactly what the booth is selling. This way the target audience will be drawn in and people who aren’t interested won’t feel the need to stop.

The sign should connect with the booth’s branding and image. This means adding colors and maybe some design elements. Consider having more than one sign at the booth too. Highlight special features of the products or services your company offers. It can be challenging to quickly connect with people at trade shows but informative signs could help create talking points.

Getting ready for the fall Home and Garden or Sportsman Shows? Come in early to talk to the design team at Infinity Signs about creating great signage for any type of trade show booth. They can make sure the signs portray the branding and image needed to make your trade show booth effective.



Support Your Local School Sports

The fall sports season has arrived and it’s time to get geared up with the help of Infinity Signs! Look no further for the ultimate fan gear. Whether your favorite fall sport is football, cross country, volleyball, soccer or baseball, here are some great ideas to support your favorite teams.

Foam Seat Cushions

Bleachers aren’t the most comfortable seating. A foam seat cushion can help keep everyone comfortable even if the game goes into overtime. These cushions could also be a great promotional item for the school to sell to attendees during the games to raise extra money. Have the school’s logo printed on the seat cushions to give them a school spirit boost.

12th Man Apparel

Get the perfect jersey, hat, or other clothing piece for every sports lover in the family. Have the entire family support the team with a t-shirt. Get it customized with the player’s name and number too! Talk to Infinity Signs about creating awesome 12th man apparel pieces.

Sweaters, Scarves, and Blankets

With fall nipping at the Treasure Valley’s heels, watching sports games can get chilly. Stay warm with a school-spirited sweater, scarf, or blanket. This way parents won’t have to finish watching from the warmth of their car. These items are a great way to stay warm and show school spirit at the same time.

All of the items listed above are on special in September at Infinity Signs. Get ready for the fall sports season with Infinity Signs!


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